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Disclaimer: This entry contains spoilers for Fire Punch.


Agni Face is the name given to a memorable expression made by Agni, the main character of the manga series Fire Punch. In 4chan's anime and manga board /a/, the face has been used as reaction image, exploitable template and for shitposting, often acccompanied by the words "LIVE" or "kino".


Fire Punch is a manga series created by Japanese author Tatsuki Fujimoto, which ran on Shounen Jump+ from April 18th, 2016 to January 1st, 2018.[1] The series, set in a post apocalyptic glacial world, follows Agni, a man with very high regenerative abilities who was set ablaze, and his path of vengeance to kill the man who killed his sister and set him on fire. On May 21st, 2017, chapter 53 of the series was released on Japan.[2] In it, Agni makes the expression after character Judah gets amnesia and starts thinking that she's his sister (shown below).


During the following years, the series remained in relative obscurity, the page being posted in related discussions or threads in /a/. On March 10th, 2020, an anonymous user started to post the manga series in a storytime series of threads,[3] which gained massive traction on the board (shown below, left).[4] The success of the storytime would result on the creation of several threads, and the spamming of the page all over the board,[5][6] on top of the creation of several pictures using the face as base by putting it over other characters (shown below, right).

EIGHTY YEARS LATER EAPLOY ENG R: 1111/ I: 151 Fire Punch Volume 8 Continued: Time for TAISU the final thread my n------. Volume 1: >>200158589 R: 1111 / I: 164 Dumping Volume 8. If you haven't read Fire Punch yet then strap yourself in and, everyone, enjoy the ride. Last time: The Volume 2: >>200193247 Volume 3: >>200228550 Volume 4: hero returned after a >>200267502 long retirement. This is it lads, the end of Fire Punch. I hope Volume 5: >>200306917 & FIRE PUNCH

On June 27th, 2020, an anonymous user submited a Yotsuba drawing of the face on a GET thread. [7] The following day, a thread dedicated to the face was submitted. [8]

Various Examples

KINO. Press to LIVE...

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