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Why Is Nicolas Cage Looking At Pedro Pascal? TikTok's 'Make Your Own Kind Of Music' Meme Explained

One of the biggest memes on TikTok right now features actors Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal looking at each other while driving as "Make Your Own Music" by Mama Cass plays. But where does the Nicolas Cage looking at Pedro Pascal meme come from? Here's what you need to know.

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What Is The 'Nicolas Cage Looking At Pedro Pascal' Meme?

The Nicolas Cage Looking at Pedro Pascal meme comes from the 2022 action comedy movie The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent starring Nicolas Cage as an exaggerated version of himself. In one scene from the movie, Pascal's character offers Cage a hit of LSD and the two go driving. Cage looks to Pascal with confusion as he smiles wide.

The scene was used for the first known time as a meme by TikToker @gh0uliasux in mid-February 2023. The meme, set to "Make Your Own Music," attaches the caption, "me telling my bf the same thing for the 20th time in the same day," labeling Cage "him" and Pascal "me." The video gained over 5 million views in under a month.

@gh0uliasux i forget real easily // #pedropascal #nicolascage #theunbearableweightofmassivetalent #bf ♬ original sound – ghoulia

How Is 'Nicolas Cage Looking At Pedro Pascal' Used In Memes?

Since the original meme blew up, TikTokers have taken the video and applied new captions to it, starting a new viral meme trend. The majority of the memes feature captions where Cage represents somebody who is angry at another person, Pascal, for some sort of slight.

Cage seemingly even reacted to the meme at the Miami Dade film festival. In the clip, he says he's not aware of the meme exactly but heard it's on TikTok and is happy that it's making people happy. Some users are also taking the meme further by editing the scene around the characters, such as one edit that makes Cage and Pascal into Mario Kart characters.

@vespip Yes, he’s seen the viral Pedro Pascal edits #fyp #pedropascal #nicolascage #pedropascaledit #foryoupage #viral #trending #tlou #thelastofus #unbearableweightofmassivetalent ♬ Make Your Own Kind Of Music – Mama Cass

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For the full details on Nicolas Cage looking at Pedro Pascal, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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