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Netflix's Shmunguss Category refers to a viral TikTok showing a Netflix category named "Shmunguss." The category features movies or shows such as The Shmunguss King, I Married A Shmunguss, The Shmonguss Among Us and Shmonguss’ Revenge displayed on the streaming platform. The video gained virality in March 2023, inspiring reaction memes and duets on social media.


On March 4th, 2023, TikTok[1] user @channel.everything posted a video showing his girlfriend's Netflix account list of movies recommendations and he asks "Can someone tell me what these categories are?” as he reaches a category labeled "Shmunguss." The video garnered 11 million plays and 1.8 million likes in one day (seen below).

@channel.everything Does anyone else have this?? Please im so confused.. #fyp #trending #wtf #netflix #funny #weird #selenagomez ♬ original sound – Channel Everything


As the video gained virality on TikTok, users started to post duets showing their own Netflix search bar to find some of the films that appeared in the original video. TikTok[2] user @mel_rey_ posted a video on March 4th, 2023 showing that her search for "Shmonguss" led to zero results on the platform. The video (below, left) garnered and 297,600 plays and 20,600 likes in one day. TikTok[3] user @lil_skeet_skeet69 also tried to search for the films and posted his reaction on TikTok, receiving 242,300 plays and 3,800 likes in a day (seen below).

@mel_rey_ #stitch with @channel.everything am I just not good enough for shmunguss Netflix? i know it's most likely an edit but still. what's the lore. i must know. #shmunguss #lore #scp #fyp ♬ original sound – Mel
@lil_skeet_skeet69 #stitch with @channel.everything ♬ original sound – ?

The meme was also reposted to Twitter on March 4th by Twitter[4] account @impossiblyeve. Their tweet accused the creators of gaslighting people for not finding any of the movies on the streaming platform and Google. The post received roughly 4.4 million views and 187,300 likes in one day (seen below).

Various Examples

żαуиαв 1 . @neocultleader somebody on tiktok found an obscure category called shmunguss and nobody can figure out what it means. googling the word literally gives no results for a answer Traduzir Tweet D 1 THE SHMONGUSS AMONG US 3 89% Match 2021 1h 29m HD Desperate and alone, a group of young tourists must figure out which one of their friends is a real Shmunguss, and which one is an imposter-before it's too late Shmunguss SHMONGUSS REVENGE Love & 0:06 1.478 visualização Shang Award-Winning Films Forrest 15 WON'T KNJE MY H SHEMERGESS WE TRUST SHM UNG MASTERS USS 3:13 AM -4 de mar de 2023-2.009 Visualizações AVIATOR Tik Tok @channel.everything Nick @TheCatGuy_ . 4 de mar Em resposta a @impossiblyeve click being slightly visible in the far right of this category is killing me WHAT THE 14 15 264 CL 24,9 mil ₁556,1 mil ↑ FF WORKING AUT SKIP V LIFE MENU PLAY GOLF DELETE DANG PAUSE SLO-MO MUTE REWING MER Yash Verma ✔ @Verma3Y 16 h Em resposta a @impossiblyeve One year late hugh mungus 4 2016 34 2018 amongus big chungus 923 2020 ₁69,6 mil 2022 ??? ←] ash @ashleychris13 google searches for shmunguss over the last few hours Traduzir Tweet 4:52 AM 4 de mar de 2023 2.431 Visualizações 5 Retweets 40 Curtidas

Search Interest

External References

[1] TikTok – @channel.everything

[2] TikTok – @mel_rey_

[3] TikTok – @lil_skeet_skeet69

[4] Twitter – @impossiblyeve

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