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What Is A '304?' Meaning Of The Viral Slang Term On TikTok And Other Social Media Explained

If you've come across any high-value male content on TikTok or YouTube lately, you might have heard the term "304" used in reference to women. While the term is being popularized by so-called "alpha male" creators like the Whatever Podcast, it's been around for years as a sly way to refer to "promiscuous women." Here's what you need to know.

How we argue back in the 90s

What Does "304" Mean?

As a slang term, "304" is used as an alternative to the word "hoe." Sometimes it's used broadly to refer to promiscuous women in general. Other times it's used to refer directly to prostitutes and other types of sex workers.

The origins of 304 come from digital calculators. If you type "304" into a calculator and then turn it upside down, it looks like it spells "hoe." It's the same idea as typing "8008135" into the calculator so it reads "boobies." It's a '90s kid thing, you wouldn't get it.

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How Is "304" Used Online?

Throughout the 2020s, 304 has become an increasingly popular slang term and form of algospeak, used to type or say "hoe" without getting dinged by moderators.

The term is particularly popular in so-called "alpha male" content and clips of people like Andrew Tate and Sneako discussing their opinions on women. On TikTok, it's frequently used to directly reference sex workers without fear of TikTok's moderation striking down the video. This includes videos of prostitutes, as well as pimps, discussing their work.

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For the full details on 304, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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