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What Is Going On With The Baltimore Bridge Collapse? Conspiracy Theories About A 'Cyber Attack' And DEI Mandates Causing The Crash Explained

The recent tragedy involving a cargo ship hitting the Baltimore Bridge has sent shock waves through the nation, with many wondering how an accident of such magnitude could ever take place.

The incident took place late Monday night, with a large ship carrying many storage units veering into one of the Baltimore Frances Scott Key Bridge's piles and causing a length of the entire structure to come crashing into the freezing waters below.

The event sparked many discussions about workplace safety regulations and the state of American infrastructure, with internet users leveraging their own theories long before official details about the event rolled in. While people like Andrew Tate put forth the idea that the bridge collapse was a cyberattack "Black Swan event," some blamed DEI or Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policies to imply that subpar labor caused the accident.

Tinfoil hat theories aside, the disaster has led to an outpouring of support for the people affected by the event, and speculation about what could have caused it and how it can be avoided in the future. Here's a recap of everything involving the bridge in the past few days.

What Happened To The Baltimore Scott Key Bridge?

In the early hours of March 26th, 2024, nearly an hour after midnight, a container ship struck one of the piles that held up the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The impact caused a part of the structure to collapse and fall into the river, sending seven cars tumbling down alongside debris.

According to Baltimore Fire Department Chief James Wallace, initial reports indicate that the ship seemingly lost power before it got to the bridge. However, a full investigation is set to be conducted to determine exactly what caused the accident.

X user @ChaudharyParvez was one of the first to tweet a video of the crash and collapse, taken by a livestream camera nearby, gaining over 1,200 likes in less than a day, but many more people learned about the incident with the Baltimore Bridge through a video posted by @BNONews that gathered over 41 million views and 92,000 likes in a day.

What Were Some Initial Reactions To The Baltimore Bridge Collapse?

Initial reactions to the bridge's collapse on X / Twitter ranged from shock that such an incident could happen and speculation about what was going to come next. X user @iloveiyosias wrote, "oh my god I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bridge collapse like this," while X user @VDAREJamesK posed the question, "Can modern post-America even build a new bridge?"

lyosias @iloveiyosias Subscribe oh my god i don't think i've ever seen a bridge collapse like this NEWS BNO BNO News @BNONews • 8h BREAKING: Ship collides with Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, causing it to collapse 0:18 • 3:30 AM Mar 26, 2024 2.5M Views James Kirkpatrick @VDAREJamesK It will just be stuff like this, forever. Subscribe Can modern post-America even build a new bridge? BNO NEWS BNO News @BNONews • 8h BREAKING: Ship collides with Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, causing it to collapse 0:17 3:04 AM Mar 26, 2024 2.2M Views

Meanwhile, Redditor /u/SlayerPipeDaddy shared a 4chan greentext story to /r/greentext in which an anonymous user wrote, ">be american / >fall to the ground.""

Posted by u/The Red TMNT 7 hours ago D The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore has collapsed after being struck by a container ship Photo: Andrew Doyle 03/26/24(Tue)18:44:50 No.462968203 Anonymous (ID: Hje4IBDA) == >be american >fall to the ground 1.53 MB PNG Anonymous (ID: ZA3acYvk 03/26/24(Tue)18:46:07 No.462968286 >>462968452 # Anonymous (ID: 5JBIgKF8) + >>462968203 (OP) # >be american on lunch break 03/26/24(Tue)18:47:12 No.462968367 >decide to eat one extra burger because "what's the worst that can happen" >walk back to your post >the bridge collapses under your weight Anonymous (ID: 2ZT588CQ Pay pajeet $5,000 03/26/24(Tue)18:13:25 No.462966417 Baltimore Maryland 2.6 MB WEBM >ask them to drive their boat into a bridge >cripple american infrastructure >bankrupt an american shipping company simple as. Meanwhile, NATO pays people $5,000 to kill a few nobodies in a theater.

What Are Some Conspiracy Theories Surrounding The Bridge's Collapse?

Initial concerns about the bridge's collapse revolved around footage showing the cargo ship veering right into one of the bridge's legs, leading one X user to speculate that the collision was "intentional." Others warned people against jumping to such conclusions, saying that news reports about the ship losing power were already circulating.

Spooky Bunny! ❤ @lifeasshadae Don't do this. For those wondering and don't want to read the ship had been losing its power all night and called ahead to try and warn whoever. Their power was cutting when they got to the bridge. ⚫ @S_K_Mar⚫ 7h Is it me or this looks very deliberate Full video of Baltimore Bridge Collision/Collapsing 0:53 StreamTime LIVE - Baltimore, MD 2024-03-26 01:26:00 EDT 6:54 AM · Mar 26, 2024 261.1K Views

Conservative manosphere influencer Andrew Tate weighed in with his takes, asserting "This ship was cyber-attacked. .. Black Swan event imminent." Tate's tweet received a Community Note that clarified his statement was speculation, but that didn't stop other internet users from backing him up.

Andrew Tate @Cobratate This ship was cyber-attacked. Lights go off and it deliberately steers towards the bridge supports. Foreign agents of the USA attack digital infrastructures. Nothing is safe. Black Swan event imminent. 0:35 clipped by @Brick_Suit Readers added context they thought people might want to know This incident is still being investigated - the statement "This ship was cyber- attacked" is speculation. Do you find this helpful? Rate it Context is written by people who use X, and appears when rated helpful by others. Find out more. • 7:21 AM Mar 26, 2024 12.5M Views Shadow of Ezra @ShadowofEzra Twice, the lights go out at just the right moment, as if it were a deliberate cyberattack. The timing was right before it hit the bridge. It occurred during the late hours of the night, while everyone was asleep. The harbour is one of the busiest in the country and an important hub for shipping on the US east coast, especially in transporting road vehicles. It also handles farming, construction machinery and coal. This collapse will cause huge disruption for shipping at one of the busiest ports on the U.S. East Coast and on the roads. The bridge allows commercial ships to enter the Port of Baltimore, one of the top ports in the U.S. in terms of volume and value of cargoes. It is the largest U.S. port for handling cars and light trucks. The FBI has already said it was not a terrorist attack. Can we really trust the FBI for any investigation? 0:14 • 8:35 AM Mar 26, 2024 1.9M Views • clipped by @Brick_Suit

Some internet users used the bridge collapse as an example of their own bias against "DEI" or Diversity Equity and Inclusion practices as mandated by the federal government. One conservative user went so far as to call Baltimore's mayor a "DEI" mayor; a confusing statement considering that Brandon Scott was elected, not appointed, many years after the bridge was built.

For the full history of Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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