Lillee Jean Primink Doxxing Controversy depicting an image of the youtuber and a tweet.

Lillee Jean Primink Doxxing Controversy

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The Lillee Jean Primink Doxxing Controversy took place in May 2024, four years after YouTuber Primink first made a video about "fake" influencer Lillee Jean. Primink's video about Jean faking her fame by posting photoshopped magazine covers and gala appearances allegedly led to Lillee Jean repeatedly sending copyright strikes to creators who make videos about her. This escalated to Jean purportedly doxxing multiple YouTubers through her copyright strikes, and doxxing Primink themselves to a journalist attempting to investigate the issue.


On December 18th, 2017, a thread on the /r/delusionalartists[3] subreddit discussed Lillee Jean's internet presence, with many commenters receiving a threatening response from Jean's mother, as documented in a post on /r/subredditdrama/.[4]

On July 4th, 2019, Redditor[2] /u/throwawayyvictory made a post on /r/BeautyGuruChatter discussing the internet history of Instagram influencer Lillee Jean. The post delved into Jean's suspicious rise in followers despite low engagement on her posts and the ecosystem of fake accounts and fan pages created to sustain the illusion of her fame.

A discussion of Lillee Jean
byu/throwawayyvictory inBeautyGuruChatter

On February 13th, 2020, YouTuber[1] Primink posted a video titled, "The Instagram Model Who Fabricated Her Entire Life | Lillee Jean: The Beauty Community Fraud." The video discussed internet creator "Lillee Jean," an influencer with over 1 million followers on Instagram. Primink asserted that many of Lillee Jean's posts, which show her on the cover of magazines like Teen Vogue and on the red carpet at events like the Met Gala, are entirely photoshopped and fabricated.

Primink's video also discussed Jean's ecosystem of seemingly fake internet friends, including an account named @Shaniqua4769 that appeared to be a racist caricature of a Black woman. Other internet friends in Jean's circles included a Muslim girl coming to terms with her religion, a trans boy who uses they/them pronouns and a gay married stylist.

Primink's video gathered over 10 million views in four years and inspired other YouTubers to make videos about Lillee Jean as well (seen below).


On May 17th, 2024, Primink posted a thread to X[5] showing how Lillee Jean and her mother have allegedly been abusing YouTube's copyright strike mechanisms to dox various YouTubers and threaten legal action against Primink, calling him a child predator among other accusations. The thread gathered over 2,000 likes in five days (seen below).

