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20 Wholesome Relationship Memes For Your Significant Other

There's no better way to bond with someone than through the use of mutually relatable memes. Relationships aren't always easy, they take time, effort, and dedication. An easy way you can bring a smile to your love ones face though is through a meme that you both can share a laugh at. Relationship memes are exactly what you would expect, relatable memes about your relationship, or dating in general. These also tend to fall under the wholesome memes, but they aren't all that way.

We all need a little love in our lives, whether you're in a relationship or just pursuing the dating pool, hopefully you'll be able to relate to some of these. If you aren't in a relationship, just got out of one, or feeling heartbroken… then sorry about this one. Here are 20 relatable relationship, dating, and love memes from Reddit's r/relationship memes. Hopefully you can share these with someone to have a laugh together.

Our Clothes

relationships be like.. *me in my clothes* *my girl also in my clothes*

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Just Very Sleepy

date: you told me you were interesting? me: i said i was 'into resting'

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Sorry Not Sorry

"i'm not clingy wdym?" also me:

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Don't Have The Heart to Say Otherwise

love is laughing at a meme you've seen already

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Gotta Be in on the Drama

me explaining to my boyfriend why we both have to hate this girl my boyfriend MB

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It's Uncontrollable

Me and who gf for no reason bf

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Hits Different

"I love you" "Did you eat today?"

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The Best Feeling

"I remember you said you liked.....sol got you some" Brae @YahRightBraedon EXPLORIZE E Honestly people who take the time to remember the small things about you are the best kind of people.

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Me making drama out of anything // my boyfriend int

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Just Shy

when you finally meet in person and you're both shy

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u/AskirashMemo My girlfriend Me preparing for the biggest step of my life 45618 11 12 135415 18 19 20 21 22 25 26 27 28 29

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Not Quite

Dating Coach: so you tried flirting? Me: sure, I gave her 'the look' Dating Coach: show me *I bite my lip seductively* Dating Coach: have you considered biting the bottom lip?

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Never Gets It Right


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Co Me having a bad day My gf with my favorite flowers, candy, make- made with mematic your-own waffle sundaes, and cuddles

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Worst Feeling

Thinking about what a great time you had with bae and then you start missing them

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when my bf starts calling me by my name in a fight toanlasiu what do you mean i'm not your baby?

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I Was Watching

"You not even watching the movie" Me: Yes I am Oczsavage

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Lacking vitamin U 88

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It's Just Fair

Zell @heyzell_ relationships should be 50/50. i get her an incredibly niche gift related to an interest she mentioned in passing conversation months ago and she asks me if i would still like her if she was a bug 11:44 PM - 2022-02-23 - Twitter for iPhone 1,569 Retweets 165 Quote Tweets 11.8K Likes

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Paballo @Pablo_3k Q: What is love? A: Mrs Linda M @Linda_Mtoba I unfollowed some meme pages so my husband can send me memes I haven't seen. 1/8/19 4:52 PM

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