Cast Your Vote For The Memes Of The Decade!

Cast Your Vote For The Memes Of The Decade!

Over the last 10 years, we've witnessed the internet fully converge with mainstream culture and saw memes become more prevalent and influential than ever before. The sheer volume of memes being created has increased exponentially during this period, as social platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram and Facebook became the giants they are today.

However, as the amount of memes spread across the web has grown, ones that manage to resonate far and wide across the internet, while maintaining relevance for extended periods of time, remain relatively rare. Far more common are the memes that spread like a brief viral outbreak, only to fade into obscurity over the course of a week.

To pay tribute to these elements of internet culture, we need your help to determine which memes rose above to become the best of the entire decade by voting in our online poll.

Note: For the purposes of this poll, we've restricted it to memes that were significant from the beginning of 2010 to the end of 2018. A separate poll for the top memes of 2019 will be launched on Know Your Meme later this month.


  • The poll will remain open until December 15th, Sunday, 11:59 pm (EST)
  • You may select up to THREE choices
  • To nominate a candidate of your own choice, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Others"

Thank you for voting!

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Please remember to vote with responsability.

Don't just vote for the meme that instantly hops out of your head, or the most popular meme of the last month. Remember that we are talking about all the way back to 2010. Many things have happened since then, like the beggining of the end of the YouTube golden era, the rise and fall of the Dank Meme epoch, this decade the memes really went mainstream, the fall of classic 4chan, and so on.

So, good luck. Just remember many people can be Mememasters, but there is only one Meme Lord.

My take:

Robbie Rotten (sheer creativity and wholesomness, literally years of content out of about 20 minutes of footage)

Pepe the Frog (infinite applicability, real world influence and prime example of a "meme" as a viral abstract idea)

Doge (universal appeal, prime example of the meme's abstract and/or surrealist humor and first modern meme that went totally mainstream)


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