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What's Up With That Cowboy Bebop 'You Didn't Need To Post That' Video?

Beneath swaths of hot takes and bad tweets, chances are you'll find this video:

The short clip is the perfect encapsulation of the exhaustion many feel with looking at the slop the internet foists upon their screens every day, leaving everyone asking, "Why?" And if you're unfamiliar with the characters in the scene, it might just look like a real scene from an anime. Of course, it isn't, and that's where we come in.

What Is The "You Didn't Need To Post That" Video?

The video is a dub of a scene from Cowboy Bebop done by the incomparable Gianni Matragano, a voice actor who has gone viral on YouTube several times for making nearly-believable dubs of pop culture icons. In the case of the "You didn't need to post that" video, he rewrote a Cowboy Bebop scene and gave main character Spike Siegel his best Steve Blum impression.

The actual scene in the anime has much more gravitas than Matragano's rewrite. In the actual scene, Spiegel is giving a poetic speech to Faye Valentine about his eyes, one glass and one real, having him looking at both the past and the present.

How Did The Video Become A Meme?

The video, first posted in April of 2020, was practically destined to become a reaction video, and it didn't take long for it to begin making the rounds under bad posts on social media. Most of the time you'll find it under gross-out shock content which often begs the question, "Why? Why did you post that?"

Now that you know where the video is from, our advice is to a) watch Cowboy Bebop, and b) try not to crack up at the highly emotional scene that provided the template for the "You didn't need to post that" meme.

For more information, check out the Know Your Meme entry for "You didn't need to post that."

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