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20 Of The Maddest Lads Out There

There's some totally mad lads out there. People just causing a ruckus with no second thought for the consequences. Running amuck with no central goal other than to be absolutely mad. This is what makes a madlad, someone who does something absolutely ridiculous just for the sake of it. The acts of silliness that madlads commit just get more and more off the rails. Children and seniors alike can be madlads, and age doesn't restrict the magnitude of silliness able to be committed.

Reddit users, upon seeing a madlad in the wild, document the occurrence to share to the subreddit dedicated to madlads titled /r/madlads. This subreddit is filled with the crimes and absolutely mindblowing behavior of madlads that have happened both online and in real life. Here we have collected 20 recent offending lads who have done absolutely mad things.

9-Year-Old Madlad

our soccer ref didn't show up so one of the moms on our team had her 9 year old son ref for us (he had a whistle) and a completely adult woman on the other team argued with one of his calls and he yellow carded her in front of everyone and she had to sit in her car to calm down

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He is in control.

Out of Control

Harry @HarryJohnston9 Lee just asked guy in McDonald's "can I get a double please burger cheese" hahahahaha

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Have You Lost Your Mind?

thought i'd use a giant wine glass for my smoothie today just for fun (normal size wine glass, the current book i'm reading & my cat - for size comparison) by C 3 images 610 4 weeks ago

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Absolutely Bonkers

(Worm Farming/Vermicomposting) Visual Storyteller . 5 mins. Mrs. G is gone for a few days so I brought my worms into the living they're not allowed. Here's a selfie I took. Posted in r/wholesomememes DEPT PILA reddit

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Here's a certified wholesome meme.

That's Gone Too Far

Anyone else enjoy the thrill of mixing different brand tea bags for the same brew? OP has gone mad in CasualUK by jingleghost

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Pure adrenaline.

Call The Police

dog excited to me... @dogmee.... 12s Nobody tells me what to do ... No Food Or Drink Beyond This Point 22

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Doing Community Service

fiona! asheunie enthusiast @funkyfreshfio my brother just emailed this to my whole school (school isnt canceled) < SCHOOL IS CANCELED TOMORROW Inbox H > 09:45 to 10th, 11th, 12th, 9th ✓ Hey everyone, just wanted to spread the word. No school! Ĵ ...

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One For Every Meal

r/mildlyinteresting u/JungleLiquor • I've eaten 92 baguettes of bread in January IT TEST SI TUO UFUT P PORTEL D FRANC 185 GINGAL ORGANI ת חכ ORGANIC SA FRA RIP SE MAAR E 2-M H

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That's Unhinged

Someone keeps replacing our light bulbs at work with Madagascar on DVD MASLAC eration Trail from TX- 80v 3P 3W Monoxide @Monoxide12349 CONNECT K pins for safety TAGE ONLY PHOENIX docklite MODEL MADAGASCAR K OF FIRE, USE 250W MAX PAR BEDRO AUTION RISK OF 18 FLOOD CAUTION OF BURS DO NOT OPERATE WITHOUT QUARD Complete p SEE ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS \. dock :

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You Got 'Em

PC MR r/pcmasterrace u/Candid-Appointm.... 5h. I'm such a rebel made with mematic ↑ 701 0 DO NOT COVER BREATHER HOLE Seagate WWN: 5000C5008A6E199A 63 au W771PTOR DO NOT COVER BREATHER HOLE ⠀ 11S0C65974ZVJ836W2: Seagate WWN: 5000C5008A6E199A OC65974ZVJ836W: Share

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The Maddest of All

I Cycled Across An Entire Country On A Barbie Bike Max Fosh 394K views 17 hours ago . 12:39

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Jeff Encouraging The Madness

ace @aceywacey_.22h Replying to @wimpykid and @Noseyodonell751 I stole one of your books from the scholastic book fair ₁215K 35 189 ♡8,582 Jeff Kinney @wimpykid Replying to @aceywacey___ Ace if this is your most-liked tweet then it might encourage you to keep up your life of crime. Go towards the light 9:55 PM 09 Jan 23

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Keep an Eye on This One

9 1:42 Playing 10 Year old Games at 9 years old Jack Gibson 420 views • 1 year ago

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@nablayah just landed ...if unserious was a COUNTRY DOO 3 28 70%

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He Can't Get Away With This

DIA swarnpert Follow im going to start a false crime podcast where i explain crimes that never actually happened dunmertitty Follow I'm going to do the crimes you explain, forcing you into having a true crime podcast

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+ Pinned by AZALI Nemanja 9 hours ago Why was i born ܡ 2 ܒܩ FA A A REPLY 1 REPLY AZALI 9 hours ago to like subscribe and hit that bell

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Simple enough.

Gotta Love Him

I Search = You gotta love a co-team member who accepts the dare to ask for a to-go box for his three leftover fries! Cliff COOPER AUTO GROUP

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Too Far

tsonga papii @Troniiq_Sithole I just found my cousin's sim card and she passed away 3 years ago. I'm thinking of sending her boyfriend text saying "guess who's back"

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Don't do this.

Even Santa Is a Madlad

Santa Decides @SantaDecides Probably the missing one Charlie Emily (Human Event) @thesexypuppet2 - 12h Replying to @SantaDecides santa what list are the missing children on? 6:06 PM Nov 18, 2022. Twitter for iPhone :

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Gators Daily @GatorsDaily People think im a bot when in reality I am literally just googling pictures of gators at work 23:23 - 03 Feb 23 4.2M Verified Views 6,576 Retweets 240 Quote Tweets 141K Likes Gators Daily @Gators Daily 14h Replying to @Gators Daily I've watched multiple IT people wipe thousands of gator images off of old work computers when I've exchanged them 4 185 8,276 il 185K Gators Daily Gators Daily @Gators Daily 14h i literally have a hard drive of every single piece of steve Irwin content on the internet that I've pirated 23 196 7,953 10/25/96 4/5/97 4/12/97 4/19/97 4/26/97 5/3/97 5/10/97 5/17/97 5/24/97 3/8/98 3/15/98 3/22/98 3/29/98 4/5/98 4/12/98 4/16/98 4/23/98 10/4/98 11/22/98 27 9/4/99 9/5/99 9/6/99 9/7/99 9/8/99 9/9/99 9/10/99 10/11/99 10/11/99 6/18/99 6/19/99 6/20/00 112K views @Gators Daily 14h Pilot Wild in the USA Dinosaurs Down Under Sleeping with Crocodiles Suburban Killers Dangerous Animals Traveling the Dingo Fence Hidden Rover Elephants and Orange People Return to the Wild Outlaws of the Outbac Outlaws of the Outback: Part 2 Island of Time Reptiles of the Deep: Turtles Where Devils Run Wild . Last Waterholes of the Outback The Crocodile Hunter Goes West Freshwater Crocs Sharks outside the cage Legends of the Galapagos America's Deadliest Snakes Reptiles of the Deep: Sea Snakes Reptiles of the Deep: Saurians Steve and the Dragon Australia's Wild Frontier Faces in the Forest Steve's Story Steve's Most Dangerous Adventures Steve's Greatest Crocodile Captures Wild River of Africa A Handful of Elephants homade in the Cloud ₁264K Background Duplicate Delete S x

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