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Nicholas Fedorov

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Nicholas Fedorov

Nicholas Fedorov, (also known as Stimp) born on 5 Nov. 1998, is an American animator, musician, developer, and artist whose goal is to invoke the classic animation style of the 1990's and early 2000's as accurately as he can. Fedorov is the creator of several popular yet extremely frightening animated videos that have been featured on popular YouTube channels such as Chadtronic, and blameitonjorge. Some of these videos have also succeeded to become memes of their own.

Nicholas is most well known for his terrifying yet accurate retro styled animations and catchy music. It's also been said that he has several games in development.


On August 19, 2016 YouTuber ChadTronic created a video featuring several of Nicholas', launching Nicholas and his work into popularity. If you are new to Nicholas' content, this video is a good place to start.


Nicholas has a variety of content, some being parodies of cartoons such as Tom and Jerry or VeggieTales, and many being completely original concepts. His most notable and most popular video is an animated music video called The Computer, released on July 25th, 2015. The video currently has 120,000 views (video has since been deleted, re-upload shown below).

The next video is a lot darker – Deforestation of Jerry. According to Nicholas himself, Tom deforests Jerry in the video. I can tell you right now that this video has nothing to do with Deforestation (re-upload shown below).


Without surprise, all the catchy songs in Nicholas' animations are also made entire by him. These tracks can be found on his SoundCloud Page (unavailable).

More into detail

While the videos are extremely offputting at times, it is evident that Nicholas spends a lot of time and work creating his videos and music. His content is always spot on to the era it is meant to replicate and he has said himself that he has spend a long time researching and studying animation from this time period. He claims to be very against the idea of VHS filters and effects as he is known to use a real VCR to get his authentic and signature VHS effect as well as being known to use computers and animation software that are decades out of date for his videos.

A look into Fedorov's life

Surprisingly, behind the avant-garde yet horrifying animations and other character elements, Nicholas Fedorov seems to be an average guy, if you pay attention to his social media accounts like Twitter and DeviantArt. According to him, he collects old computer equipment, likes games such as Touhou and Undertale, and is focused on getting a college degree in C++ programming.

Nichoals Fedorov, pictured in his DeviantArt profile picture as of 2016

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