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PlayStation Showcase for May 24, 2023

Last posted Jun 20, 2023 at 02:04AM EDT. Added May 24, 2023 at 08:14AM EDT
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Sony will be holding a PlayStation Showcase later today at 4 PM EST so I'm going ahead and making this thread hours ahead of time. I'll try and do my usual "update with a post on what I felt were the most noteworthy announcements" thing but it could be delayed. As for what we know, it's confirmed it'll be "a bit over an hour" long and will focus on games coming up for PS5 and PSVR2. When it comes to "what I'm certain will be there" the only one I feel 100% confident about is we'll no doubt get a good look at Spider-Man 2 and a firm release date.

As for my personal predictions on what we might see:

-First look at gameplay for Insomniac's Wolverine game set for 2024
-A release date for Death Stranding 2
-A first look at the "live service" The Last of Us: Factions multiplayer game
-A demo for Final Fantasy XVI is confirmed and is either released right after the showcase or is at least "coming very soon"
-Updates on the new Yakuza games coming out within the next year
-A look at Sucker Punch's next game (either Ghost of Tsushima 2, a new Infamous, or a new IP entirely)
-Announcing PC versions of Horizon: Forbidden West and God of War: Ragnarok for 2024
-Confirmation on what exactly Naughty Dog's next project is (either Last of Us 3 or a new IP is my guess, I'm not really expecting anything like a new Uncharted or a Jak and Daxter reboot)

Okay I'll make this one post while the whole thig is going on as I'm legit surprised the one really popular rumor did in fact end up being true.


Now granted as of this post I have no idea who's making the remake so depending on who is working on the project this could be either awesome news or a major concern. Also of note is MGS1, 2, and the original version of 3 are coming to PS5 "this autumn" but whether this is as a collection or just the originals emulated for PS Plus subscribers I dunno just yet.

Post-show write up post from me will have to wait for tomorrow due to reasons, but one thing I’ll say right now is one announcement that got me excited at first but then got dashed fast was Marathon. At first I was like “holy shit Bungie’s bringing back one of their classics!” But then… I went to the game’s official site to check more info and it turns out it’s an “extraction PvP shooter” like Escape From Tarkov. Got damn it, first new Marathon in almost 30 years and it’s a PvP only game?! Worst part is I dunno if the blame for this decision is on Sony or Bungie.

Mistress Fortune wrote:

Okay I'll make this one post while the whole thig is going on as I'm legit surprised the one really popular rumor did in fact end up being true.


Now granted as of this post I have no idea who's making the remake so depending on who is working on the project this could be either awesome news or a major concern. Also of note is MGS1, 2, and the original version of 3 are coming to PS5 "this autumn" but whether this is as a collection or just the originals emulated for PS Plus subscribers I dunno just yet.

So proper write up time. I'll go through each announcement one by one:

A "heist game" like Payday, coming from Sony's "Haven Studios." Looks like it'll have a PvP element where I guess you'll take on other heisters. Maybe worth keeping an eye on if you like Payday.

-Hell Divers 2
A sequel to the top-down shooter from 2015, very much a Starship Troopers styled game. Main difference from the original is it's now a more traditional third person shooter. I guess if you like the original it's worth keeping an eye on (lets see how many more times I use "keep an eye on").

-Immortals of Aveum
A "magic FPS" being developed by people who used to work on Call of Duty. It kinda looks like what you'd get if you combined Hexen 2 with CoD. EA is publishing but it's their "EA Originals" label so hopefully don't have to worry about any of the usual EA meddling.

-Ghostrunner 2
A neat little surprise, a sequel to the "tough but fair" indie cyberpunk hack-n-slash. First game is really good so this is one to look forward to.

-Phantom Blade 0
An action game that looks similar in style to Sekiro and Ninja Gaiden. Apparently it's connected to another game called "Phantom Blade: Executioners," a 2D sidescroller, that's being made by the same company. The devs appear to be a pretty new studio too. Honestly looks pretty cool, this was one of the highlights for me personally.

-Sword of the Sea
A new game from the same artist who also did Journey and Abzu, looks to be a similar style of "open ended exploration" game. Obviously looks really good given this artist's track record. Safe to say if you liked Journey and Abzu it's worth keeping an eye on.

