Reiko's "Trap Harem"

Reiko's "Trap Harem"

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Reiko's "Trap Harem" refers to a controversy surrounding allegations that an /r9k/ poster on 4chan associated with the Discord handle Reiko#3333 convinced various young men to take hormone therapy pills and become "traps". According to the allegations, Reiko forced several /r9k/ users into his "harem" by persuading them to share nude pictures of themselves after they had taken the hormone therapy pills to prove they were taking the drug. These were subsequently used to dox and blackmail the victims, although this was never confirmed.


Reiko's campaign dates back to at least March 13th, 2018. It involves spamming /r9k/ encouragement for the men on the board to begin taking hormone therapy and become traps to relieve their sexual frustration, along with a link to a Discord chat run by Reiko and others, which he also encourages the users to join. A thread on /r/drama[1] links to several screenshots[2] of messages from the Discord in which Reiko brags about convincing users to consider hormone therapy and getting users to join his Discord (examples shown below).

Reiko Today at Gyazo Gyazo Anonymous 03/13/18(Tue)06:31:19 No.43816388 thanks anon, I'll think about it more seriously @Haruka i won't rest until every sissy boy on r9k has started hrt or at the very least crossdressing Less s----- genes in the world and more traps for me Gyazo Gyazo LOL Haruka Reiko Today at 10:57 PM They are on to us Reiko Today at 9:51 AM cfcdb86aOOe206cl Gyazo Gyazo СТС 8d8d5c32d8c491eO ttps:// Anonymous 03/18/18(Sun)23 46 53 No 439686812:4396874 home to the most emotionally f----- up people on this planet https://boards, ipeg plan to somehow emotionally f--- them up even more initiated 03/18/18(Sun)23 50 27 No 43968748 https://boards, ile: 1520370846386 jpg (44 KB, 720x720) They are HIGHER RATE OF SUICIDE This son of a bitch will burn vulnerable young men to turn them into luck toys that has an EVEN r9k/- Why haven't you transitioned yet ano... Why haven't you transitioned yet anon? You won't have to be lonely anymore. - "/r9k/ ROBOT9001" is a board for hanging out and posting greentext stories. Reiko Today at 10:57 PM @Haruka I think you're safe Reiko Today at 10:57 PM r9k/- What's stopping you from becoming t... What's stopping you from becoming the girlfriend? If you're below 5'8 and start HRT, chances are you... -"/r9k/-ROBOT9001" is a board for hanging out and posting greentext stories. I already had a bad rep on r9k so the focus is all on me User Settings θ|< User Settings kUser Settings 7004 Amelorate e9509 r9k/-When will you take the trappill anon?. When will you take the trappill anon? >Living life on hardmode>Just switch to easymode It's as easy..- "/r9k/ - ROBOT9001" is a board for hanging out and posting greentext stories. r9k/-Advice on transitioning-ROBOT9001. Advice on transitioning - "/r9k/ - ROBOT9001" is a board for hanging out and posting greentext stories. Urumi #5764 Amelorate #9509 support-annie #7004 User Settings MongoMonol x6664 User Settings k User Settings Waseru 8472 r9k/-I decided to become a trap a few years... I decided to become a trap a few years ago and now l stopped being a hiki and am enjoying life to th... - "/r9k/-ROBOT9001" is a board for hanging out and posting greentext stories Reiko #3333 Waseru #8472 MongoMonol #6664 User Settings User Settings tira sosos User Settings 13052 s 81727 Reiko Today at 9:51 AM all our current threads Haruka Today at 9:51 AM Nice tira #0509 Playing Europa Universalis StrawberryCrisis #1787 ** #3052


The campaign began being exposed after an April 4th, 2018, post by an anonymous user on /r9k/ caught up in the campaign outlined the plot (shown below).

Anonymous 04/04/18(Wed)10:22:47 No.44397315 >join trap discord group >they ask me for a picture of me dressed up in order to join (showing face) s--- is like a cult, everyone worships some n----- called Reiko 118 KB PNG turns out theyve doxxed me and have all my info >they're blackmailing me with the pic, saying that if I dont take HRT they will mail it to my family and friends >they've done this s--- to numerous other people what the f--- do i do now?

The plot led mods of the board to ban trap posting, but Reiko and others found a way to circumvent the ban.[3] On April 7th, YouTuber Esoteric Poster 1388 posted a video outlining the developing drama, gaining over 22,000 views (shown below).

Included in the video are screenshots which surfaced of the photos Reiko received and used to blackmail the people in them (example shown below). Users on 4chan have also attempted to dox Reiko and claimed to have found his Steam page (screencap shown here). However, none of the doxxes perpetuated on the site had been confirmed and various were later proven false.

Reiko Today at 1:24 AM @Waseru If I don't have another picture of your thighs by the end of the hour I will be messaging your mom about your little secret.

Twitter user @WeWuzMetokour[4][5] brought the controversy more mainstream attention by posting screenshots of the drama unfolding on /r9k/. Rumors have also circulated that the /r9k/ user Shuaiby, who committed suicide on live stream, was caught up in the scam, but those rumors were later confirmed to be false.

YouTuber Esoteric Poster 1388 posted two follow-up videos from his initial one which ended up bringing a lot of attention to Reiko. The first video, uploaded on April 11th, was a recording of an hour long voice chat discussion that took place in Reiko's Discord channel which included him allegedly apologizing.[9] However, the second video, uploaded on April 12th, summarized the events on /r9k/ and Reiko's Discord after his initial video, alongside the events after Reiko's apology. In the video (shown below), Esoteric Poster 1388 shows several screencaps from Reiko's Discord channel, including evidence that Reiko has allegedly been spreading false information and faking his public apology.

Additionally, Esoteric Poster 1388 added further information that the attention for Reiko resulted in an unrelated transgender user on Twitter getting doxxed and having had the police at her house at least four times (shown below), alongside another person getting Swatted, and that Discord's admins and the authoritities have been well informed of Reiko's channel.

I have spoke to this person, they are not Reiko, you dumb retards, stop f------ with them Tweets Following Followers 208 34 281 Tweets Tweets & replies Media Starfall @not_Reiko asd θ LOLCOM EE Joined February 2014 Pinned Tweet Starfall @not Reiko 14h Hi If it's not obvious, I'm not Reiko#3333 on Discord. You have the wrong girl. I'm just some trans girl who used to affiliate with some hackers. I don't even HAVE a basement. The cops have been here 4 times, and they've left every time apologizing for the confusion. Tweet to Starfall 95 tl 13 OE

Threads about the controversy appeared on Kiwi Farms, which included possible pictures of Reiko,[3] and also on Encyclopedia Dramatica's forums,[6] and /r/OutOfTheLoop.[7] According to a different /r/OutOfTheLoop post,[8] alleged personal information about Reiko and the controversy was posted to iFunny, but moderators deleted the content and banned its users, leading to angry iFunny users saying the mods support pedophiles.

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False Ye Arte
False Ye Arte

“who allegedly convinces members of the boards to take hormone therapy pills and become traps. He allegedly then forces these users to post nudes and pictures of themselves”

I think the most important question here is, “How the hell did that work?”. Is that easy to fool people from 4chan (or at least /r9k/)?


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