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New Feature: "Claim Authorship" Button in KYM Image Uploads

Last posted May 12, 2012 at 11:08PM EDT. Added May 12, 2012 at 07:15PM EDT
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Hey guys, I just wanted to drop a word on the new "Claim Authorship" button in KYM image pages now. The process is fairly simple: If you are the original creator of an image hosted on Know Your Meme or have credible information regarding its authorship, you can take the following steps to update the page:

1) Click on the "claim authorship" button

2) In contact page, use the "attribution" subject category (default) and include the following information: URL to the KYM /image page in question, the username of the author and URL to user profile page or social networking ID (if available).

3) Once we receive this e-mail, we will verify each claim and if everything checks out, the page will be updated with authorship information in the sidebar notes section.

4) You can also dispute and correct the authorship information through the same process.

In addition, if you are the original creator and uploaded your own artwork to Know Your Meme, you can easily provide the authorship information after submitting the image:

1) Click on "edit image" button in the KYM image page
2) Fill out the "Notes" field with authorship information in the following format:

Created by _________ (link to user profile or contact page) via ________ (link to site of original upload).

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