-The Talos Principle 2
A sequel to Croteam's philosophical puzzler (basically the main thing Croteam works on when they're not making more Serious Sam, and the opposite of Sam in terms of gameplay and narrative). If you like the first then the sequel will likely be just as good.

Newest game from the makers of Gris. Getting some real Princess Mononoke vibes from what I saw. No doubt like Gris this will be a very emotional game, so again another case of "if you liked these devs previous game then you'll likely like this."

-Cat Quest: Pirates of the Catribbean
A small but welcome surprise, I didn't know Cat Quest was getting another game. Looks like it'll be much like prior titles, a fun and colorful action RPG, only this time with a pirate theme.

A new multiplayer shooter from Square-Enix, which is a bit weird to see honestly as I thought Square wasn't going to do shooters anymore after seeing off their Western studios to Embracer and shutting down the FF7 "The First Soldier" spin-off. it is going in the direction of being a very colorful and family-friendly looking shooter akin to Splatoon as you'll be shooting foam rather than bullets. I really dunno how I feel about this, probably because of the fact it's coming from Square of all companies. Really gonna need a beta or something before I can say if this looks like it'll be fun or not.

-The Plucky Squire
An indie action-adventure from Devolver that looks really neat, being able to hop between a children's picture book and the real world.

A voxel-based destruction game that's been on PC for a good while but is coming to PS5 later this year. Basically think "Minecraft with the destruction physics of Red Faction: Guerilla."

-Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater
A remake of Metal Gear Solid 3, arguably the biggest fan favorite of the MGS series. From what I can find online it sounds like surprisingly it's being developed internally at Konami rather than being handed to an outside studio like the Silent Hill 2 remake. Also sounds like it might be a remake akin to Dead Space, in that it sounds like it'll stay very true to the original but still update the usual aspects like visuals, re-recording VA (might be safe to assume David Hayter will return as Snake), and more robust sound design. I assume the reason why it's being named "MGS Delta" is to not scare away any newcomers to the franchise by not making them think they have to play MGS1 and 2 first (you don't, MGS3 is a full prequel that doesn't require knowing prior stories, but people who have never played previous games wouldn't always know that). Unlike the Silent Hill 2 remake though it looks like Sony doesn't have any exclusivity agreement, it's been confirmed it's coming to Xbox Series and PC (via Steam) as well.

-MGS Master Collection Vol. 1
A collection consisting of MGS1, 2, and the original version of 3 (most likely the updated Subsistence version though, the one that added full camera control), coming to PS5 "this autumn." The fact it's "Vol. 1" means we'll likely see other games in other collections, like Vol. 2 will likely include Peace Walker, but whether it'll also include something like MGS4 (a game that it still bothers me that it's still stuck on the PS3 to this day, and you can't even stream it on PS5 via PS Plus right now because… I dunno) I don't know.

Last edited May 25, 2023 at 09:06AM EDT

-Towers of Aghasba
Feel kinda sorry for this game as the fact it came after the MGS announcement means most people likely weren't paying attention to it because people were still processing the MGS stuff. Looks similar in style to Horizon and recent Zelda games so if you like those games it might be worth keeping an eye on.

-Final Fantasy XVI trailer
Bit disappointed they didn't confirm a demo (Square's been doing demos a lot lately so is it wrong I expected one for FF16?), game still looks awesome and will no doubt be the PS5's biggest game this summer.

-Alan Wake 2
Already confirmed a few years back but good to finally see more and get a release date, October 17, 2023. Remedy confirmed years ago a big shake up for this sequel is it'll be a "survival-horror" game this time, as opposed to a traditional third person shooter with horror elements like the first. Looks like it'll be similar in style to the recent Resident Evil remakes, and in addition to Alan you'll also play as an FBI agent.

-Assassin's Creed: Mirage
I believe this was our first look at gameplay, and we got a release date of October 12, 2023. Ubisoft confirmed a while ago this game is supposed to be a "back to its roots" entry for AC, going back to being a stealth action-adventure like the earlier games (even being set in the middle east like the first game). Hopefully it'll be good, I know a lot of AC fans have wanted a game that returns the series back to its roots for a long time now.

-Revenant Hill
A new game from the team behind Night in the Woods (even has a cat running in the trailer who looks like if Mae was just a regular feral cat). According to a press release it'll be a game about "becoming a witch's familiar." I expect it'll be an adventure game like NitW, hopefully it'll be just as well written.

