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**The Art Thread For Everyone** Do whatever...just dont touch the work and stay behind the rope!

Last posted May 19, 2023 at 05:46PM EDT. Added Feb 24, 2012 at 01:06AM EST
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Been playing(read: completely hooked on) Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission lately and I thought the Elite Demon God hero avatar is cute so I doodled her.

Then decided to flesh it out like a week later.

I've never properly shaded anything before, so inputs welcome.

Edit: also I didn't really finish shading this one and I don't think I will.

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Iceborne recently came out on Steam, which means non-console-havers like me can finally play it.
Considerable performance issues, multiple accounts of people losing their save files, and my personal experience of constant freezing that desyncs the audio in cutscenes which ruins my first viewing, but Kirin hair paired with the Direwolf set is cute so there you go.

Bought and played through N. Sane Trilogy in about one week. Overall a fun experience (collecting all gems in 1 and 2 took some years off my lifespan, though, and I'm on the fence whether to 100% Warped or not), and I'm still in a Crash Bandicoot mood, so I drew everyone's favourite mad scientist. I'm interested in buying It's About Time for the Switch when I see it on store shelves.

Me after finding this thread:

But no, seriously, this place is like a gold mine for an art enjoyer as myself, so many talented artists and so little to post myself… But considering the rules here, I'll just re-post some fanart that I made of Shouko Komi earlier on this year.

It may be uglier than sifylis and more inaccurate than a blind man but I'm still proud of the fact that I drew it out of memory.

It has been almost two years since I had made any piece. So here something from a long time ago:

Followed with a character portrait for one of my friends during a Kingmaker Campaign (her character was the Mindflayer):

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Tried some paintings in impressionist style recently, turned out pretty good.
I think i finally found a style that suits me well.

Last edited Sep 03, 2021 at 12:01PM EDT

Thank you, Quiet_boy, for pointing me to this thread. Thought I might like to share some of my art here that doesn't fit into the other galleries.

If you've already seen some of the art I've uploaded in the KYM galleries recently, most of that is old stuff. I have gotten a little bit better at drawing the past year or so, otherwise I wouldn't have had the confidence to finally make an account here to share art. Let me know what you think…

I'm only a hobbyist, so I'm still trying to find time to improve my skills by practicing. I've taken my art a lot more seriously the past year or so.

Once I've finished posting my older artworks, I'll submit some of my more recent ones here. Oh, and after a ton of old memes still to post too…

If (for whatever reason) you want to keep up with my art, I'm LiquidFrogStudios on DeviantArt. I also have a Newgrounds account, LiquidFreakStudios, if you prefer that website.

Liquid Fiend wrote:

Thanks! : )

I'd love to draw some more animals at some point, when I find the time!

You see? You have some talent, keep it up and keep us up to date here.

Quiet_boi wrote:

You see? You have some talent, keep it up and keep us up to date here.

Thank you!

I'll keep posting some artworks here once every so often, when I think I have enough half-decent ones to make it worth while.

And if I have artworks that fit in any of the galleries here, I can upload them there instead.

One thing I like about Pokémon is the Pokédex describing some disturbing details about the kinda huggable monsters you encounter or even have on your team, and it's rarely sugar-coated.
I drew this one on acid-free paper about two months ago, giving the drawing a grainy texture, and I mostly drew with coal pencils because I wanted to emphasise on shadows. I was especially satisfied with the black background and white outline around Mimikyu, some of the blood splatter around Weavile and the shading on Hypno.

It is Christmastime, lads.

Picture has nothing to do with the holiday season, nor is it actually Christmastime; I apologise for the misdirection, I just wanted to lead with something funny.

I've been following the advice/guidance of Saito Naoki, lead character designer of Dragalia Lost (and World Flipper, I believe), and this is my first illustration following said guidance. Still having problems with shading and general colouring, but hey, noticing your flaws is the first step to conquering them, right?

Nice artworks everyone! I have a few more pieces I'd quite like to share that don't really fit in the galleries, and avoiding the wrath of the trolls on the main site is a bonus!

There you go, hope you enjoy! I can only link ones on my Newgrounds, because DeviantArt embeds don't seem to work for me here for some reason…

I'll be making some artworks for Christmas too. If there's a Christmas gallery on this site, I may post them there. If I don't get another chance to wish you it here… Merry Christmas!

Quiet_boi wrote:

Good to see you're still around, Morphi.
Nice work.

Thanks! And yeah, I haven't posted anything in a hot minute ^^; haha

I haven't done any "insert my character into this meme" type of art in a while.

Morphi wrote:


I love the weight and stylization of your lines!

Thank you!

Hopefully when I finally find space in my room for my tablet, they'll look even better. Drawing with just the mouse can be pretty tricky!

Liquid Fiend wrote:

Thank you!

Hopefully when I finally find space in my room for my tablet, they'll look even better. Drawing with just the mouse can be pretty tricky!

I actually really adore the different edges going on within single lines. If that's a result from drawing with a mouse, then I'd say keep using the mouse for lining (unless you figure out a way to duplicate it and make it easier on yourself lol) then color and everything else with the tablet. ;P

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