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How would you improve Star vs. The Forces of Evil, if you could?

Last posted Jul 15, 2024 at 04:30AM EDT. Added Jul 08, 2024 at 06:16PM EDT
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As a lot of animation fans will remember, the latter half of Star vs. The Forces of Evil was a massive disappointment, and included many missteps, such as killing off the overarching antagonist via a Deus ex Machina, poorly handling a racism allegory surrounding monsters, and most of all, the decision to destroy magic at the very end.
I recently watched Blue Order's video on the series' downfall, and was impressed with the review's production quality, as it called attention to things I hadn't noticed about the series when I watched it in its entirety in 2019 or 2020. The wasted potential was immense, leading to a series that no one talks about anymore, only serving as an example for what happens when a story-driven show is written without a clear plan in mind.

Which is why I present this site's users with a question: How would you write the series differently?

Consistent Animation, started off super well then mid-way through the first season it devolved.

A more focus on slice of life and keep the villain pure evil,

its star vs forces of evil

not star vs forces of justified evil.

Give me the Dark Lord, not some bullshit racism allegory.

No!! wrote:

Less love triangles and romance

One thing Blue Order brought up in his video was how the shipping was kept to a subplot, which I definitely agree with. It felt like shipping became the focus of the story, and three other ships were sacrificed just in order to make Starco a reality, likely because the fans enjoyed it.
A commenter on Cartoonshi's video also theorized something similar: Rhombulus was originally going to be the "good boy" of the Magical High Commission, but after the team saw how popular Hekapoo was (mainly thanks to her design and ship with Marco), she replaced him in that role. It makes me wonder what a more character-developed Rhombulus would be like.

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I would say that the first 2 seasons and (I think), the hour long special afterwards is a best way to experience the show. just pretend that season 3 and 4 doesn't exist and you pretty much have a great cartoon since it only gone downhill from there.

Let's just say, if you tease A X B ship from the start but the A X C ship is always in between to prevent A X B getting together until the end, you get worst of both worlds.

A X C ship fans are angry because you made a developed couple break up for an underdeveloped romance to happen.

A X B ship fans are angry because A X C ship being in the way caused A X B romance to be underdeveloped.

So basically, don't tease A X B ship at all, or make them get together at the point where it feels most natural/logical.

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Breaking up Jackie and Marco was the first giant Red Flag for me, and I would not do that to start with.

The red moon thing should've been removed.

I also wouldn't set up bad guys so overpowered and undefeatable that omniversal genocide of all magical creatures was the only way out.

Melding worlds together is also a giant headache and I wouldn't do that either, in order to avoid all the implication of bad shit happening ("what happened to X people in Y place that is now not there anymore")

Probably wouldn't switch animation either.

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