Serbian Empire in 1350

Serbian Empire in 1350

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Serbian Empire in 1350 is an image macro series featuring various jokes regarding the size of the Serbian Empire in the year 1350.


On June 4th, 2014, Redditor Zoran_Stojanovic submitted a map of the Serbian Empire under the rule of Tzar Dušan in 1350 to /r/MapPorn.[4]

roatien Bosnien Drater PONTISCHES onein Pots Prischti Zeto Skopie Schttp nome Mek BY AANTINISCUES Prosck stantinope Maro Didtmotichen chrida yr acien KG NEAPE Sropontis MANTSCHES Ka ras i O S rta uböa solien ssar posute Chios Smyrna EP AIDIN ürstet ESCHF SERBISCHES REICHdon unter Stephan Duschan u ARS 1330 _] serbisches Reich odus Cret a (a.Venedig Mafsstab 1:12 000000.


On December 6th, 2016, the Greater Serbiaball Facebook[2] page posted a multi-pane Vince McMahon reaction image with various descriptions of Serbia (shown below).

Serbia Serbia and Montenegro Greater Serbia Serbian Empire

On March 11th, Redditor Imjustanoob0 an image of a pornographic actress saying "It's so fucking big" captioned with "When you show her map of Serbian Empire in 1350" to /r/dankmemes,[6] where it gathered upwards of 18,800 points (88% upvoted) and 320 comments within 8 hours. Redditor EagleVega reposted the image to /r/MemeEconomy.[7]

When you show her map of Serbian Empire in 1355. It's so fucking big.

On March 12th, Redditor Stimlife uploaded a Drakeposting image reacting to a current map of Serbia compared to a map of the Serbian Empire in 1350 to /r/dankmemes,[5] where it received more than 7,200 votes (89% upvoted) and 160 comments within 24 hours (shown below, left). Meanwhile, Redditor Pledge42 submitted a post titled "Serbian Empire circa 1355" to /r/dankmemes,[1] which included a picture of a Rebel X-Wing fighter pilot from Star Wars with the caption "Look at the size of that thing!" (shown below, right). That day, Redditor nerfpirate submitted a post asking "What's with the Serbian Empire in 1350 memes?" to /r/OutOfTheLoop.[3]

Ukraine Germa Moldova ustria Hungary Slovenia Romania la ItalyBosnia- SERBIA erzegovina Black Sea Bulgaria Montenegr Ma Albania GreeceTurkey ASIA Mediterranean Sea Kingdom of Hungary Banate of Bosnia Serbian all Bulgarian Empire Empire Naples Aegean Sea orian Sea L00K AT THE SIZE OF THAT THING!

Various Examples

Ukraine Germa U RQPE Moldova ustria Hungary Slovenia Romania ia Italy Bosnia-SERBIA egovina Black Sea Herz Bulgaria Montenegr Ma Albania shしTurkey Greece 。SASIA Mediterranean Sea Kingdomof Hungary Banate wall Serbian Hosnia Bulgarian Empire Kingiom Empire Naples Acgean Sea Athens- lornian Sea When u leave your people with three fucking seas but then come back in 2017 and see serbia is landlocked foh SURF co When she savs shes home alone with the Serbian Empire (1350) 500 km 250 atiom Emp ott oma The Austi Sea 10 tediterro U/Rawertastic Made with Waterma All you people talking about the Serbian Empire in 1350, but what about the Galactic Empire in 137 ABY? Darth Krayt's Sith Empire Independent Affillates of the Empire Hapes Consortium Chis Ascendancy Galactic Allance Remnant Roan Fels Empire-in Exile The Wheel Dorin Chiss Huer Spoce Deep Core SecunityZone Cod of influence Core Worlds Security 7 Zonama Seot 20 ÖstLLv25 Greenw 30 45 IR vischt roataen worik snien Constanze Drster Pangalia Spalatho PONTISCHES Rasa Swetschan Warna (S CHWARZES) erzezowir Zachumien) oPirotTrowo δ Prischti L G Pets oDioclea Zet STCO unpos sren Skopje mAianopel Odrinia) BYZANTIND hrdia Dibra Durazzo (z.Neapeb) Prosek? o Stnitza Ochrida ifr a ci KGR NEAPE Woj hleri Kastorio R Maritza Catli 40 Lemnos AGATSd TES EpirLs Trikalo min Thes s alien 工esbos lien Neoponte Chios Patrs MEER Zacyuttos Fürstentun cHaIa SERBISCHES REICL todo unter Stephan Duschanm 1350 匚ー] 1 Serbisches Reich .." Grenze zwisdin Serbienuud. Byzanz nadu dem Frieden von z350 (von Duschan nicht aerkanut) Mafsstab 1: 12 000000. When you whip out your map of the serbian re in 1355 map of the Ummayad Caliphate in 750 Hol up.

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The greater aerie
The greater aerie

So you are telling me, a hundred years before Constantinople falls to the Turks ensuring a massive turkish empire the serbs wrested control of he surrounding areas from the east romans and lot it to the turks.

fuck this shit reinforce Vienna


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