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/r/Relationships is a subreddit on Reddit in which people describe problems they're having in their interpersonal relationships, usually romantic, and ask the subreddit for advice. The subreddit gained notoriety after several posts there grew very popular for the outlandish situations they described.


The subreddit launched on July 27th, 2016.[1] Over the course of two and half years, the subreddit gained over 2 million subscribers. As of January 14th, 2019, the most popular posts on the subreddit are posts that were later updated with more information, such as a post about a boyfriend's new close female friend who turned out to be helping him plan for his wedding proposal[2] and a post about a husband with a terminal illness.[3]

Online Presence

While wholesome stories are popular in the subreddit, outside of Reddit, the subreddit has gained notoriety for the more wild and outlandish problems described in certain posts. For example, The Cut[4] published a listicle about such stories in the subreddit, such as "I (34m) found a notebook my wife (30f) has written a whole novel detailing made up scenarios in which she gets revenge on female friends (varying ages) of mine." and Me [22M] with my girlfriend [21F] of 7 months, found out she’s a “furry” and in the fandom, got angry when I found out." Mashable[5] published a similar list, featuring threads such as "Me [19F] with my boyfriend [19M] of 1 year, how can I make him stop using twitch memes in every day conversation?" and "I [24M] am shorter than my girlfriend [22F] when she wears heels and she refuses to wear anything but heels." A Twitter account devoted to documenting such threads, @redditships,[6] launched in May of 2017 and gained over 64,000 followers (examples shown below).

BF[28ml quitting a shared activity for reasons l [27fl don't understand [new] . Concern edGFT . 6 hours ago . relationships-67% upvoted My boyfriend is a pretty big gamer. When I first met him I wasn't very into video games, but he introduced me to them, and it's become something we like to do together. In particular, we like to play Overwatch together and usually play some games of it every few days. So, it's a pretty big thing for us. The problem started today when he heard that Blizzard made a character, Soldier 76, gay in the game's story. It doesn't actually change anything about the gameplay, and I personally don't care at all For some reason he's really mad about it. He keeps talking about how Blizzard "sold out," and saying that he can't support a company that "betrays their fans." He said he won't play the game anymore, which makes me pretty unhappy because it's something I really like to do with him. Am I being unreasonable? I know there are other games we could play, but Overwatch is the only one I'm any good at, so I don't really want to abandon my favorite game. TLDR: Boyfriend is quitting Overwatch, which we play together, because a character is gay My [21F] boyfriend [22M] can only c-- unless I'm severely bloated. Our sex life has died before it's even begun. onionsumo-11 hours ago . sex-87% upvoted My boyfriend watches animated blueberry p--- and it is one of the only ways to get him "properly" hard or to c--. Sometimes he watches inflation p--- but it doesn't do half as much as blueberry p--- does for him. However, this has lead to our sex lives being very clearly incompatible. He isn't bothered about sex all that much but the process of inflation is the only thing that really excites him Last time we did anything sexual, I had to chug two litres of coke and eat a whole packet of mentos along with a litre of water. It was really uncomfortable for me but it clearly made him happy and he even managed to c-- after a considerable amount of time, so l simply obliged. I can't perform oral on him and he doesn't perform oral on me because it's not exciting and my stomach isn't in view so he's basically turned off. However, even with all the bloating I do for him to make him happy, he will still close his eyes and try to imagine me as a blueberry, something which l think is possibly going to have a really bad effect on our sex life but it makes him happy so I leave him be. He's even started learning photoshop just so he can edit me into a blueberry. I am worried this is going to change his perception of me and maybe in time he won't even be able to get hard because of the expectations he has for the amount of bloating to happen, but, again, it makes him happy so I don't say anything We can't have sex without me being severely bloated, which also comes with risks (which I have mentioned many, many times to no prevail), and being in pain from the cramps I've asked if we'd ever be able to do anything sexual without me being bloated and the answer was "no" as he wouldn't be able to get hard and it wouldn't excite him. He's mentioned that he finds me attractive even when I'm not bloated so... I'm confused He's suggested trying to stop masturbating to blueberry p--- and try doing it to normal p--- but I know it won't work and I don't want to change him to suit my needs. Despite all of this, we have been together for 2 months and those 2 months have been amazing. I'm willing to do a lot for him, but this simply stumps me If anyone has any idea of what I can do, please suggest. Thanks tl:dr boyfriend can only really c-- to blueberry p--- Me [29/M] and my 124/F] girlfriend are having difficulties setting fart boundaries Relationships-doctorhummus . 3 hours ago . relationships-50% upvoted My girlfriend and I have been together for 3 beautiful years in a very nourishing relationship. However, one thing that has become clear in recent months is that we have different fart boundaries. About half way into our relationship my gf sat me down and ex- plained that I need to be more open about my bowel habits with her, because she has coeliac disease thus it is something she needs to be open about with a serious partner. This turned out to be a really (albeit unexpected) healthy development for me, l felt less shame about pooping and discussing poop in general. The next issue was farts. As we became more comfortable discussing bowel and body habits in general together we started openly farting around each other. This was uncomfortable at first but gradually became kind of funny and playful. The boundaries were clear too, if you have an accidental fart or one you can't keep in then go for it buddy but no sucking your belly button into your a------ trying to squeeze out a fiery fart demon from hell. But recently things have taken a turn She is definitely squeezing them out. Like recently, we were cuddled up on the sofa and my foot was near her ass and I literally felt her clench and squeeze an earth shattering fart and then giggle afterwards. How do I navigate this situation? Am I in the wrong for shaming her? How do other couples deal with farts? tl:dr gf and I have difficulties with fart boundaries, need opinions

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