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20 Regretful People Who Didn't Realize Who They Were Talking To

Everyone is on the internet, and there's no saying for sure who is going to see what you're saying. Because of this, you have to be careful of what you say, and to who, especially when throwing out "facts" and criticism. The person you're targeting might just have a little more info than you do, or they may actually be the person you're talking about. It's embarrassing and somewhat humbling when it happens, but it's especially funny when someone doesn't recognize a popular celebrity or other big name, humiliating themselves for all to see. Maybe do some extra research before telling someone they're wrong about something.

Don't you know who I am is a popular sub on Reddit where users collect and compile screenshots of moments where someone wrongly corrected someone, or just didn't realize who they were talking to. Resulting in a humbling "don't you know who I am?" from the targeted person. Here are 20 recorded times this has happened online.


Decider @decider-2d Did you know that #Legally Blonde originally ended with Reese Witherspoon's Elle Woods and Selma Blair's Vivian Kensington getting together?! gSUPxnx 971 Karen McCullah @KarenMcCullah1 12,757 4,568 Replying to @decider This is not true. 3:13 PM-7/8/21 - Twitter for iPhone 13 Retweets 30 Quote Tweets 171 Likes Karen McCullah @KarenM... 43m This is not true Drag King 29m Source? Here's mine: 'Legally Blonde' Oral History: From Raunchy Script to Feminist Classic 91 17 Karen McCullah @KarenM... -13m I wrote the movie. Im in the picture you just posted. The actress quoted was incorrect 91 12 ih ***

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She Wrote That

Gail Simone @GailSimone Dude, I WROTE Princess Diana dying. Traducir Tweet Sloan's real actual dad (not Cameron,... 17h I guess you don't remember Princess Diana dying

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. Verizon 5:05 PM Tweet Lizzie Simmonds @LizzieSimmonds1 Lady in public lane: you're very good at swimming you know.. Me: erm, thanks Lady: no seriously, you should try and do a trial with the county club! Me: erm, well I actually went to a couple of Olympics.. Tweet your reply 10% Lady: me too! Which sports did you get manage to get tickets for?

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Poor Hank Green

Hank Green @hankgreen - 15h Feeling quite grateful for the people at YouTube right now. We disagree plenty but it is increasingly clear to me how much worse it could have gone. 116 323 26.7K Replying to @hankgreen Have you been a creator on Youtube? This response says you aren't aware of any of the issues YT creators have

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That's Awkward

1d @ who are you? More importantly, who do you think you are? Your "questions" are disgusting. Instead of demanding someone answer to you after you've effectively called them a liar takes a lot of nerve - and a total lack of insight. How about you post here receipts of all the great and amazing things you've done? Reply More 1d (@ You know who I am. You frequent my destash often. As we speak, you have an active transaction with me. Reply More

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Dubstep Things

Tweet Oliver Jones @I_Skream Cheers! I'll research asap wpzkx @WpzkxW.1h Replying to @I_Skream dubstep is a bass music genre consisting of either growly and wubby basses, or hypnotic and ambient arrangements of subbass, bass, and sound effects, or lead sounds with a subbass at the bottom or a mix of multiple 12:30 04/02/2023 44.5K Views

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No_Leopard_706 3h He didn't say homophobia doesn't exist in certain communities he just said its worse in some and he's right, Homophobia is VERY bad in the black community 11 MarkovCocktail 3h Apparently you would know considering how homophobic and ignorant you are 4-7 No_Leopard_706 3h Yes I would know, being a gay black man you know. +5

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So Yes

2:09 1 Rufus Sewell and Jewel Staite liked I have worked on a number of film sets. I have never been on a set where an actor was responsible for checking their own prop weapon. The armorer and the AD are responsible for tracking every weapon on set and ensuring they're safe. 2:28 PM 1/19/23 202K Views . 1,560 Likes 77 Retweets 22 Quotes Replying Have you ever taken a weapon safety class? ₁10K 2 Tweet your reply Q 22 11 @Ner... 18h ... I was a squad leader in the 82nd Airborne Division. ₁10.5K 27 1 13 256

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Yeah He Did

g Gilbert Green @GilbertGreen64 . 4h Replying to @Will_Evans69 I presume you have never played at Welford Road yet then 12 1 Will Evans @Will Evans69. 3h Replying to @GilbertGreen64 I played for Tigers for 6 years 9 17 9 287

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How Dare You

Mohanad Elshieky @MohanadElshieky someone on TikTok accused me of stealing a stand up joke and when I asked them from who? they sent me a clip of someone doing the joke and that someone was me

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Mistakes Made

josie duffy rice @jduffyrice One time a few years ago I told this man I wrote about prosecutors and he was so condescending. He told me his friends wife covered prosecutors too and I should try to "get her to mentor me." And then my husband walked in and it turns out I WAS THE FRIENDS WIFE

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Cynthia of @MooMooHippos. 1d Now, serious question; will the console verison get the same attention put into it as the PC verison? Loved Payday 2 but the console verison was buggy and didn't even have the whole story... ₁24,3K 11 22 1 Tobias Sjögren @tobiassjogren. 1d With PAYDAY 3 yes thanks to using Unreal engine this time around ₁6 342 6 17 3 @DroopyBot 02:33 2023-01-02 Replying to @tobiassjogren @PAYDAYGame and @MooMooHippos Source? ₁277 127 17 140 ↑ Tobias Sjögren @tobiassjogren. 15h Replying to @DroopyBot @PAYDAYGame and @MooMooHippos I am the CEO of Starbreeze 1₁1369 1 12 23 ...

