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What Is 'Fishtank Live' And Where Can I Watch It? Sam Hyde's Online Reality Show Explained

Controversial content creator Sam Hyde has made a massive splash on social media with his latest endeavor, a 24/7 livestreamed reality show called Fishtank Live. The show sees eight contestants living in a house together with no phones for six weeks and in just a few days, it's garnered a huge fandom and inspired tons of memes. Here's what you need to know.


What Is 'Fishtank Live?'

Fishtank is essentially a reality show, similar to Big Brother, where eight contestants are forced to live in a house together for six weeks with no phones and, as the trailer says, no weed. Their every move is recorded through a series of cameras set up around the house, which viewers can monitor in real-time.

The twist is that viewers can pay to prank the contestants using "Fishtoys," which include things like turning the heat in the house up or down, removing a contestant's bed and turning all the lights off. There's also a text-to-speech function, where viewers can send messages that echo throughout the house, often to troll the contestants.

The show's host Sam Hyde, playing the character Jonathan Goldstriker, also makes appearances throughout to mess with the contestants and guide them through challenges for cash prizes. Every week there is an elimination challenge and one contestant has to leave the house, with the last remaining contestant winning $10,000.

How Is 'Fishtank Live' Being Discussed Online?

In a short few days, Fishtank has become notably popular online, especially on Twitter, where several accounts are live-tweeting updates from the stream. The show has also spawned a sizeable fandom as viewers pick prospective contestants to root for, mostly through memes.

The most popular contestant so far is seemingly Josie, a Dance Dance Revolution and anime fan who has won the hearts of many viewers. While every contestant is getting their fair share of love and memes, Josie seems to have the most support, inspiring numerous memes, fan art and fancams about her.

fishtank.livetweets @fishtankdotlive UPDATE: John is setting fire to left over pizza while the contestants are on the floor counting rice. STAT INSIDE NO WEED 1:09 AM - Apr 19, 2023 28.2K Views PP A FF ***

STAY INSIDE NO WEED burnt pizza.png 1.14 MB PNG >Almost burnt the house down because they tried reheating the pizza in the oven INSIDE THE PIZZA BOX These people are too stupid to be left alone

fishtank.livetweets @fishtankdotlive Group mediation sesh. Who is the practicing mindfulness the hardest rn? 3:34 PM - Apr 19, 2023 - 9,011 Views ...

Where Can I Watch 'Fishtank Live?'

Fishtank started streaming on April 18th, 2023 on The show will continue streaming on the site for six weeks, where viewers can swap between several cameras set up throughout the house to keep an eye on the action.

For the full details on Fishtank Live, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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