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Wagie, also known as Wagecuck, is a slang term popularized by 4chan which is used to describe both all people in employment in general as opposed to NEET, and, more narrowly, those employed at low-level, undesirable positions such as fast food industry jobs.


On January 16th, 2015, an anonymous 4chan user made the first post containing the word "wagecuck" in a post to /tv/ board (shown below, top left).[1] Starting in March, 2019, the term has seen limited use in /r9k/ board[2][3] but did not catch up until early April 2015 when it gained significant popularity in /r9k/ (early posts containing the phrase shown below, top right, bottom left and right).[4][5] The word "wagie" was first used by an anonymous 4chan user in /r9k/ post on April 9th, 2015.[6]

Anonymous Fri 16 Jan 2015 21:58:31 E No.52535210 Quoted By: >>52535233 >>52535263 >>52535146 >Pretending to be another person Don't pretend you have friends or let alone people who agree with you wagecuck. Anonymous Mon 13 Apr 2015 20:12:02 No.17920847 Report Quoted By: >>17921269>17921325 17920616 You forgot to "yawn* Who else /yawn/ here i have spent the day preparing myself a gourmet meal, then i'll spend a few hours in my home gym and then go to my local coffee place to work on my novel and chat up qt's. I'll end the day with a calming stroll gazing up at the stars and thinking about how grateful i am to not be a poor wagecuck, busting my ass for pennies an hour!
Anonymous Tue 14 Apr [170 /44/?] 2015 03:59:39 No.17931155 View Reply Original Report Quoted By:>>17931359 >>17931371 >17931382 >>17931492 >>17932002 >>17935066>>17935828 >>17936267 >>17936297 >>17938142 >>17938245 >>17938665 >>17938849 >>17939858 >17940172 >>17940439 >>17940620 >17942624 How was Monday, wagecuck? /r9k/ Anonymous Mon 13 Apr 2015 19:36:10 No.17920248 View Report >17920057 >i-i love my jobll r-realy... Whatever helps you get through the day wagecuck. *yawn*


In the following weeks, the words gained significant popularity in /r9k/ board, also appearing in other boards. In that period, multiple posts mocking employed users were posted in a number of threads, with Wojak art of "wagecucks" also being posted in the following years (shown below, left).[7] On November 15th, 2016, YouTube user Black Pill Presentations posted a video titled "The Wage Cuck Meme Is Actually True", gaining over 23,300 views in three years (removed).[8]


Multiple threads poking fun of the "wagies" and comparing them to NEETs were posted to /r/4chan and /r/greentext subreddits in the following years. For example, an image reposted by Redditor TriHard_EleGiggle on November 20th, 2015,[9] gained over 1,400 upvotes in six months (shown below, left).

income tax freedom Wagecucks NEETS materialism self-improvement slavery asceticism waifus roasties Anonymous 10/26/16(Wed)06:21:35 No.32339943 File: 2342523.jpg (56 KB, 633x422) >32339976 >>32339771 (OP) >stuck in traffic Thats why I got one of these. Anonymous 10/26/16(Wed)06:24:29 No.32339976 File: 1474740279834.png (257 KB, 600x579) 32340062 >>32339943 >wageslave races to work on his cuck scooter >dies 2 hr. ago Anonymous 34510885 Wakey wakey wagecuck. Can't you hear the alarm? There's no point in snoozing it, you're only making it longer and harder for yourself. 2 REPLIES REPLY 6 IMAGES Anonymous 34510938 2 hr. ago >34510885 (0P) it's sunday you retard 1 REPLY

On June 12th, 2019, YouTube user Prince of Zimbambe posted a video which gained over 167,000 views in three days.[10]

Various Examples

Anonymous 02/09/18(Fri)20:31:39 No.43092986 Whats that wagecuck? Why am I wearing a bucket? Simply because I can wagecuck, now go back to work. 41 KB JPG 1 Reply 1 Image View Thread 02/09/18(Fri)20:45:17 No.43093233 Anonymous >>43092986 (OP) # Hey Pepe, it's Jake. I just got call from wagecuck's oneitis and she'll be at the party we've been planning. Are you still gonna do that thing with the bucket you 14 KB JPG talked about? Anonymous 02/27/16 (Sat)05 Beep beep beep The alarm clock sounds Wagie wakes up And looks around Dreading the day Wagie gets up a sighs NEETS still in bed The wagecuck cries Get to work wagie! You don't want to be late Your wages will be cut in half! Such a pitiful fate He works all day For a very rich jew The NEET mocks him endlessly Whatever will wagie do? After a long day of work wagecuck goes to sleep As the NEET pounds his girlfriend 12 inches deep! 10/06/15(Tue)12:28:02 No.23034168 Anonymous Everyone is laughing at you, wagecuck. Can you hear it? "Haha, what kind of loser would sell his life for a few shekels" 347 KB JPG The answer is you, wagecuck.
Anonymous 10/26/16(Wed)06:21:35 No.32339943 File: 2342523.jpg (56 KB, 633x422) >32339976 >>32339771 (OP) >stuck in traffic Thats why I got one of these. Anonymous 10/26/16(Wed)06:24:29 No.32339976 File: 1474740279834.png (257 KB, 600x579) 32340062 >>32339943 >wageslave races to work on his cuck scooter >dies MALE W-Would you like fries with that, sir? MC Dik Anonymous (ID: G2YW+jri 06/13/19(Thu)14:16:39 No.14121518 *ahem* RAGIE WAGIE STOMPS HIS FEET RAGIE WAGIE CANT BE NEET IF HE DOES 280 KB JPG HE WONT EAT IF NO SLAVING SLEEP IN STREET RAGIE WAGIE STAMP HIS FEET RAGIE WAGIE SCARED OF NEET WAGIE CRY AND WAGIE MOAN WORK HIS FINGERS TO THE BONE WORK AND WORK NO TIME FOR FUN ONLY EXIT IS A GUN Anonymous (ID: KGhl+k9f) 06/13/19(Thu)14:19:08 No.14121538 >>14121518 (OP) # STOP! 6 KB JPG

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