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20 People Getting Called Out Online

Lying on the internet for clout is not a new concept. And ever since it was created, insane, overly wholesome, or otherwise unbelievable stories were granted awards by other users in the form of likes and Reddit karma. The internet has granted a special title to those who thrive off of internet popularity and specifically Reddit karma, karma wh*res. The more wild but believable the story, the more karma granted.

This is all fun and games, until someone gets called out and the delusion is over. Watching someone go from mildly trending to being absolutely obliterated is equally as comedic as it is humbling. Internet sleuths have all the receipts and knowledge to burst any hopeful internet stars bubble. Watching the chaos of someone being totally called out is amusing to see, it's even more exhilarating if you're the one who gets to do it. Here are 20 times people lying on the internet got totally called out on their fibs.

You Work in Tourism?

Ve OP. 1h Water doesn't curve around a ball, it's always level, there's no proof of rotation and not one single satellite sent out to space has ever shown us the globe spinning, a time lapse video.... Moon landing has been debunked etc.... I mean I can barely get good cell service walking down the block but the president was talking to guys on the moon through a telephone as they played golf up there, btw, NASA and the whole gang has admitted they lost all the technology to get back to the moon or leave low earth orbit HAHA! It's not a single argument, more like a million obvious signs throughout my life where I just KNOW for a fact we don't live on a spinning ball. Also, no construction disregards a 'level' surface and accounts for curvature. Never happens. I'm an engineer. 4-7 slide You're an engineer? I thought you worked in tourism. +2. 1h will_tourism_return_within_the_next_year/? utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_n ame=iossmf 2 ↓

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Get a grip.


arctic_wolf Today at 7:01 PM I mean literally When someone is sad I can feel it and I don't even know their sad but I can feel it and I start feeling dizzy and I almost pass out Gapple Today at 7:03 PM you feel dizzy and pass out bc somebody is sad? really now?

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Why Even Say That?

Loved to see this. I hope she is safe & doing amazing. 3 27 2 1 58m she was killed shortly after this video ended unfortunately 22 ₁8,784 3 ₁472 31m Misinformation indeed, she's alive and well, and she's still active on Facebook: 22 ₁148

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Who Really Are You?

UNPOPULAR OPINION r/unpopularopinion 1 young children shouldn't have screens. I think its up that almost every child gets introduced to screens such as phones and iPads so god early in their life. It breaks my heart to see small children watch braindead like cocomelon, or 1st graders talking about playing fortnite when they get home from school. The playgrounds are empty! When i was a child i walked from door to door and sold eggs, you think any kids still do that? I think it should only be used for teaching and music etc, and social media and games should be "unlocked" at around age 12. 7445 Thats all, feel free to come with arguments for why i'm wrong w/? 16h • 8h 1404 morote/? ↑ Share Looking at your post history, you went door to door and sold eggs when you were a child, you are a 13 year old girl, ye5weq/ +B my_boy_best_friend_sexually abused_me_i_dont_kno Award utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name =iossmf, and you are a 15 year old that goes to judo, ... utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name =iossmf. Are you lying or am I just an idiot? Reply 145

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Hoffmyckest 12 The cancer didn't reach my lymph nodes! Crying tears of joy. • 4h This has been the hardest week of my life-waiting to see if the melanoma had spread. It's hard to explain the thoughts and emotions I've lived through while waiting for the test results. I'm so happy. cancer, I caught you before you made my life a misery! you 450 ↑ Share 25 me=iossmf This post is a copy paste and fake a OP copy pasted someone else from two years ago for upvotes. Original: comments/j3qpqu/ the_cancer_didnt_reach_my_lymph_nodes_crying/? utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_na Reply 1 ↓

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Rescue Dog Lies

r/aww This angel worked all night and saved 10 lives. (earthquake Turkey) Vote 27 96 Reply Liar - this is a rescue dog that worked in the Washington mudslides in 2014. : Checks out. Tryon the rescue dog. Share + Vote Vote

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r/FoodPorn a.i.imgur Pasta carbonara (OC) SINGLE COMMENT THREAD +1.13m VIEW ALL NOT OC, you stole this picture from this website. Pathetic liar EDIT: after a quick look through this persons profile and reverse image searching their food posts, they are all stolen from somewhere else Reply

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For what reason.

That's Embarrassing

Massive 22 min. ago How was planning going to help here, what plan exactly would have solved this? 13 Reply Share Report Save Follow Massive .22 min. ago Step 1. Put the hammer down. Step 2. Walkaway. Step 3. Sit on the couch and have a beer after job well done. That plan? 42 Reply Share Report Save Follow -9 min. ago You forgot to change account Vote Reply Share Report Save Follow

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AI is Coming For us

Can't wait for the onslaught of annoying misinformation and dangerous deepfake propaganda. So many people believe this is real, even going so far to say this is clearly evidence for the existence of a higher being?! Art made by nature.. It's Al/ML generated. And it's obvious too!! 8 40 . 424 2h MIN - 1d

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Nothing is real.

