Je Suis Monté

Je Suis Monté

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Je suis monté (also written as Je Suis Monté or Je Suis Monte) is a catchphrase originating from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, a more complete and international version of the fourth installment of the Monster Hunter series. The phrase is used to poke fun at French hunters for abusing mounting mechanics in multiplayer gameplay and at French language in general, much like Omelette Du Fromage or Hon Hon Hon.


Je suis monté is tightly related to a mounting mechanic introduced in Monster Hunter 4, first released in September 2013 in Japan on Nintendo 3DS. With the introduction of new maps featuring more rugged areas, hunters are now able to perform aerial attacks on monsters by using their weapons after jumping off a ledge. Such attacks can stun a monster, allowing the last hunter who successfully dealt such an attack to mount it. While mounting, the hunter can complete a mini-game to topple the creature upon success.

While regular gameplay can also topple a monster, the opening created after mounting it lasts much longer, allowing hunters to efficiently attack the weak point(s) of their giant enemy for massive damage. In multiplayer gameplay, mounting can be canceled if a member of the party keeps on hitting the monster being mounted to the point of triggering a new stun animation which throws the mounting hunter away. The mounting system is illustrated in the video below.

However, Je suis monté actually appeared with a more complete version of Monster Hunter 4, Monster Hunter 4G, which has been initially released in September 2014 in Japan on Nintendo 3DS. The game eventually hit the stores in Northern America and Europe in February 2015 as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. In multiplayer sessions, to avoid unfortunate outcomes while mounting a monster, the mounting hunter typically sends a message to other players with the game's own chat to prevent them from interfering. A default message for such a case is available in all versions, the French message being "Je suis monté".


The frequent occurrence of the phrase in multiplayer sessions with French players along with a tendency to avoid direct combat and abuse aerial attacks (in particular with the insect glaive[1], a new weapon which can be used to perform aerial attacks without jumping off a ledge) motivated several topics on boards dedicated to the game on Reddit.[2][3][4]

The phrase eventually became a common joke in the Monster Hunter community, frequently appearing in Monster Hunter threads on /v/, on the Monster Hunter sub-reddit and in YouTube comments of videos related to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The German equivalent of the phrase, "Ich bin drauf!", is also mentioned from time to time. Je suis monté also spawned parodic videos and images.

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>allowing hunters to efficiently attack the weak point(s) of their giant enemy for massive damage
> attack the weak point(s) of their giant enemy for massive damage
> attack the weak point for massive damage



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