Falling Stars Challenge

Falling Stars Challenge

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Falling Stars Challenge, also known as the Flaunt Your Wealth Challenge, is a social game in which people post pictures of themselves lying face down as though they have just fallen over. Furthermore, the picture is posed such that it appears the contents of their bags or pockets have spilled out as well, showing their expensive belongings. The challenge started in Russia ostensibly as a way for the wealthy to show off their possessions.


While it's unclear which post first started the challenge, one of the earliest popular posts was posted August 8th, 2018 by Instagram user ramos_catherine posted a version where she appeared to have fallen out of a private jet. The post gained over 4,000 likes.

ramos catherine. Follow Aereoporto Privato -Aviazione Generale... ramos-Catherine Приняла эстафету от @lesya_ptashenko #падающаязвезда #fallingstars2018#falling stars и выпала следом за моей малышкой в солнечной Сардинии-(причем реально была пьяна) 1 . Передаю ее @n.naastra @nikitchuksofi @ig.013 tatyanaramus @allabonya @maxfalcetta Load more comments ruslan-ua_uk Прикольно! . deed возьму на заметку)) verdginij Почему у всех один и тот же самолет, он где-то для фото стоит? turkey.style! Ну бывает)) nastya7777o Плагіат marvelousjulika Даже коврик подстелили 4,011 likes AUGUST 8 Add a comment..


Over the following several months, more posts with the hashtag #FallingStars began appearing from wealthy Russian Instagram users. For example, on August 17th, 2018, user Kosatka posted an image of herself fallen with golf equipment, gaining over 270 likes (shown below, left). The same day, user Vince_angell posted a picture of himself face-down on a yacht, gaining 65 likes (shown below, right).

kosatka. Follow Яхт-клуб "Пирогово" kosatka #впирогово классно #fallingstars 1allingstars2018 #fallingirl #glamour #ялюблюсвоюработу eroshka_іа Пришла к успеху е krisbakani手 kosatka @eroshkaja после вчерашнего не сложно было лицом вниз падать delicious mvg evinator This is my challenge #naEvinu persikonchik jylia_bez Круть nadya.lisova alexander.afigensky На правильном мэйнстриме 278 likes AUGUST 17 Add a comment... Vince _angell. Follow Ντομάτα Sani Marina vince angell #greece #thankful #halkidiki #sani #boat #trip #followme #fallingstars #instagood #tbt #challenge #wacked #freedom #fallingstar #fallingstars2018 @fallingstarschallenge chinchilla3003 hrist..vasileva Нещо позираш ми се BURGAS vince angell @hristi.vasileva Heee cnbHax tony-sabev Кажи честно?!? hristi.vasileva @vince-angell xaxa tosamoeshastie 弁부부本 VALLETTA 65 likes AUGUST 17 Add a comment...

As the trend spread in Russia, Rojak Daily[1] observed that the trend had also spread to Malaysia, where people were doing the challenge with much more humble settings. For example, user Nazrulasmi posted a version with himself having fallen off a forklift, gaining 42 likes (shown below, left). Another popular variation of the trend showed people posting pictures of their babies crawling amidst their toys. For example, user maximkpin posted such an image, gaining over 2,700 likes (shown below, right). The challenge was covered by The Daily Dot.[2]

nazrulasmi Follow Industrial Quality Management Sdn.Bhd. nazrulasm #fallingstars2018 #fallingstars #fallingstar #fallingstarschallenge View all 28 comments _1gmelli 203 Hahaha vonggok dohhhh手 Bnazrulasmi @_igmell1203 hahaha hazazizain Cik mat napok keno gelek dgn forklift demo.. Hihi nazrulasmi @hazazizain kawe gelek cekmat dgn foklif begedellz Buat perangai jugak die ni nazrulasmi @begedellz hahaha....suka2 ilangkn stress lyalily_amdan @athiqah.zulkifli dia dh ada org nak blanja dah..hahaha hazazizain @nazrulasmi maso demo nk L4004 42 likes 6 DAYS AGO Add a comment.. maximkpin Follovw rmaximkpin กะลังฮิต เว่ของบ้าง #เวกั สอรอนาดา #Fallingstars Challenge #fallingstarschallenge #fallingsta rs2018 bumpji 55555 มีกระตุยของ อาบัมตาย parinya_musikamas mitervorier 55555 FC เวเว่ noey.sukyoo nattaping.s igua barbony_bozz Lafer เลยน่ะพี่เว่ inmypocket1 น่ารัก bpims plukii0428_pk So cute ple wisut aodtanapol38 หลานน่าร้ากกก summerchoo 666 Lol. pep - 2,761 likes 3 DAYS AGO Add a comment..

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