Mommy, what is it Caillou? explained

Is The 'Mommy?' 'What Is It Caillou?' TikTok Trend From 'South Park' Real Explained

The season 26 finale of South Park premieres tonight and many fans are catching up on the last five episodes before they dig into the latest helping. If you're one of those people, or if you have a TikTok account, you may have seen a clip from the season 26 premiere where Kyle and Tolkien perform a TikTok trend where they lip dub to the lyrics, 'Mommy?' 'What is it Caillou?'

It just so happens that this is a real TikTok trend with quite a history on the platform. Here's what you need to know.

maya.pinacolada</a> Nooooo 😭 c:thevincentmottola #frever #freverfamilyuk #roblox ♬ original sound – TheVincentMottola

What Is The "Mommy? What Is It Caillou?" Meme?

In October 2022, TikToker @thevincentmottola posted a video where he raps an original song from the alternating perspectives of children's cartoon character Caillou and his mother. In the rap, Caillou asks if he can get Minecraft on his PC and his mom refuses because it's not free.

The video was a hit, inspiring over 10,000 videos under its original sound in five months. Due to its success, the TikToker posted a sequel to the video in November, this time about Roblox. It was a similar hit, inspiring over 3,100 videos under its original sound in four months.

@thevincentmottola C’mon Doris its just $30 🀣 #thevincentmottola #caillou #rap #minecraft ♬ original sound – TheVincentMottola
@thevincentmottola Doris switched up quick 🀣 #thevincentmottola #caillou #rap #funnytiktoks #voiceimpressions #roblox ♬ original sound – TheVincentMottola

How Is "Mommy?" "What Is It Caillou?" Used In Memes?

As the videos went viral, their original sounds became popular sources for lip dub videos and animations. Some of the most popular videos feature people acting out the lyrics in an exaggerated manner. Usually, one person plays Caillou and the other plays Caillou's mom.

Other videos feature users dancing over the song and animations acting it out in a similar manner as the lip dubs.



♬ original sound – TheVincentMottola

@fartballz123 #duet with @maya.pinacolada ♬ original sound – TheVincentMottola

@blick_thegobbler getting minecraft mission: failed 🀣 #minecraft #blickthegobbler #animation #3danimation #animationmeme #comedy #funnyvideos #videogames #fypγ‚· ♬ original sound – TheVincentMottola

@phoebehuffman @alexis.m.huffman @ariel.mcbride #fyp #cailoumemes #fouryou #calricorn #scorpito #fyp #famous ♬ original sound – TheVincentMottola

How Was "Mommy?" "What Is It Caillou?" Used On 'South Park?'

In February 2023, season 26 of South Park premiered. In one episode, Kyle and Tolkien become popular TikTokers and film several TikTok videos throughout. Along with the all the pretty girls walk like this trend, one scene has the boys lip-dubbing to the "Mommy?" "What is it Caillou?" trend.

The clip went viral on TikTok as users spread the word that it had appeared in the episode. This included videos comparing the original to the South Park scene, reenactments of the scene with South Park dolls and even an animation recreating the scene in Roblox.

@leafabae I can’t believe they did this 😭 #mommywhatisotcaillou #southpark #season26episode1 #foryou #fyp #tolkien #kyle #tiktok ♬ original sound – Malachi πŸ₯ΆπŸ’―

@buggself I was so lost ngl #southpark #southparkfandom #southparkfanart #kylebroflovski #tolkienblack #southparkseason26 ♬ original sound – TheVincentMottola

For the full details on the "Mommy?" "What Is It Caillou?" trend, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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