-Granblue Fantasy: Relink
A Granblue action-RPG, kinda looks like a mix of "Tales" and "Xenoblade" so I'll be keeping on eye on this one.

-Street Fighter 6 trailer
Basically reminding people the game is coming out really soon. Hope it lives up to the hype, especially after SFV disappointed fans.

Side scrolling action game that is giving me slight Hollow Knight vibes, could be interesting.

-Tower of Fantasy
I had to look up a bit more info on this one, turns out its an open world MMO. It's free-to-play as well so I guess check it out if it looks neat to you.

-Dragon's Dogma 2
At long last it's finally coming out, looks awesome, not much else I can say. I need to replay Dark Arisen before this comes out.

-FNAF: Help Wanted 2
The FANF VR game is getting a sequel. if you liked the first then you'll likely enjoy this one too. I haven't played Help Wanted due to a lack of VR so I can't comment much here.

-RE4 VR Mode
A first look at RE4's upcoming VR update for people who have PSVR2. Looks like it'll be similar to how VR worked in the Quest VR edition of the original RE4.

-Arizona Sunshine 2
This VR zombie game is getting a sequel. Again I don't have VR so I can't comment much on if the original was good or not.

-Crossfire: Sierra Squad VR
A VR military shooter. Again, I don't know what to say.

Another VR game but this one looks like it's gonna be closer in style to something like Half-Life: Alyx based on what they showed. Also I'm 100% certain the villain is voiced by David Hayter, you can hear his Snake coming out in various scenes.

Already talked about this above but damn what a gut punch. At first I got excited seeing Bungie's reviving one of their old pre-Halo IPs, but then I found out it's a PvP "extraction shooter" akin to something like Escape from Tarkov and my excitement got dashed, because come on seriously I'm pretty sure Marathon fans wanted a single player campaign like the old titles. I think I now know how Shadowrun fans felt back in the mid-00s when the 2007 Shadowrun was announced as a competitive multiplayer FPS instead of an RPG like the Genesis and SNES games (and hopefully like Shadowrun, which got proper RPG followups in the 2010s, maybe Matrathon will get a single player entry one day).

-Destiny 2: The Final Shape
Basically a new Destiny 2 expansion. I never got into this series, but a YouTuber I watch named Skill Up loves Destiny so hopefully it'll be something him and other Destiny fans enjoy.

I have no idea what kind of game this is going to be based on the trailer so I don't know what to comment really.

-Spider-Man 2
Shockingly didn't get any release date. Biggest thing was getting a good look at Kraven and The Lizard (aka Dr. Conners), confirmation Peter will indeed have the symbiote suit (this was probably safe to assume given the previous CG trailer confirmed Venom is in the game too), you'll swap between Peter and Miles, and that it looks like it'll play just as well as Spider-Man 2018 and Miles Morales.

SO… in the end my overall thoughts? Honestly this wasn't quite as exciting as I hoped. Not terrible by any means, but to ape someone else's comment from elsewhere "this felt more like a State of Play but with a Showcase run-time." A real 6/10 Showcase IMO. Most exciting things for me personally were the MGS stuff, Phantom Blade 0, Spider-Man 2, and Dragon's Dogma 2.

Here's a small thing I learned after making my write up that makes me go "huh…"

Remedy have confirmed Alan Wake 2 won't have a physical release, it's digital only. Remedy's reasoning for this is because they do want to keep the price at $60 and going physical would have resulted in a $70 price, but that still sounds odd to me. Wouldn't be surprised if a company like Limited Run later works with Remedy for a literal limited run physical print.

Also looks like Microsoft decided to be cheeky after the showcase, likely because of the fact Sony are the biggest obstacle in Microsoft purchasing Activision-Blizzard, and put out a tweet and image letting people know that a bunch of the games announced during the showcase are coming to Xbox Series as well. I already mentioned the MGS3 remake is coming to Xbox and PC, but some others include Immortals, Ghostrunner 2, Dragon's Dogma 2, Alan Wake 2, but what shocked me is Marathon is also coming to Xbox. I'm legit baffled by that one, Sony owns Bungie now and I assume this means Sony owns the Marathon IP, so why is this Marathon reboot coming to Xbox? Bungie must have pulled some really big strings or something.


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