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Locking the soyjak thread

Last posted Aug 18, 2021 at 08:52PM EDT. Added Jul 29, 2021 at 07:06PM EDT
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Currently the soyjak entry has been flooded with low quality edits again. We really suggest the soyjak entry must be locked and remove any low quality soyjaks that looks badly edited. That way KYM doesn't get raided with badly edited soyjaks for now.

They would just start flooding pepe gallery like they did some time ago or find themselves another quick to edit format.

One idea that could work, but would probably inconvenience regular users, would be to limit amount of media uploaded to each gallery and only enable unlimited uploads to entry editors.

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>low quality edits

Most of them are pretty well edited though, and funny too if you understand the subtle nuances of soyjak lore

I haven't been on too much over the last week or so, so someone only pointed this out to me today.

We just need to do what we did last time they did this, and also how you should respond to any /b/ raid, by just ignoring them the best we can; as boredom is the greatest weapon we have against the spammer.

They're not doing this because they like what they are spamming, they are doing this because they like the reactions they are getting.

For the next few weeks, just don't browse recent images, just go directly to the home pages of the memes you like and this will all blow over soon.

The more people who take the bait, the longer this will go on for.

If you feel like being more proactive, just use this time to upload your own content to the memes you like, but are just not very popular.

Uploading content can be done in a few minutes, it's the double-checking to avoid reposts and searching for/making the buggers that's the time consuming bit.

If we can show them that their actions have only led to more variety instead of less and their efforts, which from personal experience I can tell you is quite time consuming, are all for naught, then they might just piss off quicker than before.

I've uploaded a lot of soyjaks not to raid the site but because I find them funny. I can't speak for the other uploaders. I understand that some users don't like seeing them in the global gallery but that seems secondary to the purpose of KYM as a meme archive and wiki.

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