Llama shows up at Portland protests

Portland Protests Graced With Presence Of Caesar, The No Drama Llama In This Trying Time

Portland, Oregon has a reputation for being one of the most idiosyncratic cities in America, and it lived up to that reputation yesterday when its protests against police brutality in the wake of George Floyd's death included a local celebrity llama named Caesar.

Caesar, owned by Larry "The Llama Guy" McCool, became a local mainstay after he was photographed on the subway taking the bus to Portland's Comic-con. According to his team, Caesar "loves meeting new people & recognizing friends… He also knows, when walking up behind someone, just where to stop & wait for the people around that person to tell the person he’s waiting for to turn around & then proceeds to snuggle them."

His presence at Portland's protests was a welcome, wholesome symbol, particularly when contrasted with the numerous videos of police brutality that have stunned social media.

Caesar himself (or at least his social media team), weighed in on the issue, calling on activists and police to come together to demand racial equality in Salem, Oregon.

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