Shidding and Farding

Shidding and Farding

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Shidding and Farding are intentionally misspelled variations of the words "shitting" and "farting," which are typically used to caption images in which various characters announce that they have soiled their undergarments.


On April 5th, 2014, the phrase "I farded then poped" was posted several times on the /s4s/[6] board on 4chan. On May 6th, 2014, Tumblr user gothicwoade[2] published a post with the announcement "Shidding and farding rn." Within four years, the post gained over 2,300 notes.

gothicwoadie Shidding and farding rn


On July 31st, 2017, the distinguishedbaloney Tumblr[3] blog posted a "And I Knew Everything Would Be Alright" image macro edited with the line "I just shidded and farded and camed my pants" (shown below). Within one year, the post gained over 2,800 shares, 1,700 reactions and 1,000 comments. On December 9th, Tumblr user cryptiboy submitted an edited panel from the "I Will Survive" comic with speech bubbles containing "I'm shidding?" / "I'm shidding and farding?" (shown below, right).

We were walking side by side... We were shy and clumsy But then you told me... ANTASMASEMDE ESSAO I just shidded and farded and camed my pants AndI knew that everything would be alright im shidding'? im shidding and farding? Bat

On December 30th, the Meme Documentation Tumblr blog published a post on the meme, highlighting various examples on Tumblr.[4] On August 1st, the "Memes that are okay sometimes" Facebook[1] page reposted the image. On June 8th, Instagram user @salad.snake[5] posted a comic in which the McDonald's mascot Ronald McDonald announces he "farded and shidded and camed" his pants (shown below). Within 12 hours, the post gained over 16,800 likes.

l killed hundreds I killed hundreds without super powers farded and shidded cand camed my pants

Various Examples

Wanted to go to Heaven hat if You I just shidded and farded and camed my pants But god said And l'm shidding and farding in this Chili's tonight. guess what babe im shidding shidding and farding youre so f------ hot baby you're making daddy hard in sams club YOU'RE NOT SHIDDING? SHIDDING AND FARDING? i farded and i also shidded in my bed and got grounded frum my fone Little Caesars Ocamed Saw ifarded

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