/r/Relationships Post Tells The Story Of Beautiful Waffle House Bromance

/r/Relationships Post Tells The Story Of Beautiful Waffle House Bromance

Another chapter in the bizarre and unique lore of American diner Waffle House was written on Monday in /r/Relationships, Reddit's goldmine of beautifully bizarre interpersonal dilemmas.

User "ThrowRA_waffelhouse" penned a tale about her fiancé getting in fights with a cook at a local Waffle House who seems hellbent on not serving him the correct eggs. Initially, he asked for runny eggs but his eggs weren't cooked to his liking. After registering a complaint, the chef served him scrambled eggs, seemingly out of spite. This continued to happen at the same Waffle House, eventually escalating to the point where the fiancé and the cook got into physical fights.

One physical fight with an employee would normally turn a diner off from a restaurant forever, but the fiancé continued to go to this Waffle House and has fistfought the cook "6 or 7 times." The absurd tale has inexplicably been deleted from /r/Relationships but it has been preserved on Twitter, where users delighted in "ThrowRA_wafflehouse's" plight.

Many assumed that the rivalry between fiancé and cook had transcended beyond mere hatred and become something greater.

Others took the tale as simply another example of Waffle House being a wondrous place separated from reality.

Truly no institution is as uniquely American and as bizarrely trashy and beloved as Waffle House. Here's hoping we get an update soon.

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