Know Your Meme Episodes


Minecraft is an indie Java video game created by Markus Persson, also known as “Notch.” It is a sandbox building game in which the player gathers resources to create new objects by combining them in various ways.

Published on 11/02/11

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street is an ongoing series of protests in New York City and elsewhere across the U.S. seeking to resolve socioeconomic inequality and influence of corporate lobbying on Washington politics.

Published on 10/18/11

Hipster Memes

"Hipster" is a media stereotype and a pejorative label commonly associated with young middle-class adults who share certain interests or values in alternative cultures, mainly independent label music, film and art.

Published on 10/11/11

Chuck Testa

"Nope! Chuck Testa" is a catchphrase associated with taxidermist Chuck Testa from Ojai Valley, California, that became popular after an ad made for his taxidermy services went viral on YouTube in September of 2011.

Published on 09/29/11

My Little Pony

4chan's troll-tastic obsession with rainbows and unicorns reaches a new mark with My Little Pony, an animated TV series inspired by the colorful pony dolls.

Published on 08/10/11


Philosoraptor is an image macro series featuring a clip art of Velociraptor deeply immersed in metaphysical inquiries or unraveling quirky paradoxes. One of the more thoughtful (and successful) Advice Dog variations, Philosoraptor challenges the reader with his deep, existential, Paleolithic questions.

Published on 07/06/11

Rage Comics

Rage Comics are series of web comics with characters, sometimes referred to as “rage faces”, that are often created with simple drawing software such as MS Paint. The comics are typically used to tell stories about real life experiences, and end with a humorous punchline.

Published on 06/14/11

G.I. Joe PSA's

G.I. Joe PSA is a series of viral videos created by Chicago-based filmmmaker Eric Fensler in 2003. Who wants a body massage?

Published on 11/23/10


Tenso (Portuguese for "tense") is a series of image macros featuring a photograph edited to form a multi-pane sequence that progressively zooms in on a particular subject to emphasize a "tense" face or situation depicted within the frame. In form, it is similar to the common vertical 4-Pane, an exploitable format; although the number of actual frames may vary from time to time.

Published on 11/16/10

Creepy Pasta

Creepypasta is a form of Creepypasta and are short scary/horror stories that are regularly posted on message boards or sent via email intended to scare or unnerve the reader. Some are completely made up where as others are derived from old Urban Legends.

Published on 10/29/10

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