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20 Terrible And Cringeworthy Fandom Memes

It's safe to say that we all have our interests. Whether it's video games or action figures or books or movies, we all have something that we like to do in our free time. Some of us are definitely far more involved in our hobbies than others, joining fandoms and forums to discuss our shared interests in whatever movie or video game franchise tickles our fancy. While it can be great to meet and talk to other people that you share common interests with, sometimes people are a little more obsessed than others, and that usually results in a whole lot of cringe taking place.

Reddit's /r/terriblefandommemes is a depository for all the cringe memes that you can find in all the different fandoms across social media, and we've collected a couple of the worst ones from the sub for your entertainment. And one thing you can definitely notice is how many of the cringy memes are from the Harry Potter fandom (which probably says a lot about the fanbase).

Walter White, The Best Role Model

the lonliest people the saddest people the most damaged people are the kindest smile the brightest are the wisest

(Source: Reddit)


Hermione: Dont worry Harry, we won't let Malfoy mess with you Malfoy: Gives 'the look! @mydrarryobsessed Harry: *mutters* he's so hot Hermione: *hears HARRY!

(Source: Reddit)

Harry Potter Fandom Still Going Strong

Gryffindor Ravenclaw Slytherin Hufflepuff WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?

(Source: Reddit)

Very Edgy


(Source: Reddit)


Only Big Bang Theory fans will get this Knock, Knock, Knock Knock, Knock, Knock Knock, Knock, Knock LIBERTY LIBERTY IN COD LIBERTY WE WE WE TRUST 2013 TRUST 2013 TRUST 2013

(Source: Reddit)

Oh God…

The girl trying to scare me with her new My "Wednesday" personality personality

(Source: Reddit)


RAGRESY MAE MEMES Excuse me Prof. Quirrell, would I be able to borrow Wood? You "Wood" indeed I "Wood"? Yes, I'm sure you "Wood"! That "Wood" be wonderful indeed

(Source: Reddit)

The Dregs Of Facebook

I am the cutest thing in Star Wars No,we are the cutest action figure heroes My beer, you will hold

(Source: Reddit)

No Words, Just Cringe

I need you to protect me I don't think so @fresh.pince How bout now? alright lets go

(Source: Reddit)

Not From A Wand

Oh, my God. I've killed Harry Potter. Is it possible to learn this power?

(Source: Reddit)

Who Makes These?

hermionesspells I really like Granger. Age is just a number She is too young for you, Severus. And Azkaban is just a place

(Source: Reddit)

It seems like the Harry Potter fandom is one of the worst offenders of incredibly cringey memes.


Time traveller: Who are you making that meme about? Me: Tom Holland Time traveller: Who? The most famous actor in the world? Isn't him your husband? Me: @hollander quakson WHAT THE FU-?!

(Source: Reddit)

Terrible. Absolutely Terrible.

Fans of Sam and Cat will understand. Dong-ding 30 SAM & Cart O Ding-dong! 分 32 3 Other way I got it. 13 Share Award

(Source: Reddit)

Just Awful

Mike, spell perfect. Aw that's cute.. Max, please spell perfect.. E-L-E-V-E-N M-A-X

(Source: Reddit)

Billionaires Are So Quirky

Heard you're buying Twitter.. Amazon is Next.. Brahh.. Add to Cart..

(Source: Reddit)

Nothing's better than memes that support out of touch rich people.

What Does This Even Mean?

You must be Peter. I'm Wanda. Oh, sorry. scarictvision instagram Hi Peter, I'm Wanda.

(Source: Reddit)

I'm Big Toe

I wish you were my big toe Bcause I'll be banging y on every furniture Why? *OMT! *Blush

(Source: Reddit)

Can't Get Worse Than This

When someone tells you they don't like Stranger Things I'm going to send you to the upside down The demogorgon will find you mouth breather no eggos for u

(Source: Reddit)

Do You Know Where Hogwarts?

do you know where hogwarts 3 .....thanks ANTON C TOPLE take a left then a right and its straight ahead

(Source: Reddit)

The Harry Potter fandom does not fail to continue disappointing us.

You Tell Em Cap!

BXCKYBARNES I think Steve's into BDSM oh my god What's BDSM? [yells] BIBLE DISSCUSSIONS AND STUDY MEETINGS, ROGERS Oh yeah, then I'm totally into BDSM

(Source: Reddit)

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