Collection of reactions to Chris Brown's "She Bumped Her Head"

Displaying An Astounding Lack Of Self-awareness, Chris Brown Releases A Song Called "She Bumped Her Head"

Chris Brown, who you may remember as the pop star arrested for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, has, in 2020, released a song called "She Bumped Her Head."

This has not gone over well with a lot of people.

The track is part of Brown's recent mixtape with Young Thug called Slime & B and is kind of about sex but could also be an endorsement of violence against women. The lyrics read:

My lil' shawty had bumped her head
And I steady been whippin' her (Sex)
If I roll up the Maybach windows
We don't care 'bout the listeners (Shh)
I don't know what a nigga told you
But he should've told you I'm killin' him

Obviously, the phrase "bumped your head" can mean one is not thinking straight but it can also be interpreted as the excuse a domestic abuser gives when people ask why their significant other is beat up. While one can quibble about whether or not the song endorses violence against women, the more pressing question on people's minds was: Why would Chris Brown name a song that?

Either Chris Brown didn't realize people would connect the dots between his song title and his domestic abuse felony, or he did and is leaning into a persona of "that guy who abused Rihanna." Either way, not a great look.

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