Xenoblade Chronicles X Censorship Controversy

Xenoblade Chronicles X Censorship Controversy

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Censorship Controversy refers to the changes of the North American and European versions of the Wii U Exclusive Xenoblade Chronicles X by Monolith Soft.


The announcement of 8-4 translating the Western Versions of Xenoblade Chronicles X was received with backlash after their recent history of censoring and editing japanese games. On October 30th, Twitter user @teikage discovered that two outfits were censored of Lynlee, a character in the series in the European version of the game.

Notable Developments

After the discovery of the censored outfits, more content of the game has been found censored or altered by Gamexplain in the video below, referring to the bust slider and again, the character Lynlee, now spelled Lin Lee in the English Version.

Users of the 8chan imageboard /v/ referred to the title as "Censoredblade" and began a campaign to write letters and email Nintendo of America to address the changes to the game and recent translated games as well.

Part 1: PAY THE F--- ATTENTION IT'S TIME FOR Y ALL TO SWITCH TACTICS Anonymous 11/19/15 (Thu) 05:46:49 ID: 5e802a No. 7072340 >27072869 >>7072841 >>7073099 >>7073464 >>7073488 >>7074239 >7068103 Lemme do vou one better l said this before and I'll say it again: Money talks, b------- walks Get an actual letter-writing campaign together GROUP YOURSELVES. Not Gamergate style, but in case press or someone needs to reach you, align as a group. Ask milo or a trusted journo for ideas on this - Take pictures of your refunds or print out receipt codes to show your serious Break out $26 or so dollars (you'll know why in a minute) - Write your letter - Have a translator f-- dub it over in Japanese (and for god's sake make sure they dont snow you on some "konnichiwa i am ken-sama" b-------) Pack all the goods, and, this is the important part: MAIL YOUR LETTER TO NINTENDO OF JAPAN NoA knows you guys are coming. They're expecting you. And your s---'s going straight to the shredder. Stop giving these people the time of day. Politely, firmly, let Japan know you are a consumer group, you are DISSATISFIED with the American edits of your product that DO NOT broach your legal system, and you wish for a transaction of a Japanese copy of the game. Again, make sure your info, including receipt, is legit. Personalize the letter but don't go overboard. Remember, you want to let them know that NoA f----- up, but you are still VERY interested in the project. >Wait, you f-----, why Japan? None of you are f/a/ggots, so l doubt any of you remember the shitstorm that surrounded Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens. Before the author basically hid behind the coattails of Type-Moon, they did this Light Novel that was also made an anime. And they inferred in the light novel that Nagi, the main romance focus and MC foil, had a boyfriend and thus was not a virgin. The Elevens went A------ I cannot make this up. There were HUNDREDS of fans mailing the publishing company tapes burning merchandise related to the series. Ripped, burnt books, broken figs and CDs showed up on that publisher's doorstep in droves. I forget if these fans were ever appeased, but I know two other incidents where they were appeased. Part 2 to follow. Part 2 JAPAN IS A SENSITIVE AS F--- SOCIETY TIME TO USE THAT Anonymous 11/19/15 Thu 05:59:02 ID: 5e802aNo. 7072396>>7072618 >>7072640 >>7072689 >>7072686 >>7072730 >>7072930 >>7073099 >>7073144 >>7073217 >>7073484 >>7073488 >>7074239 File (hide): 1447930742960 ipg (54.83 KB, 400x400, 1:1. Iwil CRUSH BRITANNIA pg) Actually I lied. There are three instances I can think of Most of you didn't browse coming-of-age ljp/. Making this super-fast: A smalltime dude making a 3D Touhou shooter scrapped his project because some whiny ninny on newsgrounds got whiff that the fellow was using some beats he had made on his game without credit. That was false-the doujin guy did credit. But that didn't stop the army of internet lawyers from contacting the guy and basically shaming him to the point he scrapped the whole project. Over a soundtrack C/a/se 3: The Sacred Blacksmith. In both manga and anime, there's a segment where the main girl/main character was brutally r----. The fans hated it. 2ch was flooded with negative reactions and the book burnings happened again. It was really bad this time, and the author basically retconned the segment turning the assailant into a Eunuch who couldn't get it up, just so the fans' loy al waifu could remain pure And honestly all of /vl should know the final case, especially if you're into hentai. A bunch of f------ on SA and a pearl clutching UN lobby group managed to humiliate the Japanese Eroge Industry on the international stage based on a f----- from Amazon. And the result was that there was a full on embargo of adult games and even manga from Japan for nearly a decade as a result. This is a piece of why Eros Comix dried up (Remember Silky Whip? Co-Ex Sexxtacy?). No more source material. That trust has YET to be earned back in its entirety But y'all get what I'm getting at by now. Those instances, the publishers HEAR you in Japan. They're wide the f--- open because they know and understand the nerds keep them eating and keep roofs over their heads. And you guys aren't even trying to come at them with pitchforks in hand. You just want the genuine product, no b------- filler SO PRESENT YOURSELVES AS SUCH Kill this b------- about feeding Nintendo of America. You're a number to them. How much more effective do you think it will be to pay the international shipping and have your letters arrive right at the Miyamoto's front office? And if it happens in the hundreds, you won't have to worry about if your s--- was filtered to interns for disposal. You're promising them money and are wanting to negotiate. You also embarrass 8-4 on the international business stage by BYPASSING them completely Win/Win. Get busv

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