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Strangest dreams that you have ever had.

Last posted Jul 23, 2010 at 02:38PM EDT. Added Jul 16, 2010 at 12:14PM EDT
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Last night I had one of my strangest dreams EVER.

A short transcription:

So I was on a ferry boat (if you live in Washington or New York you will know what I am talking about) and I was wandering around. Suddenly one of my High School teachers appeared and told me I was intolerant and had to go to a seminar to stop hating furries (I don't hate them). So I was instantly sent to this place that looked like it was in Everett, WA. The place resembled a normal business complex except for the word "furries" written on the wall above the entrance. Other people were there, dressed like American tourists touring the tropics or Europe. We were greeted by a female fox furry who took us on a tour. While filling out paperwork I figured out that the place was a cover for a supersoldier training facility. I escaped by going through an old looking door and ended up in the bathroom of the house I grew up in. I went through the door again and found myself in an old Victorian style mansion filled with statues of Obama, Bush Jr., Clinton, and Bush Sr.. An instrumental version the song "Layla" by Derek and The Domino's was playing. Then I suddenly found myself in a forest wearing a Gi. I was training with Ryu from Street Fighter while the cast of Lost watched. From there I started walking on a trail that led me into a grass seed field like the ones around the town I live in I kept walking, but the field went on forever.

Then I woke up.

What strange dreams have all of you had recently?

I had a dream that my old friend and Teacher Amanda was standing in my laundryroom wearing underwear waiting for her clothes to get done drying. I guess we were supposed to be maried or somthing idk but it was strange.

I had a dream where people were telling me to eat shish-kababs.
I wasn't hungry, but they kept forcing me to eat them! IT WAS HORRIBLE D;
Then I had to pay for them

i had no money. Q__Q worst dream evar.

I was with an sas squad,which for some reason was fronted by cpt price and soap, storming this art classroom in my school.One of the teachers was guiding us to it. When he opened the door he pointed to a fly on one of the desks. Price ignored the fly as he was getting an urgent call on his walkie talkie. Gaz was on the other end (i was playing cod 4 that night, if you havent guessed)screaming whilst bullets whizzed past him "HES GOT A BUS! HES HEADED FOR THE SHCOOL!CODE BLACK!CODE BLACK!"before price could say anything a schoolbus crashed into my school.Inside was my dad with about 20 dead/injured children. Cut to my dads room, i walk inside and to see him with his hands in his head, he tells me something about "it was for the best, there with god now, soon well both see them". Suddenly i wake up some what relieved that its all a dream.
I go into my dads room again to see him leafing through a draw. I tell him about the dream I just had in a jocular tone, he pulls out a switch blade and a pistol looks at me in a way hes never looked at me before and says "time to go, get in the bus"

I wake up for real.

As a kid ( about 4ish) going into the super market with my mother, things where going great, you know eating, nothing else but that was very clear, which fit great if you think about it, since most kids aren't aware at that age.

Than I get lost, and shit hits the fan, and I end up hitting a wall in the market, and dying.

oh, did I mention this store was big, it was freaking huge.


The odd thing about this dream, was the strange realism to it
I dont actually witness myself die, but dying.

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I had a dream where a train was barreling at me.

The view kept changing from my face to the front of the train.

It then went into slow motion as the train hit me. However, when it touched me, I woke up, flew back, and hit my wall behind me. In real life.

@Hamilton Turtle
Speaking of dreams where I reacted in real life-

I had a dream where I was that photographer from Pokemon Snap. In the Tunnel course, I was trying to take a picture of a Kakuna from underneath. Then it fell from the ceiling and landed on my face.

I woke up, freaking out, and fell out of my bed.

Same, save the fact that I was fighting a panda Mortal Kombat style. Same ending as yours. (those are the best types though!)

All of my dreams are strange. But if I had to pick one… (deep breath)

Two teenagers that I didn't know and I were trying to break in to this weird mansion. I apparently was recording them while they did the actual breaking in. Suddenly, sprinklers go off shooting red wine all over and the three of us cheese it. I'm pretty one of the teens was caught and the other teen and I ran away. I was running to God knows where when I entered this restaurant where all my friends were. I heard over some intercom that my school's field trip or whatever was in New Mexico (which is weird 'cause we live in California). So I guess I was New Mexico.

