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#EndFathersDay is a Twitter hashtag campaign launched as a prank by 4chan supposedly to garner public support for dismantling of Father's Day, an annual holiday celebrated on the third Sunday of June in honor of fatherhood, under the false banner of radical feminism, in a similar vein to previous 4chan-initiated anti-feminist hoaxes like Free Bleeding and Bikini Bridge.


On June 12th, 2014, a post titled “#EndFathersDay Straw Feminist”[1] was added to 4chan’s[2] /pol/ board. The post asked for the spread of the hashtag #EndFathersDay, explaining:

#EndFathersDay Straw Feminist !UTwMwJdORw Thu 12 Jun 2014 20:38:09 No.31115439 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: 31115606 >>31115710 >31115787 >>31115879>31116100 >>31116156>>31116243 >>31116246>>31116572 >>31117316>>31117380>>31117496 >>31117589 >>31117609 Almost all cases of domestic violence, domestic r---, child abuse, adultery, and discontent in the home are caused by men, i.e. fathers. A holiday that celebrates this is another symptom of the disease known as patriarchy, and has no place in a progressive society This is a holiday celebrating misogyny, demanding appreciation and gifts for doing what a father should be doing anyway, especially when almost all cases of domestic abuse stem from the father. Fathers all over the country are refusing to pay alimony or child support, which should not celebrated and rewarded, but should be shamed. "Father's Day" should not be about celebrating the role of a father in the family, but about correcting it. It shouldn't be celebrated in its present form. 55KiB, 453x300, a family discussion. jpg reset form it。 We are calling on a eminists and social ustice warriors to on us in a campaign o redefine this disqustin mi ody st holiday # En Father Davin its entirely. We will be descending upon Twitter and Tumblr to get the message out that this patriarchal 'holiday' has no place in our society. Anonymous Thu 12 Jun 2014 20:40:05 No.31115501 Report Quoted By: >>31115986 The summerfags will ruin it, just like #WhitesCamBeRaped

“Fathers all over the country are refusing to pay alimony or child support, which should not celebrated and rewarded, but should be shamed. ‘Father's Day’ should not be about celebrating the role of a father in the family, but about correcting it. It shouldn't be celebrated in its present form."

The hashtag was tweeted out over 40,000 within 24 hours.


News Media Coverage

Before the hashtag was revealed to be a hoax, several sites reported on #EndFathersDay as an earnest hashtag campaign started by feminists on the Internet. On June 13th, the National Review[9] published an article titled “#EndFathersDay Tweets Seek to Stop Misogynistic Celebration,” which highlighted tweets that seemed to support the idea of ending Father’s Day. The hashtag was covered as a serious campaign the same day by The Washington Examiner[11] and Western Journalism.[12] Also on June 13th, the LA Times[8] and TIME[10] both ran op-ed articles challenging the grounds for celebration of Father's Day with a mention of the hashtag in their headlines. Within five days of its introduction, the hashtag[7]has been tweeted out over 62,000 times.


On June 13th, 2014, Death and Taxes[6] published an article titled “No, feminists are not trying to #EndFathersDay -- it’s a 4chan hoax,” which explained the hashtag was created by 4chan as a prank. The same day several more sites published articles explaining the hoax, including The Daily Dot[3] and Twitchy.[5] Also on June 13th, Thought Catalog[4] published a satirical essay titled “I Started The Hashtag #EndFathersDay, And Here’s Why,” in which the author claims to have started the hashtag, and did so in earnest. On June 16th, 2014, Buzzfeed[8]published an article titled “Here’s How A Fake Feminist Hashtag Like #EndFathersDay Gets Started And Why It’ll Keep Happening,”[15] which explained the hoax in the light of 4chan's previous hoaxes aimed at feminists.

Princeton Mom Reaction

On June 15th, Susan Patton, nicknamed the "Princeton Mom," after her book Marry Smart: Advice for Finding the One[14] included some sexist ideas about the need to find a husband during college (as she did at her alma mater, Princeton) was on Fox and Friends to discuss the hashtag. During the show Patton criticized those who tweeted out the hashtag, calling it "nasty feminist rhetoric," and explaining:

"They're not just trying to end Father's Day, they're trying to end men."

Notable Examples

Phoebe Kwon Follow A.ǐ @PhoebeKwon #EndFathersDay because fathers shouldn't be given credit for the Mothers work Reply Retweet ★ Favorite More RETWEETSFAVORITES 91 1:38 AM-13 Jun 2014NayNay Thompson @NayNayCantStop Follow #EndFathersDay bc it's a slap in the face to single mothers everywhere. Reply t. Retweet ★ Favorite More RETWEETSFAVORITES 8:46 AM-13 Jun 2014Imani ABL @AngryBlackLady Follow same people falling for #endfathersday probably fell for thai white people cani o r---- nonsense. BE SMARTER, PEOPLE わReply Retweet ★ Favorite More RETWEETS FAVORITES 50 10:57 AM-13 Jun 2014Sharmeka Martin @SharmekaMartin * Follow Glorifying ih( r--- cul ture and pairlar(hy No thank you. #EndFathersDay わReply t Retweet ★ Favorite More RETWEETSFAVORITES 95 10 1:02 AM- 13 Jun 2014Eugene Mirman @EugeneMirman 塩Follow #End FathersDay is a hashliEJ cleverly created by Vladimir Putin to divide Americans about a non-issue. Well done, sir. わReply Retweet ★ Favorite More RETWEETS FAVORITES 26 59 0:11 AM-13 Jun 2014* 塩Follow @ElishaKrauss i would NOT be where i am today without my father. real men are fathers. real men aspire to be fathers. i will never support #endfathersday Reply Retweet ★ Favorite More RETWEETS FAVORITES 11:16 AM -13 Jun 2014Mikki Kendall @Karnythia Follow Chances are excellent #End FathersDay is an organized trolling. If you fall for it I'm going to laugh at you. Just so you know. わReply Retweet * Favorite More RETWEETS FAVORITES 1- 0騒 85 37 9:29 AM-13 Jun 2014* Sibongile Mafu @sboshmafu Follow The #EndFathersDay hashtag is trolling at its Friday best, and if you think that's what feminists really think, then I just don't know. Reply t. Retweet ★ Favorite More RETWEETS FAVORITES 25 18 0:21 AM-13 Jun 2014Katherine Timpf @kctimpf * Follow whether or not #EndFathersDay started as a hoax is irrelevant. Some people participating ARE totally serious and that's terrifying. Reply t. Retweet ★ Favorite More RETWEETSFAVORITES 98 82 3:50 PM-13 Jun 2014

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