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GET refers to a randomly generated event on image boards that is noted when a post's unique ID number consists of rare integer sequences, such as 1,000,000, 123456789 or 55555555. Such events are most prominently celebrated on 4chan, where many users deliberately try to time their posts in order to attain a GET milestone.


The term "GET" (always spelled in caps) originated from the Japanese textboard community 2channel to denote the first and last possible reply comments within a given thread, as in 2GET and 1000GET, in similar vein to the practice of "FIRST" comments.


The "GET" concept was subsequently spread to the Japanese imageboard site Futaba Channel and later adopted by 4chan, where its meaning was extended to include other types of unique integer sequences. The first GET on 4chan is said to have taken place on /b/ (random) board in April 2004. With the rapid growth of 4chan's traffic in the following years, the GET tradition soon spread to other popular forums within the community, namely /a/ (anime) and /v/ (video) boards.


When the post ID number nears a special integer sequence, which occurs more often and unpredictably in sub-boards with fast post cycle, a member may attempt to score the milestone post by exclaiming "GET" in a new thread, along with one's favorite picture. As a result of its widescale participation on 4chan's /b/, it has been observed that the site activities regularly jump as a GET milestone approaches. At one point, GET events were automatically featured on the first page of the site, although they have since been disabled, possibly due the shortening frequency between the events and criticisms from users.

GET Games

The desirability of GETs on /b/ continued to grow as the winning posts began spawning internet memes, such as fsjal, Ninetails and Epic FAIL Guy. This also led to the creation of GET games known as Post Ending in X, wherein the OP (original poster) randomly posts a winning number, usually the last two digits of a post number, with promise of a reward, and whoever replies with a matching post ID number claims it. Another variation of this game known as "rolling" involves a list of one or two-digit combinations, each number paired with a specific order of action, which are then assigned to posters with matching post ID numbers.


Sometimes, posters who are unaware of the approaching milestone may inadvertently score GETs. These accidental events are typically referred to as FAILGETs or WINGETs, depending on the perceived quality of the post.

8chan Steal GETs

In late 2014, as the site 8chan begun to receive more popularity, as it begun to compete with rival site 4chan. The users, as well as admin Hotwheels, created the board /4get/[7], a site dedicated for stealing 4chan GETs. Some notable boards with GETs stolen include [s4s], /pol/, /qa/, /asp/, /vg/, and /co/.

33/0/3411 Return] [Catalog] [Bottom] [Update] [ ile: 1ipg (95 KB, 472x700) Auto] O Ibspl . Beating Sports Boards General Poseidon !PEEINgHoBo 04/11/15(Sat 02:20:10 No 100000000、2-10000020822100000216 9100000246 10000021 100000268100000270100000279 100000281 1000003011000003100000100000310100000317 3-100000320 100000339 chan Anyone else playing Getgot 2? The sports gang is pretty OP imo. No matter what I do or what strategy I try they always seem to get like, two or three times more points than me each season. It's not even like I need to get good, I swear it's literally programmed so you have to play multiplayer mode or something to win, sucks because I don't know anyone who wants to play as part of a peeing-women-related gang and I don't know how to set up bots. Anonymous 04/11/15(Sat)02:20:36 No.100000208 100000000 (OP) MODS Anonymous 04/11/15(Sat)02:20:39 No.100000216 >100000000 (OP) WHATSJNKANKBNASKFBSKFA Anonymous 04/11/15(Sat)02:20:39 No.100000218 lame Anonymous 04/11/15(Sat)02:20:41 No. 100000224 WHAT THE F--- Anonymous 04/11/15(Sat)02:20:42 No.100000228 this is a nice general

Notable Examples

6666 GET on /jp/

Note: Cirno upside-down WINGET

File :1203505341.ipg-(28 KB, 480x602) Anonymous 02/20/08(Wed)06:02 No.6666 Reply] >Anonymous 02/20/08(Wed)06:02 No.6672 YES >>一Anonymous 02/20/08(Wed)06:02 No.6674 e666 WINRAR >>-the official /jp/ tripfriend !KVzOEaUpQc 02/2008 (Wed)06:02 No.6676 f--- yes Anonymous 02/20/08(Wed)06:02 No.6677 >>6666 /jp/ first winGET? Reported


1 Million GET on /b/

Note: Sketch of Sae Sawanoguchi from anime Magic Users Club in sexual bliss. Mods later deleted the post and replaced it with a picture of a 'Bonzai Budgie' jar and renumbering the post as 1000000.

