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Is The 'Mario The Idea Vs. Mario The Man' Essay Real, Perchance? The Viral Meme Explained

Perchance you've seen a supposed philosophy essay going viral online about Mario of Super Mario fame "crushing turts" and being a one percenter. If so, you may have wondered if the poorly graded essay, titled "Mario, the Idea vs. Mario, the Man", is real. Well, perchance we have the answers you're looking for. Here's what you need to know.

YOU CANT JUST SAY "PERCHANCE" Let's-a go! Keep it up baby!

What Is 'Mario, The Idea vs. Mario, The Man' And Is It Real?

In February 2022, Twitter user @PhilJamesson shared a photo of the opening paragraphs of what appears to be a philosophy essay titled "Mario, the Idea vs. Mario, the Man." The essay, which has been graded with a big fat "F" on the top and is littered with red pen critiquing it, explores the mind of Mario in relation to things like "crushing turts" and saying "let's-a-go" in the pursuit of coins.

The essay is undeniably both poorly written and hilarious. Some of the highlights of the red pen critiques point out just how often (and incorrectly) the essay uses the term "perchance" and question the use of the phrase "stomp a turty." The image quickly spread online, with some demanding to read the rest of the essay.

Phil Jamesson Philosophy 101 02/18/22 Midterm I to save the princess? also gross Mario, the Idea vs. Mario, the Man horrible opening But who knows what he's thinking? Who knows Everyone knows Mario is cool as why he crushes turtles? And why do we think about him as fondly as we think of the mythical ₹१२ (nonexistent?) Dr Pepper? Perchance. You can't just say "perchance" +believe it was Kant who said "Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play." Mario exhibits experience by crushing turts all day, but he stop exhibits theory by stating "Lets-a go!" Keep it up, baby! ????? When Mario leaves his place of safety to stomp a turty, he knows that he may Die. And OK? yet, for a man who can purchase lives with money, a life becomes a mere store of value. A tax Fhe that can be paid for, much as a rich man feels any law with a fine is a price. We think of Mario as why are saying this What a hero, but he is simply a one percenter of a more privileged variety. The lifekind. Perchance.

Unfortunately, the essay is not real and there is no continuation. The poster, Phil Jamesson, is a comedian who was simply trying to get some laughs out of people and succeeded greatly. Jamesson even posted a video about the essay later that month, which doubles as an exploration of "sequel culture."

How Is 'Mario, The Idea vs. Mario, The Man' Used In Memes?

Ever since it was first shared on Twitter, the fake essay has been spreading online and inspiring memes. Some of the most popular memes are readings of the essay, including animations visualizing the content of the essay. Other memes make specific references to the content of the essay, like the overuse of the word "perchance."

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Perchance. You can't just say "perchance" Perchance.

For the full history of Mario, The Idea vs. Mario, The Man, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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