Mental-Health Crisis From Pandemic Was Minimal meme example and tweet.

Mental-Health Crisis From Pandemic Was Minimal

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Mental-Health Crisis From Pandemic Was Minimal refers to a series of personal anecdotes shared on Twitter contradicting a scientific study claiming that the COVID-19 pandemic had a negligible impact on people's mental health. The trend gained virality online in March 2023 after BBC News tweeted an article about the study, prompting humorous reactions and memes in the quote tweets.


On March 9th, 2023, the Twitter[1] news account @BBCWorld tweeted an article reporting on a study of mental health symptoms before and during the COVID-19 pandemic published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). The study concluded that the "mental-health crisis from pandemic was minimal." The tweet gained over 530 retweets, 44,000 quote tweets and 4,500 likes in four days (shown below).

BBC NEWS WORLD BBC News (World) @BBCWorld Mental-health crisis from pandemic was minimal, study suggests BBC NEWS Mental-health crisis from pandemic was minimal - study Most people remained resilient, BMJ research suggests, but others say some groups were badly affected. Readers added context they thought people might want to know The headline's statement that impact was "minimal" may be misleading, as the article states that the cited study does not focus on those most likely to be affected. Do you find this helpful? Rate it Context is written by people who use Twitter, and appears when rated helpful by others. Find out more. 1:33 AM. Mar 9, 2023 106.1M Views

A user later added additional context for the tweet, clarifying that the study did not focus on those likely to be affected by mental disorders.

Later on March 9th, Twitter[2] user @soapyhnnh quote tweeted the post, writing, "sorry but literally everyone i knew went insane." The tweet (shown below) gained over 14,000 retweets and 115,300 likes in four days.

soapy @soapyhnnh sorry but literally everyone i knew went insane BBC News (World) @BBCWorld. Mar 9 Mental-health 000 NEWS crisis from pandemic was minimal, study suggests

Later that day, Twitter[3] user @Williesillie quote tweeted the post with photographs of their dog and cat wearing wedding outfits, writing, "I had a wedding for my cat and dog." The tweet (shown below) gained over 11,700 retweets and 138,000 likes in four days.

Willie Muse @Williesillie2 I had a wedding for my cat and dog BBC News (World) @BBCWorld. Mar 9 Mental-health crisis from pandemic was minimal, study suggests NEWS


In the following days, multiple users on Twitter quote tweeted the article with personal anecdotes of eccentric behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, on March 10th, 2023, Twitter[4] user @H2KaiO tweeted a photograph of a king made out of sticky notes whom they stated that they talked to during the pandemic, with the tweet gaining over 700 retweets and 18,000 likes in three days (shown below, left). On March 11th, Twitter[5] user @adamjamesdavis_ tweeted images of Preston Bus Station in Lancashire, England recreated by him in Minecraft, with the tweet gaining over 1,800 retweets and 28,700 likes in two days (shown below, right).

KaiO @H2KaiO I called him the king and he ruled over my apartment. I would ask him if it was safe to go to trader Joe's. BBC News (World) @BBCWorld Mar 9 Mental-health crisis from pandemic was minimal, study suggests NEWS interesting theory. my 1:1 scale Minecraft Preston Bus Station says otherwise Inventory Inventory it's a fuckin emu @adamjamesdavis_ DOG NEWS Enote Inventory Inventory 32--13- BBC News (World) @BBCWorld. Mar 9 Mental-health crisis from pandemic was minimal, study suggests ... Drop Enote

The trend maintained its virality on Twitter until mid-March 2023, with the original tweet by @BBCWorld accumulating over 44,300 quote tweets by March 13th.

