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Based Stickman

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Based Stickman, also known as Alt-Knight, is a nickname given to California resident Kyle Chapman who was arrested at a pro-Trump rally for hitting an Antifa protester over the head with a stick during a clash between Trump supporters and anti-Trump demonstrators in early March 2017.


On March 4th, 2017, a pro-Trump rally held in Berkeley, California turned violent during a clash with anti-Trump Antifa demonstrators. In the clash, an elderly man was purportedly pepper sprayed by an Antifa protester (shown below).

Jason Belich @JasonBelich Follow #March4Trump #berkeley elderly man pepper sprayed by #antifa RETWEETS LIKES 5,420 4,714 椚電鉅國,Gian)。 5:53 PM 4 Mar 2017

Additionally, footage of Kyle Chapman hitting an Antifa protester over the head with a stick began circulating online (shown below). That day, a thread about the footage was posted to 4chan's /pol/ board, in which Chapman was nicknamed "Based Stickman."[6] According to reports, Chapman was arrested at the demonstration and charged with several felonies.


On March 5th, 2017, the financial news blog ZeroHedge[2] published an article titled "A New Super Hero on the Right Arises: Behold the 'Stick Man'." That day, YouTuber Decline ToState uploaded footage of Stickman with the 1980s rock song "Real American" by Rick Derringer playing in the background (shown below). Within 48 hours, the video gained over 89,000 views and 840 comments. Meanwhile, YouTuber posted a remix of the Stickman video set to the tune of the 1977 classic rock song "Come Sail Away" by Styx (shown below, right).

On March 6th, 2017, Urban Dictionary[1] user Yodaman1219 submitted an entry for "Based Stickman," defining him as "the protector of all people and things right winged." That day, Redditor X075 submitted a black-and-white photo of Chapman captioned with a quote about hitting "antifa, <a href=/memes/cultures/communism skulls" with sticks to /r/The_Donald (shown below). Within 24 hours, the post gained over 4,000 votes (96% upvoted) and 100 comments.

FREE SPEECH . In 2017, Based American/ stickman Kyle Chapmán was asked what it felt like ー to break a stick over a . に human head wouldn't know, I've only broken a、 · . ' t stick over anuía. . communists skulls

Meanwhile, a crowd funding campaign was launched on WeSearchr[5] for Chapman's legal defense fund, which gathered upwards of $63,700 in contributions within 24 hours. That day, the WeSearchr[5] page announced that Chapman had been released from jail after the crowdfunding site paid his $5,000 bail. Meanwhile, Chapman released a video announcing he had been released.[9] On March 7th, two posts asking about Chapman were submitted to /r/OutOfTheLoop.[3][4].

WeSearchr POST A BOUNTY DISCOVER ABOUT FAQ DONATE Beta WANTED Based Stick Man Legal Defense Fund The Stick Man Strikes Down Antifa $63,700 raised so far from 1088 contributors INCREASE BOUNTY 0 1094:13:05:56 Days Hrs Min Sec Time Remaining To Claim This Bounty

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Wait a minute, so let me get this straight: a man in California beat up a communist with a baseball bat, wearing a gas mask and helmet….

Well I'll be fucked, Trump has somehow begun to make Fallout: New Vegas real. Cash in those bottle caps boys, the nuclear winter is almost upon us!


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