Know Your Meme Episodes

Standing Cat

Standing Cat refers to the video of a cat named Rocky standing upright on his hind legs that garnered much attention on YouTube and Facebook in April 2010.

Published on 04/23/10

Joseph Ducreux

Joseph Ducreux (also known as Archaic Rap) is an image macro series featuring archaic paraphrasis of modern rap lyrics superimposed over the eccentric self-portrait of the eighteenth century French painter Joseph Ducreux. Reminiscent of Bayeux Tapestry image macros, this highly verbose joke provides a satisfying challenge of "decoding" the corrupted lyrics back into to the original verses.

Published on 04/13/10

Epic Beard Man

Epic Beard Man is the nickname for Oakland resident Thomas Bruso that was coined after a viral video showing him repeatedly punching a younger black man, identified only as Michael, was spread in February of 2010.

Published on 04/06/10

Phonetic Translations

Phonetic Translation is the practice of transcribing foreign lyrics into another language by their proximity in phonetics, mainly for comedic effect. Literal Music Videos are similar in form, but instead use newly recorded audio to interpret the visuals of the video.

Published on 03/04/10

Advice Dog

Advice Dog is an image macro series featuring a a cute puppy's face against a color-wheel background, usually accompanied by unrelated advices and ridiculous instructions (EX: Do the Laundry / Rob a Bank). Since its debut on 4chan's /b/ in 2006, the series has spawned several spin-offs, most notably the Philosoraptor, Courage Wolf and Socially Awkward Penguin.

Published on 01/29/10

Balloon Boy

Ballon Boy is the nickname given to Falcon Heene, a 6 year-old boy who reportedly climbed into a helium-filled balloon which was meant to hover only 20 feet above the ground, but took off.

Published on 11/18/09

Autotune (feat. Weird Al Yankovic)

Auto-Tune is an automated pitch-correction and audio-processing software developed by Antares Audio Technologies in 1997. While the technology has been silently at work behind various hits for over a decade, it was introduced to larger audiences after the breakout of rapper, singer and producer T-Pain, who experimented heavily with auto-tune effect in his albums.

Published on 11/10/09

Where the Hell is Matt?

Where the Hell is Matt? (aka "Dancing Matt") is a viral video series featuring Matt Harding dancing in front of famous landmarks and sightseeing spots around the world.

Published on 10/08/09

Get Down

Get Down is a series of stop-motion dance videos mimicking a software glitch in the Nintendo 64 game Goldeneye 007, wherein the characters would suddenly spaz out if the game cartridge was only partially attached to the console.

Published on 10/01/09

David After Dentist

David After Dentist is a viral video of an eight year old boy dwelling on heavy thoughts on his way home from the dentist's office. Sedated and super confused, David's aww-some ranting in the backseat of his dad's van became one of the most watched videos on YouTube.

Published on 09/02/09

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