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Who Is 'Shocked Black Guy?' The Reaction Image And Meme Explained

On all social media and meme sites, one reaction image has quickly taken hold and risen up to be one of the most popular of the past year. The reaction image, Shocked Black Guy, seemed to come out of nowhere and be used to express not just shock, but a wide manner of exclamation whenever something crazy was going on in a thread. But whose picture is it, and why did this image of all things become a reaction sensation?


Who Is Shocked Black Guy?

The man known as Shocked Black Guy is a comedian on YouTube who is known as Jslutty, who is up and coming on YouTube with over 650,000 subscribers and videos showing different collaborations with the BadKids group, most notably FunnyMike. The group, like other similarly aged content groups, primarily does videos featuring exaggerated reactions and real-life recordings.

Marvel fans when people criticize the latest Marvel movies NOV

Where Does Shocked Black Guy Come From?

The video that features Jslutty making the iconic face comes from the FunnyMike YouTube channel, and was posted on November 17th, 2020. At the 4:31 mark, Jslutty can be seen making the face, which is paused by the camera and then further edited to add emphasis. The video has over 3 million views, with the majority of the comments talking about the meme instead of the content of the video itself.

How Is Shocked Black Guy Used?

Shocked Black Guy has numerous nuanced uses online, with the majority of them being to express shock. When someone says something online that is out of pocket, or otherwise crazy, the reaction image is likely to be used as a reply. However, since its initial usage, versions of it with text overlaid on top started to be posted as standalone pieces of content online, with the shocked expression being turned into yelling, or sarcasm, as seen in various examples where the text is directly antagonizing the reader.


X When the Thing He Designed Specifically Does Its Job

As part of the increased Oppenposting as a result of the upcoming Oppenheimer film, Shocked Black Guy started to be used as the base layer for a meme trend in which the creator of a specific thing is upset and shocked when the thing does its job correctly.

oppenheimer when the Bomb that he designed specifically to murder Millions murders Millions

For the full details on the Shocked Black Guy meme, be sure to check out our entry on the meme for even more information.

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