Various Examples

Evie Ebert @ohevie Had a birthday party for the dishwasher 2:06 DOG NEWS BOSCH BBC News (World) @BBCWorld. Mar 9 Mental-health crisis from pandemic was minimal, study suggests ... skyler (or Ben) ||| ¹+ @b___nsky I shaved my head and did this: SAVE ME BBC News (World) @BBCWorld. Mar 9 Mental-health crisis from pandemic was minimal, study suggests NEWS ... 27 lou-ellen @louceph I put Morbius on my 3DS so I could watch it in a sewer 000 NEWS HE BBC News (World) @BBCWorld • Mar 9 Mental-health crisis from pandemic was minimal, study suggests : ...
neo-cannolialist @thatfrood neo-cannolialist @thatfrood I had a dream where there was a food called "King's Hand", a hollow hand made of m&m cookie, filled with Greek salad. I could not stop thinking about it. Here is the culmination of a week long effort. 2:57 PM - Dec 6, 2020 DOG NEWS BBC News (World) @BBCWorld. Mar 9 Mental-health crisis from pandemic was minimal, study suggests : I rewatched bojack horseman for the nth time, took notes, and created this spreadsheet that could help me write a more comprehensive psychological analysis of the show, ranking the episodes per season and classifying them as sad, silly, or sick A1 ← 89 2 3 6 - 12 11 A B 1 Rank Episode Title socials content media 7 BoJack Horseman Ranked. File Edit View Insert Format Data Tools Extensions Help Last edit was seconds a99 6 + = jusdani @leanbeefmami (1) BBC News (World) on Twitt: x + n 000 NEWS|jqLiqtxGQCCONoqlOmd1... A bills work Rank 125%$ $0.00 123- Default (Ari 10- - BIG BIGA 2 BoJack Hates the Troops 3 Prickly Muffin shop C 1 The BoJack Horseman Story, Chapter One 4 Zoes and Zeldas Episodes Ranked - Season 1 watch Season 2 - Summary D resources Season 3 Season 4 - school movies books Y E- BoJack mentors Todd in making his rock opera. Season 5 00 BoJack hires a ghostwriter to write his memoir that - Strong desire to be relevant and wanted again will make people love him again. -"1 can't be responsible for my own happiness" -Despite his lack of care for things other than himself, BoJack displays good political knowledge but is very tactless about it -"1 ate it all in one sitting because I have no self-control and I hate myself!" BoJack refuses to respect the dibs of Neal McBeal-Likes to provoke people then feels bad the navy seal. afterwards BoJack reunites with Horsin' Around co-star Sarah Lynn is the way she is Lynn whose issues reflect his own. Season 6 PE BoJack - Problems with alcohol are shown early on -BoJack experiences a mild anxiety attack -Doesn't really like a lot of people Ⓒ music -Kind of aware (but does not fully admit) of the trauma inflicted on Sarah Lynn and desperately tries to compensate for being a bad role model in their Horsin Around years - Believes that it is society's fault as to why the situation turned out the way it did, and why Sarah - Does not seem to express interest in Todd's rock opera but is actually a really good listener - Sabotages the rock opera out of fear of abandonment -BoJack takes advantage of his power to control situations and make them work in his favor -"He's not ready, or you're not ready?" - BoJack likes being surrounded by people who like him and do not mind mocking others if it means still being liked by people - BoJack realizes how terrible Diane's family is and writes a letter as her childhood pen pal Leo explaining that "it's important that you don't stop BR trackers MC audit 3 ↓ O 0 Other characters - PC has an attachment to BoJack as she has him in both her between the ban is Professional life (the line blurred) -Todd really tries to get close to BoJack but the latter doesn't want any of it - Despite his silly antics, Todd tries to be a voice of reason - Diane tries to discourage BoJack from adding fuel to the fire but it does not work Sarah Lynn feels that it's too late for her, in the ep people use her for their own personal gain (BoJack to feel better about himself, PC to get Andrew Garfield as her client); shows no remorse in the end when BoJack stands up for himself She doesn't feel the need to step up or rise to the occasion because nothing is expected of her anymore; all she has to do is surround herself with syncophants and enablers until she dies tragically young BBC News (World) @BBCWorld. Mar 9 Mental-health crisis from pandemic was minimal, study suggests - Todd is used to BoJack being careless toward him and is surprised by how differently he is treated by BoJack this time around -Diane as "the member of the family nobody likes" ("So you're the black sheep of the family?" "No, Marty is the black sheep-he's adopted") - Diane's family has an odd superiority complex and always gangs up against Diane (probably because she's the only "accomplished" one as she graduated from university) -Diane's family resents her for leaving Boston and Silly Silly G Sad, silly, or sick? Sad **** + Sick Other Favorites Share Explore D ¡

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