Screenshot from good monring America of Will Reeves not wearing pants

"Good Morning America" Reporter Forgets Pants, Goes Viral

Fashion standards have relaxed during the coronavirus quarantine. Sweatpants have become the norm as have mustaches. We all do what we do to get through these difficult times.

But some jobs require extra effort, especially when you're reporting the news to millions of people. Sure, you can ditch the tie, maybe keep the five o'clock shadow. However, perhaps you should wear the essentials: a shirt, socks, PANTS.

Someone forgot to tell Good Morning America's Will Reeves this morning when he went on national television without his pants. To be fair, perhaps forgetting how cameras work, he didn't think you could see.

Well, it turns out, everyone noticed. Twitter lit up with screenshots of people reminding Reeves that they could see his bare legs because cameras transmit visual information.

Reeves reacted to the news that he had been caught on camera without pants with the expected glee of many who go viral these days, releasing one of those "aw-shucks-you-got-me" Notes app apologies that fly in the face of the question: how could you forget your pants. It turns out he was trying to save time for his post-work workout. Will, we're in quarantine, you can take 30 seconds to put your dang pants on.

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