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Arguing With The Artist

Jessie Lam _(:3 ] Z) @axl99 A story in two acts. Jessie Lam_(:31 Z) @axl99-12h it hurts but i had to do it AIVART ACTUAL ARTISTS Look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power 12 2,775 21.3K Atsuhiko @Atsujoestar Replying to @axl99 Very ironic you made this post without using your own art 22:48 - 04 Sep. 22 - Twitter Web App Jessie Lam Animation Department | Additional Crew | Art Department Contact Info View agent, publicist, legal on IMDbPro Add or change photo on IMDbPro Filmography Known For INVINCIBLE ARS S Invincible Gears 5 Lost Gil The Animation De Art Departme... Additional Cr... (2021) (2019) (2010-2011) Art Departmen INVINCIBLE P : Invincible (2021)

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Robert Raven It is a male Wishbone spider, genus Aname, species is probably inimica because there were records of its innocuous bite Like Reply 2 d O 20 Dylan Werner Robert Raven ha Like Reply 2 d Dylan Werner Robert Raven your sure it ain't a funnel web Like Reply 2d Adrienne Williams Dylan Werner Mr Raven is a sure bet! Like Reply 2 d Paddy Johnson Dylan Werner look up the good man's studies Like Reply 2 d Robert Raven Dylan Werner I named the species... 61

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Atomic Apocalypse @NecroGan . 5h Replying to @PalmerLuckey 1 Like You will never be an artist. Your craft is nothing but a prompt on the screen. As the crowd turns on you like they did NFTs, an equally talentless and useless form of "art", you will be worth nothing. 172 8 Palmer Luckey @PalmerLuckey. 5h Replying to @NecroGan Hmm, pretty sure I will be worth a lot regardless of how Al art plays out, but TBD! 6 (21 57 Warren but Gnome? @_anchorsarecool Replying to @PalmerLuckey and @NecroGan Yeah sure buddy 12:07 PM 22 Dec 22 225 27 Lol Luke Fallow @luke_fallow 1h Replying to @_anchorsarecool @PalmerLuckey and @NecroGan Oculus VR was acquired by Facebook in March 2014 for US$3 billion. Although Luckey's share was not made public, Forbes magazine estimated the founder's net worth to be $700 million in 2015. W wiki Palmer Luckey - Wikipedia

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Only 7 Years

Per to do to ***** 3h Replying The scariest part is the fact she is home schooling her kids. God forbid she has a family member or child with a learning or developmental disability, they won't be getting the services they need to succeed because she can't accept reality. 5 156 2h Tell me you have no idea the condition of public schools without telling me that 5 2h Well, I mean, I've only been a public school teacher for the past 7 years. 2 26

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Weather Man

foxhunter +4. 1h Haha. Just watch out for these weather Apps, kids. That 36 degree high is at midnight, and when you wake up on Friday it will probably be more like 10 degrees - any snow already come and gone. 4 4 ↓ TQ224 . 51m This is not an accurate statement. foxhunter +4 • 26m Reply Vote Which part exactly? I have a degree in Meteorology, work as a professional in the area, and I'm citing the National Weather Service office out of Morristown. 4 Vote

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They Aren't Wrong

! aliplumb Ali Plumb @AliPlumb Drunk girl on train: "Do you know Ali Plumb?" Me: "I *am* Ali Plumb as it goes" *pause* Her: "You look just like him" 18:50 18 Dec 22 • Y Liked by aliplumb I mean, she's not wrong View all 33 comments and others : aliplumb Of course I should have said: "Don't tell anyone, but I'm actually @Tony Hawk" □

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The Tone

Mark Watson (actual) @watsoncomedian 218 Anecdote: once went to pitch a comedy-drama to a certain commissioner. He expressed doubt that I had the right 'tone' for the channel (BBC4). Suggested I watch something called A Child's Christmases in Wales. I mean, *1* wrote that, I said, politely. Tweet vertalen 05 mei 20 om 13:39 Twitter Web App . 126 Retweets 5 geciteerde Tweets

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Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk @tonyhawk At post office, picking up a package: Me: I got this notice because I was out of town. Her: "do you have ID?" Me: yes Her: "are you That Guy?" Me: I don't know. Who is "That Guy?" Her: "I don't know, but my son likes to skateboard" Me: so do I Her: "cool, I'll get your package" Traduire le Tweet 15:38 31 août 22 depuis Encinitas, CA. Twitter for iPhone

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This happens to him too much.

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