Weird Lie

<Replies one time my school had a real lockdown and the shooter broke into my classroom. this is where the quiet kid stereotype kicks in here. he pulled out a knife and literally stabbed the shooter like a badass, he saved us all that day. he died a few months back from stage 4 cancer. i'll never forget your sacrifice William. R.I.P 2004-2021 3.7K Really? Because I'm your bio it says your 25 years old, live in New York, and is a part time chef. Stop lying for clout. X ܡ : ⠀

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Like Why

cricket LTE r/spongebob 136 1: 9:56 AM A seventh grader at my friend's work It is called "Metamorphis" drew this. AU/Chumba Casino Promoted What do you think? Q 12 31% Share Play Online Social Casino for free CHUMBA with Chumba Casino! Redeem your CASINO free welcome bonus now. Play Now 136 12 Tree welcome bonus now. mr_krabs_i_dont_feel_so_good/? name=iossmf r/quityourbul Bikini Bottom Twitter/comments/bie6t4/ utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_ 1h 1h Bruh, you stole this 24 This is just embarrassing 1h *** Share www ⠀ Play Now Reply 24 474 Reply 8

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← 1/ 165 9h 30 http id A Share I see plenty of 18 year Olds that I'm physically attracted to. |+B I would never be with one. I'm 36, so what would I do with an 18 year old? We can't have meaningful conversations. Our lives growing up were vastly different. And at 18, you haven't done or experienced anything. And you haven't been anywhere yet. Sex? She's 18. She's not even good at it yet. I would never want to be with an 18 year old. Reply 1h What did you mean by this, when you were trying to an 18 year old in fr 4

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Poor Guy

My dog stepped on a bee Vote 28 Share +B AutoModerator MOD +1 1h. Thank you u/con... 1h I've seen this pic many times before, thats not your dog is

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Leave him alone.

Like ok

[O] Like 15h-1 Comment www.n ww Write a comment T 15h d 77 others me My omnitrix arrived A 15h Like Reply Nice picture Bro damn 15h Like Reply Now! That's a beautiful picture! You should try to get it published somewhere 15h Like Reply Write a reply... 15h Like Reply Write a reply... I Missed it 15h Like Reply .. is in Write a comment... > Send *** thanks GIF 1 National Geographic Breathtaking 'Sky Islands' Showcase Evolution in Action Images may be subject to copyright. Learn More Related content 15h- Nice picture Bro damn 15h Like Reply A 15h Like Reply Write a reply... I Missed it 15h Like Reply Wow! Beautiful 1h Like Reply western-ghats photography/article/skyislands-and- Visit ⠀ thanks Breathtaking 'Sky Islands' Showcase Evolution in Action 10 Just now Like Reply O Write a comPehC COLLAGE

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Leave Them Alone

is ♡ Posted by u/ 5 hours ago Local McDonalds straight up scamming people < - 3 hr. ago OP we can clearly see the oil stains on the side of the paper from where your other chips were before you ate them 22 Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow 2/2

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Called Out

CALL OF DUTY Call of Duty News @Official Co.... 17 HUB Should there be a mouse & keyboard esports scene for Call of Duty? @shroud definitely thinks so #Call of Duty | #Modern Warfarell Shroud Thinks Call of Duty Would Be Better Without Controllers 1 4 Michael Grzesiek @shroud 5 ROFL THATS NOT WHAT I SAID love this 27 167

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Bad Haircuts

UNA Ⓒ r/funny U Went to a new barber. Asked for my part to be cut in. SHE MOWED A 1/2" STRIPE OUT OF MY HEAD! Vote 17m. No you f 17 yo. Now Share didn't. 40 results on reverse img search + Award

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Fake Egg

r/m interesting The egg I just made Vote Pi ↑ Share Reverse image search says you are full of Reply ... : + Award 8

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Oh Kanye

kanyewest This was on my daughters back pack when I was "allowed" to see her last week This is why I go so hard for my family I am wired to protect my family at all cost As the priest of my home Don't worry Northy God is still alive 2h kimkardashian Please stop with this narrative, you were just here this morning picking up the kids for school. 7 m 287 likes Reply View replies (22)

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Text Message Today 2:41 PM Hi, this is DoorDash connecting you to your Dasher for updates about your order. my goal today is complete customer satisfaction and a five star rating. please rate me as your five star driver. your orders on its way. Have a great day. Why is that may I ask Very disappointed Pizza left on porch, received no indication that it had arrived. No knock on door or doorbell ring. Pizza now cold and needed to be heated in oven. I rang the bell. Sorry Here is a video of you not ringing the bell

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