What's This 'Y'all Got Any Fun' Meme All About? The 'I, Robot' Meme Format Explained

What's This 'Y'all Got Any Fun' Meme All About? The 'I, Robot' Meme Format Explained

While the quote "There is nothing new except what has been forgotten" may not universally be true, it does happen again and again in the world of memes as older formats get reinvented or repurposed. Take the "Y'all got any fun" meme for example: it's based on an older format that has been used since 2013 but has recently regained popularity thanks to a new caption. So what's the story of "Y'all got any fun" and who made the format? Learn all about it in our brief explainer.

y'all got any fun we got immersion achieved through realistic (slow) gameplay

What Is The ‘Y'all Got Any Fun’ Meme?

"Y'all got any fun" is a three-panel meme format in which Will Smith's character from the 2004 film I, Robot asks a robot (who usually metaphorically represents a certain media or organization) if they got any fun, with the robot replying that while they don't, they have something else to offer instead. Both the question and the answer in the meme have frequently been recaptioned, changing the tone of the meme and making Will Smith in the bottom panel look sometimes touched, but usually quite disappointed depending on the context.

y'all got any fun we got soul

Where Does ‘Y'all Got Any Fun’ Come From?

The "Y'all got any fun" meme is based on a scene from the 2004 science fiction thriller I, Robot in which homicide detective Del Spooner, portrayed by Will Smith, questions a robot named Sonny regarding the murder of its owner. To be more specific, "Y'all got any fun" is based on an older meme that is based on this scene, so don't be confused when Will Smith's character doesn't say the phrase in the clip below.

In 2017 and 2018, the scene first achieved popularity with the
"Can a robot write a symphony?" meme format, with the dialogue between Smith and Sonny being rewritten into funny exchanges. Possibly the most notorious version of the meme is the "Do u Want anyfing from MacDonald" meme, which spawned a subformat of its own.

CAN A ROBOT EAT MY SHORTS? CAN YOU? Do u want anyfing from macdondald Borgar

But it was a funny edit about cooking at home by X user @SlimeBarfo in April 2024 that brought the meme back into the spotlight, and another edit by user @SciAdvSeries posted one month later first used the caption "Y'all got any fun" and made the format popular again.

y'all got any food we got ingredients y'all got any fun we got soul

What Is 'We Got Abysmal Dogshit' Meme?

While the "we got soul" punchline saw some use on X, especially in memes about older video games, it's the "we got abysmal dogshit" version that landed perfectly for most people. Funnily, it's fans of various media who have often been using it in a self-deprecating manner to dunk on the games and shows they're themselves fans of.

y'all got any fun we got abysmal dogshit

For the full history of "Y'all got any fun," be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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