Primink @Primink Hi @YouTube @YouTubeCreators, A creator on your platform (Lillee Jean and Laur Trueman) has spent the last 4 years abusing the copyright system to not only take down videos/ channels, but also to dox and harass dozens of channels. Could you please take a look? 4:03 PM • May 17, 2024 150.8K Views 65 17645 Post your reply 2.5K 143 Reply Primink @Primink May 17 Here's a picture of my entire legal name (which is not public) being shared with multiple creators through Youtube's copyright system. a environment for myself and my family. My family and I filed a report with our local police due to her family and instigated fictional battles. She writes to "come for her" and creates fictional battles like ✓ family and I have taken recourse to block her, and not respond to terrorist tactics hate and the potential for misinformation to incite violence. To give context, New York City was hit w he United States, thanks to the content farm base coming from the owne 1 1712 434 Il 15K Primink @Primink May 17 Here's a picture of the names and locations of multiple creators ( @annaoop_yt, SunnyV2, and JellySmack) all being sent to me through Youtube's copyright system. r. stealing my work, and using it as a copy. As a result of Mr. video, where the cover p 2322490), I have had several content creation agencies now follow suit with copycat videos. For exar hoved-they cite Primink. the owner of Anna Oop channel Material, and Snapchat startup by Mark Cuban, Offbeat Media also utilized Primink material. I was al wer my face. Do you know how that feels every day to see something like that? 1 t15 390 Il 14K ☐ 1 Primink @Primink May 17 Here's a picture of Laur Trueman maliciously doxing a creator from your platform on their public facebook account. Laur Trueman May 6- Price has a loving family, that includes mom Price( who works at complet Grup (Homol), dad, Wynn ( inventar(https:// UPDATE: I need to ask all of you for your kindness in continuing to spread the word about my daughter Lillee Jean relentless online cyberstalking and abuse. There is no on, who owns place in the world for Neo-Nazi organizations, that spread hatred, lies, defamation, and slander with one goal, to hurt and harm. I am about to introduce you to one of their members, a 27-year-old man who has profited off my daughter's name and image for the last four years. His name is Curtis Price ang(https:// has made numerous videos on my daughter, for his YouTube channel ( UCW47_sGfDn2J8K50iXCIC2A), profiting, under his corporation Price initial, as well as a lovely girlfriend, (https://, https://, https://, who one day might say I do to him. Can you imagine that the mother is a "support person" to help people with, and her son is harassing, threatening, and creating a vile grouping of people to cause harm to my daughter and our family? I can't. Can you imagine that the father runs what seems like a respectable family business, and yet his son is viciously attacking a woman online? I can't. Despite having it all, he seems to find it really important to harass, cyberstalk, defame, and slander a young woman he doesn't know in the United States. To say that the parents do not know what their darling son is doing would be a stretch of the imagination, since it is clear that all family members, including his uncle Price(https:// have cleared out their online profiles, to conceal themselves from being discovered. The people Price runs with think this is a joke. They think they have a right to hurt you in anyway possible, with no consequences, while retaining their own anonymity. What we have done is move forward with law enforcement, including in Price's country, to ensure this does not continue. It might take time for stuff like this to move 9+ III 3 116 394 ili 14K Primink @Primink May 17 They are using false claims on your platform to obtain creators private information (Names, Addresses, Employment, and Relatives) and then blasting this information to the public. This is an insane invasion of privacy as well as a massive safety issue. It's been happening for 4 Show more Hello, I'd really appreciate it if you would take another look or pass it on to someone who can dedicate some time into looking into it. I understand you get a hundred emails a day and you have automated responses, but this is a pretty blatant case of someone abusing the copyright system. 5 1724 @Primink May 17 • 642 ılı 34K Primink Here's a picture of me being called a child pr*dator through Youtube's copyright system. I was under the impression that the copyright system was for copyright issues, not to be used to send insane harassment to creators. (3) days ago, on September 14, 2023, you received a comprehensive Copyright Removal Request under the DMCA Law of 1986. We requested immediate removal of the video, and we will not accep d (we see that YouTube hasn't looked at the original content link from our website that was provided to YouTube when the claim was placed). A Library of Congress registration number was also provide r the pirated, stolen photographs. Quite frankly, this is unacceptable, and we won't be ignored. It is your legal responsibility to handle intellectual property theft claims. We expect you to promptly react, a iving a courtesy to a channel that thrives on defamation, slander, and fosters sexual discussion, shared photos, and contact with minors on its YouTube Discord Server called Primink Cult 8.0. In other v pect you to stop lollygagging and take action. her feel free to let the Primink farm know that we have given their real names to the DA's office along with screenshots from their Discord YouTube Server, as they a penchant for playing with children under 16 years old. e last month the Primink Channel has privated over 19'videos, totaling over 11 million views. We have copies of all those videos which involve Cults and Children. 5 1726 639 ılı 29K

Also on May 17th, Primink posted an update to his Lillee Jean video to YouTube,[8] which gathered over 600,000 views in four days (seen below).

On May 20th and May 21st, 2024, Primink posted about Lillee Jean and her mother's repeated attempts to purportedly dox him, first by posting his full name to the YouTube Wiki, and then by revealing it to a journalist investigating her story (seen below).[6][7]

Primink @Primink "someone" mysteriously added my full name and location to my WikiTubia page. A day later Lillee Jean's page was permanently deleted by WikiTubia staff. What a shame... FANDOM SIGN IN REGISTER Wikitubia The YouTube Wiki 24,179 PAGES M▾ YOUTUBERS ▾ GENERAL▾ COMMUNITY ▾ RELATED WIKIS ▾ FAN CENTRAL BETA +0 GAMES [འཇུ] ຄ ANIME D MOVIES TV D VIDEO QB • Lillee Jean Sorry, this page was recently deleted (within the last 24 hours). The deletion, protection, and move log for the page are provided below for reference. • 15:55, 20 May 2024 Enayy (Message Wall | contribs) deleted page Lillee Jean (C:1:25 (deleted by vote from Wikitubia staff)) 12:39 PM May 20, 2024 65.6K Views ... Primink @Primink A journalist covering the Lillee Jean story reached out to her, she then doxed me and threatened legal action to his boss. YOU DOXED ME TO THE JOURNALIST COVERING YOUR DOXING. HOW DUMB ARE YOU?!? ← Steven Asarch Today Hey, So I'm still working on this and reached out to Lillee. She emailed my bosses threatening legal action and included your full name. Just wanted you to be aware that she's doing that. 5:59 PM 6:12 PM - May 21, 2024 74.6K Views

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