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20 Of The Internet's Worst 'Choosing Beggars' Out There

The value or need for money in exchange for goods or services is apparently a very bewildering concept to some people. It is insane the amount of people out there who just feel they are deserving of or entitled to someones time, money and goods for absolutely nothing, or for "exposure." These super self-entitled people can appropriately be called "choosing beggars," because as the saying goes, beggars can't be choosers. Besides the people who think they just deserve anything for totally free, just as bad are the people who think 'exposure' is equivalent to payment. These people are just as bad if not worse.

These kinds of people are commonly found across many different online marketplaces, such as Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. But they aren't exclusive to these places and can be found just about anywhere on social media. Reddit's dedicated subreddit /r/choosingbeggars collects and showcases these types of people to share with the world. Here are 20 of the many terrible choosing beggars out there.

32 Inch at Least

6h. I'm looking for a sectional couch with a matching coffee table for free if anyone has one they're just having no use for. I also need a dining room table for about 5 people, I need a full size mattress (bug free please!) pet free please and smoke free, I need house decor such as big area rugs, curtains, a tv that is at least 32 inches for a bedroom, a queen size or full size bed with frame an mattress and box spring w a dresser that possibly matches, bedroom decor for two toddler boys room (any kind), teen girls clothing size small an medium (0,1,2,3) girls shoes size 2 toddler girl shoes size 11c-12c toddler boy shoes size 12c an boy clothes size 5t-6. Like If anyone has any of this for free please reach out to me I'm in need 836 .. Comment Share

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Don't Waste His Time


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Oh Man

.31m Ⓒ Do you like soup, stew, or chili? I can double my lunch prep this week. I can't do soy or shellfish. Let me know what sort of food you like I will think of something Reply Vote 2 • 26m That sounds yummy, you made me hungry Vote • 29m Not to be rude, but I've got a sensitive stomach, so I'm not sure if I'd eat that, I was hoping to see if someone would help pay for a meal, maybe something like Pizza or idk. Sorry it's just an ED thing. Thank you though.

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Free Childcare

Babysitter for free 2-week holiday on Canary Islands Hi, We are looking for a babysitter for occasional evenings in Den Haag but mainly for a business holiday in the first 2 weeks of April. Does anyone know the best platform to find babysitters/nannies for longer duration than a day? If anyone is directly interested: • You will have your own key for a private studio with kitchen en bathroom. • All expenses are paid for (airplane, accommodation with pool and food) • In return you will watch our 18 month son when we have to work or go out dinner late. • We have a shared large pool area with all apartments where you can play and keep our son safe. • We can do 'test babysit days' in order for you to get to know each other before the trip. • Languages English/Dutch • Experience with babysitting toddlers is required, but our son is relatively easy for his age. • If all parties enjoy it there will be plenty of work in the coming years :) Any information or help is much appreciated!

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Job Listing or Rental Listing?

Description 1 Bed 1 Bath - Apartment Bethesda Ơ 10 : English basement with independent entrance in gorgeous house in Chevy Chase, MD (between Friendship Heights and Bethesda metro stops). 1 Bedroom apartment recently renovated with spacious living room and kitchen. Rent has a $1,000 discount (down from $1,800) in exchange for someone to help 4 days / week with our twins and organization. Family of 4 (two working adults + two 15-year old twins) seek a graduate student or young professional to work 13 hours/ week (3-4 hours three days per week + one weekend day) to support parents to drive kids to extracurriculars, plan and prep dinners, run errands (groceries, e-waste, goodwill), organize (print labels, create systems) and research (find a used bike or compare renewable electric options). T ... Pictures of the available apartment below. Driver's license required; owning a car and speaking Spanish are pluses (we are native English speakers but strive to have a bilingual household)! Please contact com if interested. Include a little bit about yourself, what you do, and your general weekly availability. See less 2 Comments

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Both I guess.


this makes me really sad and 12: a little pissed off to be honest 421 The Voice UK Hi Team Why can't huge companies value Small businesses Hope you're well! I am contacting you from ITV's The Voice UK. We are almost at the end of Series 12 of The Voice UK and we are due to wrap filming with our Coaches -, Anne-Marie, Olly Murs & Sir Tom Jones! The reason I am reaching out to you today is because I am looking to source great products that we can provide at our wrap party - your amazing push up cake pops would be the perfect addition the party attended by all our talent and team! Unfortunately, we at ITV are unable to offer anything monetary or otherwise in return for your products. The great news, however, is that this unique opportunity will give your product exposure to our highly influential coaches and presenter in the studios as well as our contestants on the show, all of whom are incredibly talented. Thank you for taking the time to read this request, please feel free to get in touch should you have any questions or queries. X

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As if they can't afford it.

