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Grace Helbig

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Added 10 years ago by Molly Horan • Updated about a year ago by Brad

Grace Helbig
Grace Helbig

Category: Person Status: submission Year: 2006 Origin: New Jersey, United States Region:
Type: Vlogger
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Grace Helbig is a YouTube vlogger and actress best known as the former host of the daily video blog Daily Grace and current host of her independently-run channel It's Grace.

Online History

Helbig began creating online videos for the My Damn Channel Network in 2008.[1] She uploaded her first video to her YouTube Channel Daily Grace [2] on October 10th, 2010. She continued to post a video on her channel every week day until December 31st, 2013.

Each day of the week had a dedicated theme--Miscellaneous Monday, Comment Tuesday, Review Wednesdays, How-To Thursdays and Sexy Friday. Grace's most viewed video on Daily Grace was uploaded on January 10th, 2013. Titled “The Cup Song,” it features Helbig demonstrating how to perform “The Cup Song” featured in the 2012 American musical comedy Pitch Perfect. As of January 2014 the video has over 3,200,000 views.

Departure From My Damn Channel

In January 2014, Helbig left the My Damn Channel network, and as a result of her departure, lost access to her primary YouTube channel Daily Grace. Though Helbig herself kept quiet on the matter, a number of popular vloggers spoke up in her defense upon learning that she would not be able to keep her YouTube channel or rights to the content she has been creating for the channel for the past five years.[3] On January 6th, 2014, Helbig reintroduced her secondary channel, It’s Grace,[4] as her primary channel. Originally created as her personal outlet on October 6th, 2006, the channel has garnered more than 750,000 subscribers as of January 2014.


As of January 2014 Helbig's Twitter[5] account has over 44,000 followers and her Facebook page[6] has over 17,000 likes. She won two Streamy Awards, which celebrate achievement in online video creation, in 2013, for Audience Choice Personality of the Year and Best First-Person Series.[10]

Personal Life

Grace Helbig was born in New Jersey on September 27th, 1985.[7] She graduated from Ramapo College with a BA in contemporary Arts. Outside her Youtube channel she has worked as an actress in web series such as Ladies of Rap[9] and My Music.{8] She also stars in the upcoming film Camp Takota, staring fellow Youtubers Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart.

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