Nintendo Music Purge

Nintendo Music Purge

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Nintendo Music Purge refers to video game company Nintendo allegedly filing multiple copying claims against YouTube channels GilvaSunner and BrawlBRSTMs3 which uploaded musical compositions featured in various Nintendo games. Following a mass copyright claim against GilvaSunner in mid-August 2019, calls for Nintendo to make their music easily available online have been made.


On May 15th, 2019, 500,000 subscriber-large YouTube channel BrawlBRSTMs3, which uploaded soundtrack compositions from various Nintendo video game titles, announced that the channel will cease uploading Nintendo music in response to copyright blocks filed by the company.[1]

We are removing all videos containing music owned by Nintendo, since they have finally begun to block their content on our channel. This is a fair warning, so we are acting accordingly to avoid copyright strikes. We don't want another situation like when Smash Ultimate was leaked 2 weeks early. We will no longer upload Nintendo content.

In the following days, the posts discussing the announcement were made on /r/Nintendo subreddit[2] and on ResetEra forums.[3] On May 19th, Nintendo Enthusiast reported on the news.[4]

Notable Developments

On August 13th, an unknown person or company, presumably Nintendo, issued multiple copyright claims against BrawlBRSTMs3 and similar YouTube channel GilvaSunner, leading to the termination of BrawlBRSTMs3's YouTube channel[5] and over a hundred videos being removed from @GilvaSunner's channel.[6][7] On the same day, BrawlBRSTMm3 also shut down their website.[8]

BrawlBRSTMs3 X @brawlbrstms 6 years ago today, we lost BrawlBRSTMs5 and moved to BRSTMS3. We had coincidentally planned to shut down the site today, effectively halting all uploads of extensions. However, the channel happened to be terminated today. 6:08 PM-13 Aug 2019 BrawlBRSTMs3 X B @brawlbrstms Reminder that I have no idea who striked the channel last week. It could have been a troll for all we know, it could have been legit. This doesn't mean I'm appealing it, but I wanted to reiterate it to avoid misinformation being spread. 5:14 PM 20 Aug 2019 GilvaSunner @GilvaSunner And there goes Awakening. 115 videos in total blocked far. They started manually with the most viewed content on the channel, and going through the playlists now are one by one I guess. Looking at the time of the claims, it seems these НО. are coming from Japan opyight vide has b ok i ci Aag Ouopynig cimur oaTbe deo h blcke Tha n ur vi can o longr be pd on Yeuae Vi s vine Dwo-FEwole ing oyigh r vide hs be ok ry yor ve Thi goodyi nb AaingcvuDcyig ciour oTow videa hes be iokd Tha ms your w na onge be pyd on YouTabe Wle e ry pour s lov This o ygt vides hn been dA whc?h wrth of beridel- Emem ing-HGme Due to a oritlem your Yeuube wie s been bced This met yur vid no lenger be pltyed n YuTe ve t whet yg ea b a w e a H cpi ote v Ta r vi as n g be pad eua La yu y g i as bo Fe Aate u y oTbe ideo Tha r i o toege be ped o Yede s opyig vide has b odk "T atgctuy-Fas lewgivadu Du toe i b e F T vs t e v h g Fi s vide " a dla tev d F w b i ay Wi tha ogh vide h be ocke p pBPy-Emem nH Do Yeutee beenbleced Thi metht your vde cn o lener be pleyeen Y W mopBc g vides hs be e eombet - ng g prTb ideb Meeed Th yourd be pee on YeaT vide e brrombe g opg F l Tia m t your video ca langerblayc an ouwdo your Yaube ride has ben boc fal ad c 244 ha be Ta rv h beo G-FEnbe Awingivasune B r vie hs be okSenhig is ey woeg- Aking vides hs be ocke"phecpm the th-e Emolem v M e ain o u n Te e Ths e be e vew T yr cim our Tbe visse bo Thim your o c neonger be pyt on oTabe eo GFE D pyigh mo ouTbe weo h ben blecked This metrvi no longer be pd on Yue Viwe e Someinga wywong-F ng-H Dee to e ightyur Yeuube rice hs been becke Ths met your ide c o eger be ey en YuTue s the cpitel w sped t yig ouoe v ed Than v an no onge eaedo av oyigh oyigh 244 oyg y r can na onger e pae can na longer be played on Yoube Wceo ide o ws e yig n vido has b odk k vi h b e vd Fi nb wBcopi ain our ouTube videa has be meins d Tha i Y V E H uet m be ed Ts m b d Vi A Fe ng C our vi ing Copyigh 4 Aakeing lod Thia ma A-F Cle a longer be pid on Yeub Vi C h bokeT t ee beted Ths ehetrt d Y vide h b t Maatr e tm matigH esige mete w eeed The mes m b en Yeu Ve opyigh vide has be ok Maletactor-R nbn Aakening-auec Ouecopygh cain ear ouTabe videa be d Tha m pourvice can na longer be plaed on Youube Viceo e Maetcor-Fin oyigh r vide hs be ockwe-Cem g e Dueto right cm your uTube i be bock T m yur vide car so longer be eyan uTube vie idSomw- oge be ped on Yeutbe Vdeo e ton-n o lg ad v t Aa vides he be ke iphe mr eTe vide he be bleked Tha mes the er vi oigh h mim Amakeninge o ve e -E Aaeing Cearigd bAmaeing vide hs be ocked u pi oim our ouTbe vdeo hs bee oced Thia m eto o ke T copyig ain our e videa as boded Tha m ci ig bning th yor d- Aaeing i hs n H 241 - id has b ock opyight nou vide has be d h M oar d your uTe ideos beoc Tha m your ido can na long Awa yig Miy F in Awaing a gebe payed on noaabe vio Macy -Fe Moestcity-Fie nble wing au e tocpyig played on houTube Vdeo Manety- Enles ing al y h d Ta sl F lyd Te F s The e F e b d os ee Vi Te a y pu w a vas ca e note e oh r vies h be w Em n D t ighe m y Yoube h b bce Thme yi o loer ion Y V veh b T p h e g i se t v oed ing 24 22 Tb Thbple videa has be ok Champlen-Fs Elem ing-Hvae Du 1o vides hes bee ocke Champlen ( -Fin Emm AingHGw r vide h bokew ope n Aaeing me De ci your Yeuube vic ts ben bck Thia m t your ide can ne lenger b playd an YouTbe wdea Chmpon-F nble Awabening Corigd D to imyur Yeutabe been becied This me the yurvis cn no lenger be ptyed on Vue Vie Chapn - e Aening ghtemor oTabe eo has been blecked Thi n vi n no longer be d on Veuube Vioe le Ho-w ae Cy oscappet cn you a v c T h youido can payd deo e The F naing s copyig ain sour aTue id s belod Thia m s oyig oyight og pyi M ev-F y a o nge be pad on oT Vi as bok Man Thee yig i R inb Aai- ihe -REnsiam Aang 2:55 AM 14 Aug 2019