Then I woke up.

Another dream related to Ogreenworld and Hamilton Turtle:

I had some fluffy stuff in my mouth so I tried to spit. The dream suddenly switched to reality and I spit on my pillow. I think this happened more than once. lol


thats nothing
A good old day in beer land whle edward raped justin beibers hair off then go caoning with epic fail guy.
then dancing to choclate rain but then i stole rhiannas umbrella.but then evil appeared epic smiley face with chuck norris beard appeard. so i summoned santa and dead pool but that didnt work out so well so i ran. then ate something then i went to sleep the dreamt about a banana.
the end

You aint seen nothing! I dreamdt most of Spirited Away and got it right, but I've also had many crazy dreams, and I'll list the best 3:
1. Vikings attacked my town with 18th century guns and we only had sticks so I hid under a telephone box in the middle of the battle. Also grass had not been invented.
2.A nuclear war between Russia and America happened so I went to Switzerland and Joined their army. I fought in a battle by some lake and in some sellers, using my Nuclear cannon.
3.I had to play football for Argentina against the Taliban in a run down building on the top of a hill in the middle of the desert And I've had many of those dreams where you go to school naked, even one where I decided to wear a raving rabbid instead f a hat because I was naked.

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I raped a donkey, got stung on my dick by a hornet's ass, had sex with Amy WineHouse, Sold 27.5 turkey's souls on craigslist and got anally raped by a Cock.

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I had a dream just the other night. I was in a shopping mall holding a white gun which had multiple settings, as in if you twisted the barrel it changed the time of ammo it shot. The reason I'm there with the gun is because I'm hunting something that was like the incredible Hulk, only he was in white armour similar to the style of a stormtrooper, and he also has the same type of gun. My view wasn't unlike that of a FPS and the running battle I had with the Hulk thing was pretty cool.

The dream ended when the Hulk went into a elevator that was heading down. I look at my gun only to see I've twisted it too much, however I reset it and fix it. Just before the doors of the elevator close I go to shoot into it at the Hulk. However I then realise there are other people inside so I guess I didn't…Hulk sees me and jumps at me smashing through the elevator (it's made of mostly glass).

Dream ended there. I liked it, would make for a good game. Also I vaguely remember one of the setting on the gun allowed me to slow time.

I actually experienced the weirdest dream of my life last night-

I was crossing a small familiar lake with an unknown 7 year old boy and his mother. It was very cloudy and the water looked dank, this gave me a sudden feeling of loathing and depression. I looked over at his mother who was holding the boy in her arms, with tears flowing from both of their eyes, "Just don't look down" the mother said stuttering to her weeping son. Naturally curious I looked down at the water, I was dumbstruck and let out a small scream, as there were bodys of men, and women, all months dead, littered at the bottom of the of the floor of the lake. To my sudden surprise and disgust I found myself falling, along with the boy, into the water. The feeling of fear that came over me was unfathomable as I tried to climb aboard the boat again, ignoring the sharp pain in my foot from the ragged, sharp, corpse littered bottom of the water. The boy had dissapeared along with the boat after I decided to swim ashore, still disgusted by the decaying matter that covered my feet. When I made it to the sandy beach, a tall man who resembled Mr. Garrison from South Park greeted me, "This is object 3-"

I have no recollection of the dream after that point. So never play Yumme Nikki after 10:25 PM kids!

I had a dream last week that I was invited to Obama's birthday party. Apparently this was his real birthday party, not like the fancy one they throw at the White House. It was out in the middle of a field, and only a couple people were invited. Apparently the party consisted of a giant rope course, with tire swings, zip-lines, and climbing walls. B-Obama and I were having a wonderful time.

My weirdest dream was being chased by the T-Rex from Jurassic Park in the local Wal-Mart, finally escaping him and going to the center of the store to find Jamie Lee Curtis in lingerie about to dive into a pool where she was devoured by an orca while on the diving board.


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