/b A.IP. BASS WOLF - Microsoft Internet Explorer File Edit View Favorites Tools Help Address hittp.// Google | PageRank 103 blocked AutoFill Options AND MORE Aatne Cste File: 1112873268·1pg-(221184 B. 1600x1200)「Phantom Thief 04/07/05(Thu)06:27 No. 1000001 [Reply] umbnail unavailable ligadnA ataS File 1112873269 pg-(45023 B, 431x500) -er-r, - 厂Senator Rodden Clitoris 04/07/05(Thu)06:27 No.1000000 [Reply] File 1112873269 ipg-(24754 B, 470x402) 「Minthick IWSgPeEy3kM 04/07/05(Thu)06:27 No.999999 WRY OH EXPLOITABLE! 1000000GET! [Reply] NOES! 1 File 1112873266. jpg-(69176 B, 303x373) Anonymous 04/07/05(Thu)06:27 No.999998 [Reply] Internet 7:37 AM


1.6 Million GET on /b/

File 1119220573. ipg-(128664 B, 560x429, Nasubi.jpg) 厂 ! WrYyYyTU 06/19/05(Sun)17:36 No.1600000 9.32 >>「Anonyinous 06/19/05(Sun)17:37 No.1600029 な yuo win! >>厂IDOLA 06/19/05(Sun)17:37 No.1600031 賀集 利樹 1.6 Million GET! >>「Anonymous 06/19/05(Sun)17:37 No.1600032 Accurate depiction of male orgasm >>厂Sugoi-Baka lKSu Ah A ofWE 06/19/05(Sun)17:37 No.1600033 Bitch 1.6m GOT. >> Anonymous 06/19/05(Sun) 17:37 No.1600034 >1600000 GET >>「Anonymous 06/19/05(Sun) 17:37 No.1600035


3333333 GET on /b/

Note: HaruhiGET. User was later banned for post.

File :1184776177 ipg-(481 KB, 2593x1600, 1184614322946.jpg) □器07/18/07(Wed)12:29:37 No.33333333。 HARUHI GET >> □ 07/18/07(Wed)12:30:02 No.33333442 fgahfhasf >> □ 07/18/07(Wed)12:30:02 No.33333443 lolwut

4040404 GET on /a/

File :1182479881.png-(19 KB, 380x380, yotsuba.png) □器Anonymous 06/21/07(Thu)22:38 No.4040404。 Is it get yet? >>贂Anonymous 06/21/07(Thu)22:38 No.404041 1團 YEAH >> [ 06/21/07(Thu)22:38 No.4040413 WIN GET >>墬Anonymous 06/21/07(Thu)22:38 No.40404 1700 困 How appropriate. >> □ Anonymous 06/21/07(Thu)22:38 No.4040419團 STICKY THIS S--- >> □ Anonymous 06/21/07(Thu)22:38 No.40404200 F------ WIN!

123456789 GET on /b/

□ Anonymous 03/13/09(Fri)22:39:26 No.123456682 File 1236998366ipg-(218 KB, 838x1065, FarmLesson11pg02.jpg) □ Anonymous 03/13/09(Fri)22:39:38 No.123456789 get? □ Anonymous 03/13/09(Fri)22:40:03 No.123456966 File 1236998403 ipg-(66 KB, 499x483, 11693169231 159 jpg) □ Bananaman Anonymous 03/13/09(Fri)22:40:10 No.123457044 File 1236998410 ipg-(31 KB, 346x400, UnicornRainbow.jpg) Get! 123456789


500 Million GET on /b/

Note: On August 15th, 2013, /b/ (Random) passed the mark of 499,990,000th post, triggering a huge spike in submissions [1] from people trying to score the 500 millionth GET. The post was submitted at 2:49pm (EST) that day in a thread[2] about Poland.

Anonymous (D: ai0FzIVE) 08/15/13(Thu)14:49:51 No.500000000 poland has best prostitutes, i f----- plenty in london. i hope one is ur wife someday f-- 500 mil get □ Anonymous (ID: ixjCKh7e) 08/15/13(Thu)14:49:52 No.500000053 ROLL 4 MOOT IS GAY □ Anonymous (ID: LnwvXKW 08/15/13(Thu)14:49:57 No.500000183 > > c---

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