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What's The 'Drake Dog Audio' About? The Allegedly Leaked Drake Audio Controversy Explained

It seems for the past few weeks part of the internet just wants to talk about the Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake Feud, and the latest rumor going viral is accusing the Canadian rapper of doing inappropriate things with his dog in the leaked Drake Dog Audio controversy.

Similar to Drake's ecret daughter rumor and the Drake Pedophilia and Grooming Allegations, these stories are using the rap beef to flood social media with rumors and conspiracy theories about the Canadian rapper to attract views and engagement.

Here's what we know about the Drake dog audio and how the internet reacted to the rumor.

What Is The 'Drake Dog Audio?'

The "Drake dog audio" is an alleged leaked video of rapper Drake doing inappropriate things with his dogs, with slight whimpering dog noises heard in the background. The video was sent by an anonymous source to Jamaican-American streamer DJ Akademiks, who reacted to the content during a livestream on May 12th, 2024. (shown below)

Later on May 13th, YouTuber @MrHopscotchPilgrim uploaded an enhanced sound version of the streamer's clip (seen below), which shows that streamer DJ Akademiks neither mentions Drake's name nor accuses him of doing anything inappropriate with the dog.

How Did The 'Drake Dog Audio' Rumor Spread On Social Media?

The short and almost unbearable clip was enough to start a rumor a few hours after Dj Akademiks' livestream on the internet about the way Drake treats his dog. For example, on May 13th, 2024, X user @Tadbitspecial posted a video of Breaking Bad's Jesse freaking out paired with the caption "Why did I just listen to a supposed audio of Drake raping a dog?"

The rumor was also talked about on Reddit, as Redditor Capable-Education724 posted on May 13th saying "DJ Akademiks got sent an incriminating video of Drake during his live stream," detailing the events that occurred during DJ Akademiks's livestream.

TwoBestFriendsPlay + Join Posted by Capable-Education 724. reddit DJ Akademiks got sent an incriminating video of Drake during his live stream Trigger warning up front for the faint of heart, this is dark. For reference, he never shows the video he was sent, you could only hear it (and it's since been muted on the VOD of the stream). However others were apparently sent this video too and people clipped the audio from his stream, and it's...really not looking good. The general consensus seems to be it's a video of Drake...doing things to a dog. Like, sexual things. Apparently there was some blind item from months ago that implied Drake and his crew were doing as much to minors and animals too (to add gas to the fire). DJ Ak went white as a sheet while he watched whatever was on the video and he's said he's not sure what he's going to do with the video, but seems to be considering sending it to the authorities.

Is The "Drake Dog Audio' Real?

There is no legitimate source claiming the authenticity of the leaked "Drake dog audio." However, X user @harvy_714 claims the alleged video is related to the controversy surrounding EbonyPrince2k24, an X account of an unknown man who leaked items allegedly owned by rapper Drake.

For the full history of the "Drake dog audio," be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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