Designer Only

2:30 O M Today 2:16 PM Hey girl. Idk if you heard but me and are having a baby girl! Treally love your daughters style and was wondering if instead of a gift, if you would send me her clothes that are too little. I like Posh Peanut, monograms, Burberry or anything designer. Text Message Congratulations on your pregnancy! Thank you for the compliment on Mary-Charles's clothing! I want to keep some of her more expensive items for my future kids, but I can send you several things with tags still on it from Carters, Nike, and some Posh Peanut? Also, I don't think our daughters will have the same monograms since your last name starts with an F, but if you're naming her something with an M, then I might have some items? Text Message Cash O Coope 2:30 O A M pregnancy! Thank you for the compliment on Mary-Charles's clothing! I want to keep some of her more expensive items for my future kids, but I can send you several things with tags still on it from Carters, Nike, and some Posh Peanut? LOL. It's a gift silly goose. You would need to get a new monogram on it before you send it to us. Her name is going to be Reighlynne Maye. And you can just buy new designer stuff for your next kids. We don't have money like that. Quite Honestly if your not willing to send what I want then don't bother even sending anything at all. My baby is only gonna wear nice clothes. Also, I don't think our daughters will have the same monograms since your last name starts with an F, but if you're naming her something with an M, then I might have some items? Text Message Cash O Charter

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Makes Sense

6:53 1 Search Ⓒ FOX 5 LOCAL. KVVU-TV = News Crime LAS VEGAS. 2 Weather Alerts In Effect LVAC 24/7 access to top of the line amenities and group X fitness classes Volunteers needed for 2024 Super Bowl in Las Vegas ✓ allegiant stadium C ABOV X Spectators in Allegiant Stadium watch a play during the first half of an NFL football game between the New England Patriots and Las Vegas Raiders, Sunday, Dec. 18, 2022, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/David Becker) (David ADI + 5 OPEN

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Strikes again.

Always Childcare

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Purebred Food Only

North Alabama Goats & Poultry 2h- Me and my mom use to raise chickens and wanting to do it again, sense times are very hard just for the moment. So we don't have much money and this would be our main food source. With that said we are looking for fertilized eggs for hatching. Please be pure breeds no barn yard mix. Or even Chick's or chickens but remember we are poor we can't do much! Silkies Bantam Brahma Bantam Cochin Any bantams really Lavender opringtons Serama Or any non bantams that's good layers and sweet Please this would more then be a blessing. I also have something someone may be interested in to trade. Like Comment 12 comments Share Top comments ▾ If you are wanting them as your main food source why would they have to be pure bred? Like Reply Share 1h 7

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Free Dog

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Valentine's Day

7:31 LIVE Following For You Taking Valentines Applications (Respect TikTok guidelines) Q Ideally from Scavandanian • Must be 5'2 - 5'8 and under 50KG Willingly will cook • No Male friends Will not talk back and be silent when we or argue • Good relationship with her dad • No smoking or vaping Will wear sensible clothes (no flares/ leggings)

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Of Course

7:08 Facebook O Is this still available? Is free yes ged the group photo I have people who can dismantling bath the will charge for that if is ok for you Yes 1. Yes all free but would need dismantling No i just wont to pick up Yes If you're paying for it Aa So you want me to pay for it to be dismantled?

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a Liked by LIFE UPDATE: Σ •We're pregnant!!!! and having a... •We moved to FL and are full time Jesus School students. We are experiencing the beginning stages of Revival, spending hours in the presence of The Lord, weekly evangelism, mission trips, amazing teachings and so much more. We are in desperate need of financial support and we are believing The Lord for $3,500. This will cover rent this month, baby appointments and groceries. Anything you feel led to give is truly appreciated Cashapp: Venmo:

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Good Deal

4:29 Like Hey I'm trying to find a babysitter at night for my daughter she a year old and my son that is a newborn I'm trying to pay 200 every two weeks 584 18m All comments ✓ Comment How many hours per week? 16m Like Reply ... Share I go in 7 pm to 6 am but I work 4 days a week I'll know more when I go in tomorrow 8m Like Reply so around 44 hours per week sorry $100 for two kids one being a baby is not enough for that amount of hours 6m Like Reply 2

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Only $1800

This is a super long shot but I've never been to a concert and I absolutely LOVE Morgan Wallen and Bailey Zimmerman and would love for them to be my first ever concert I always said if I can't afford good seats then what's the point of even going? That being said pit tickets are $686/person and hubby wants to go just as much as I do, plus insurance on the 2 tickets (just in case anything happens we can get refunded which I would 100% give back to anyone who has donated) Total comes around $1800. May I add that we've been married for 2 years and just had our 2nd baby last month so we've been up and down financially and busy with 2 under 2 kids and never got a honeymoon: (So this would count as it. If anyone can spare even $1 or $5, that would mean so much

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No More Than TWO Years Old

AA 7:58 Vanessa's post Residents (C. ast Garrison 1m Do you go into your garage/bedroom and see an elliptical machine you don't want or need anymore that you have purchased no more than TWO years ago? DM me I would love to take it off your hands and make room for something that brings you more joy

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ISO: before/after school sitter service for my 6 year old son in Must be available to be at my house by 6am and drop off is at 7:30am. Pickup is at 3:30pm and must be able to stay until 6pm Monday thru Friday. Elementary school is across from school, so carpool line is across the street and directly adjacent from my home. Also, not allergic or afraid of animals. The pay is $100/wk. Like 9 All comments ✓ Comment View previous comments... You're offering someone $5 an hour. 4h Like Reply Share 7b

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It'll Be Worth It

I need 4 professional code writers that can build sophisticated app and social platform. Hard work for a extended amout of time (18-30 weeks), and no pay upfront or guarantee of outcome/or pay, but i can almost assure you itd be worth it. If its a succsess, (probibly will be) you will be compensated. Like Comment ... Share

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What a Catch

WOMEN TO BARE CHILDREN (MEDFORD) I am a 55 year old man, Looking to find a women (caucasion preferred) of child baring years, to bare my children. I am separated and looking to become a dad. she must be attractive and Around 125lbs. Must be in good physical health !!! You must not drink or smoke, (Past or Present) or do drugs

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