What Does The Acronym 'FAFO' Mean? The Slang Term Explained

While looking up different types of stories online, you may have seen the acronym FAFO used in reference to a story. While not inherently obvious what the acronym means, the long form is a phrase that many have been saying online for years. If you're still unsure of what that is or what FAFO means, then you're about to find out.

What Does 'FAFO' Mean?

In the simplest terms, FAFO stands for the phrase 'F*** Around and Find Out' meaning that the consequences of an action are finally resolving itself. When a person 'F***s Around' meaning does an action that will likely have consequences attached, the 'Finding Out' part is when they finally face the consequences of those actions. This phrase is often seen as an inevitable cycle, with the 'Fucking Around' being guaranteed to eventually have the 'Finding Out' happen.

F--- AR Observation I question Report conclusions Research topic area Scientific method Analyze data Hypothesis Test with experiment FIND OUT

Where Does 'FAFO' Come From?

The term is believed to be an offshoot of the Gadsden Flag, which features a snake on it saying to not tread on it. The implication of not treading on the snake, or else you would get bitten, is expanded with the phrase, stating that by stepping on the snake, you are 'F***ing Around' and getting bit by the snake is 'Finding Out.'


How Is 'FAFO' Used?

Online, FAFO is used whenever a post or story has the beginning and end result stated within it. This is best explained by the TikToker @rogerskaer, who created a chart that quickly became used as a reaction image online as a response to posts about F***ing Around and Finding Out.

@rogerskaer Fuck Around and Find Out #51yearoldbaldman #bigboymoney #beingrich #thoughtsfromthepump #perspective #ilovemyford #electricbike #fordcamping #fordlife #fordproblems #babydog #geese #gasprices #inspiring #paddleboarding #totalidiot #CapCut #fuckaroundandfindout ♬ original sound – Roger Skaer

Recently, the TikToker Saleh Aljafarawi was called 'Mr. FAFO' after his content was accused of being fake and made to garner sympathy for Palestine. This was used as a term for him while calling out the multiple different roles he appeared to play in TikToks he made about the war from the Palestinian side.


♬ original sound – Zero

For the full history of FAFO, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's entry for even more information.

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