Babe It's 4PM / Yes Honey meme.

What Is The 'Babe It's 4PM / Yes Honey' Meme And Why Does It Involve Flattening? The Wojak Comic Explained

Online there are a lot of different types of memes. One of the most prominent meme genres, however, involves Wojaks, which essentially are just stand-ins for people when trying to create a joke that applies to the widest set of people possible. Sometimes, however, the joke is so far out of left field that it goes viral based on its absurdity, which can be argued is the case for "Yes Honey," a meme that got viral for being about a girl flattening her boyfriend's member. Confused and possibly off-put by that information? Well babe it's 4PM, time for your informational reading!

Where Does It Come From?

Most memes involving Wojaks and other notable meme characters often come from a site like Reddit or 4Chan, but this particular one, which was meant to be a parody of the Yes Chad meme, was actually created on Instagram. This meme came out during a time in which CBT was a popular meme, hence the reference to it, which started to wane shortly after it went viral.

Yes honey Babe! It's 4pm, time for your currency&banks torture!

What Is This?

Put simply, this meme is best described as the tired relationship between a man, often depicted with a Withered Wojak who is beaten down to the point where his girlfriend, who is often depicted with a female Wojak, is telling him that it is 4PM and time for something that he finds very unpleasant. In the original meme, the action was the flattening of his member, a comically over-the-top thing that is meant to symbolize him being emasculated physically.

THRECKLESART Mac! It's 40% Yes honey time to throw you off stage

How Is It Used?

Over time, however, the meme started to deviate from that original meaning and get loosely applied to any situation in which a female is forcing a bad situation upon a male, often shown through pop culture references. This can mean something such as Chess, in which a Queen piece needs another to move forward so she is able to get out onto the field, anything that implies a bad situation for the guy that is unavoidable due to the girl.

Babe! It's time for you to sacrifice your life so I can move a little Yes honey

For the full history of "Yes Honey / Babe It's 4PM," be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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