Online Reactions

In the following days, multiple posts critisizing Nintendo for allegedly filing the claims were posted online on Twitter, Reddit and other websites (examples shown below).

Nintendo UK @NintendoUK Aug 15 What's your favourite piece of music from the Legend of Zelda series? Cintondo t191 1.6K 2.8K allora @newruinslevel Replying to @Nintendo UK this one Video unavailable This video contains content from Nintendo, who has blocked it on copyright grounds. 11:41 AM - 15 Aug 2019 > > Takoroka @Takorokau Replying to @FSchnips @GilvaSunner and 2 others -other companies release music on some other platform -other companies willingly sell soundtracks outside of Japan are generous enoigh to ninty copyright claims anyone who uses music from decades ago -ninty refusing to give -ninty only sells tracks IN japan us an alternative 6:31 AM -14 Aug 2019

On August 15th, Twitter user @EvanEmanuel launched a hashtag #NintendoReleaseYourMusic,[9] calling for Nintendo to make their videogame music more accessible by making it available via a streaming service such as Spotify. In the following days, BrawlBRSTMs3 and GilvaSunner supported the hashtag.

Evan Emanuel @EvanEmanuelFl #NintendoReleaseYourMusic Thoughts On The GilvaSunner and BrawlBRSTMs3 S... via @YouTube Lets see if we can get this trending like #Remaster TheThousandYearDoor @GilvaSunner @brawlbrstms3 @SpawnWaveMedia @Doctor_Cupcakes @ArloStuff @LonelyGoomba @140VGM #NintendoReleaseYourMusic Thoughts On The Gilv... Your This probably will lead to nothing but dead air. But what's the harm in trying? Share the video. Use the endoF hashtag on social media. Get it trending. 4:04 AM -15 Aug 2019

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Mistress Fortune
Mistress Fortune

The general agreement many have is Nintendo really needs to start putting more of their soundtracks on music services like Spotify. They have some on there but not many, especially when it comes to older games. It's a weird trade off situation I guess, on one hand Nintendo's no longer being uptight about gameplay and lets plays on YouTube (a big complaint for years), but on the other soundtrack uploads are a no no (IIRC some other Japanese companies like Square are the same so this seems to be more of an issue with Japanese gaming companies in general).


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