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In more Nijisanji-EN shitshow happenings, vtuber Selen Tatusuki has been terminated / fired

Last posted Feb 18, 2024 at 03:40AM EST. Added Feb 05, 2024 at 12:45PM EST
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Extremely important events:
After Niji's announcement, Selen's mods went rogue and promoted her old channel in the chat of a stream they started. One of them said he signed an NDA and is willing to get sued over this (and is possibly a Niji employee, as normal mods don't have the ability to start streams). Unfathomably based.
Lily Pichu confirms that Niji members ALWAYS had permission to use her song. Some people theorize that the reason why Niji privated Selen's cover is because the animatic which accompanied the video included Niji members which graduated, and that Selen didn't have the rights… To the copyrights of the corporation she belongs in.
Other Niji members express disappointment with the situation. Kyo's stream cancellation is extremely alarming as he's graduating soon and doesn't have many streams left. (He announced it four days ago. I'm starting to think it's suspicious as he mentioned weeks earlier that he just wanted to take a break until march.)
Dokibird wakes up to 230K subscribers on her old channel. She only had 640 before February.
screencap of tweets

Last edited Feb 06, 2024 at 03:34AM EST

Something that's also really important to mention is that there's a small hate campaign against Millie now. Some people theorized that Millie was one of the people who bullied Selen due to a reply which seems passive aggressive if she knew why Selen's cover was taken down before posting, and because she defended Nijisanji in a recent rant. All of this is unfounded speculation. We don't even know if Selen was harassed by other livers since that was something Niji said, not Selen. Only posting the "evidence" to clear confusion.
One more important note is that, according to bilingual fans, Nijisanji put additional statements in their Japanese translation which said that Selen harassed other livers, and apparently the JP audience is on Niji's side with this, which is just so hilariously sociopathic of Nijisanji. Japan is where most of their income and influence comes from, so it makes sense if they're cutting their losses with the EN fanbase.

Doki said in her redebut stream she wants no one to engage in any harassment or bullying as she herself just went through exactly that and doesn't want anyone else to go though something similar. Plus as I said elsewhere "going full Reddit detective is a good way to ruin lives." I'm personally in the "I believe all bullying was from management rather than any talents" camp, but lets say even if a talent or two was bullying Doki then it's clear Doki herself is never gonna say who because she doesn't want people to engage in some "eye for an eye" type of stuff. So if you consider yourself a part of Doki's fanbase, respect her wishes and do NOT engage in a witch hunt, you'll only upset Doki.

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